<![CDATA['I risked everything to dance in Iran']]> <![CDATA[The 'vegetarian' mutton curry that unites Bengalis]]> <![CDATA[France v Croatia, World Cup final: How nation of four million reached final]]> <![CDATA[Young Russians see lives changed by feel-good World Cup]]> <![CDATA[World Cup final: Was Ivan Perisic handball a penalty']]> <![CDATA[World Cup final: Ivan Perisic rated best player]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Harry Kane wins Golden Boot and Luka Modric the Golden Ball]]> <![CDATA[Mbappe: France World Cup star 'taking crown from Messi and Ronaldo']]> <![CDATA[In pictures: France celebrates]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Novak Djokovic makes emotional speech after his fourth Wimbledon win]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: France 4-2 Croatia - player ratings]]> <![CDATA[Tour de France 2018: John Degenkolb wins as Greg van Avermaet extends lead]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Djokovic Jnr, roaring lions & a Wimbledon final masterclass]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Surprise! Didier Deschamps news conference interrupted by jubilant France players]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Goal of the tournament pick your favourite from BBC Sport's top 10]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: The final that had everything]]> <![CDATA[Africa's WWI effort recognised in new Tate Modern exhibit]]> <![CDATA[Reality Check: Taxing 'gossip' on the internet]]> <![CDATA[Farnborough Airshow: Brexit and bulging order books dominate]]> <![CDATA['Why I keep my vasectomy a secret']]> <![CDATA[The power-sharing dream: Where women rule in the world]]> <![CDATA[Why this Bollywood film on middle-age love is unusual]]> <![CDATA[Paid Off: TV show offers to pay off student debt]]> <![CDATA[Air of optimism sweeps France after World Cup glory]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon: Kate and Meghan greeted by cheers]]> <![CDATA[In pictures: France marks Bastille Day with spectacular parade]]> <![CDATA[Your pictures: Summer's day]]> <![CDATA[Dominica's Kalinago fight to preserve their identity]]> <![CDATA[Ghanaian boys use cassavas to generate electricity]]> <![CDATA[First video messages from rescued Thai boys]]> <![CDATA[Florists from Ecuador try to break world record]]> <![CDATA[The iceberg looming over a Greenland village]]> <![CDATA[Why Massachusetts beauty queen quit over #MeToo skit]]> <![CDATA[Trump says Queen Elizabeth II 'is a fantastic person']]> <![CDATA[Five boys drown in Bangladesh river after football match]]> <![CDATA[Rolls Royce develops propulsion system for flying taxi]]> <![CDATA[Chicago clashes after US police kill black man]]> <![CDATA[Afghanistan conflict: Civilian deaths hit record high, says UN]]> <![CDATA[US woman rescued a week after California cliff plunge]]> <![CDATA[Chinook in precarious mountain airlift]]> <![CDATA[Boeing 'concerns' over US-China trade row]]> <![CDATA[Thai cave rescue: Thai boys' tears for lost rescue diver Saman]]> <![CDATA[Novak Djokovic wins fourth Wimbledon by beating Kevin Anderson]]> <![CDATA[Theresa May: Trump told me to sue the EU]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump: European Union is a foe on trade]]> <![CDATA[France celebrates winning World Cup 2018]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: France beat Croatia 4-2 in World Cup final]]> <![CDATA[Paul: Russia sees "NATO expansion as a threat"]]> <![CDATA[Paul: Asking for Russian hackers' extradition a 'moot point']]> <![CDATA[Melania Trump's adventures across Europe]]> <![CDATA[Woman survives 7 days after SUV plunges off cliff]]> <![CDATA[Jaguar escapes habitat at zoo, kills 6 animals]]> <![CDATA[50 people and teams who changed American comedy]]> <![CDATA[Comedian: Vile statements are not 'jokes']]> <![CDATA[The stories behind those iconic 'SNL' photos]]> <![CDATA[Comedic geniuses who left us too soon]]> <![CDATA[Quiz: What 2000s song defines you']]> <![CDATA[Election 2000: The untold story]]> <![CDATA[How reality TV took over politics]]> <![CDATA[Former spy: Why al Qaeda called off '03 NYC subway attack]]> <![CDATA[Cops called on 11-year-old delivering newspapers]]> <![CDATA[The new GE still faces many old problems]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Paul Ryan: My car was eaten by animals]]> <![CDATA[Florida town reopens beaches after 2 apparent shark attacks]]> <![CDATA[Why Prime Day is important to Amazon]]> <![CDATA[Sacha Baron Cohen dupes politicians into endorsing guns for toddlers]]> <![CDATA[Netanyahu: No ceasefire with Gaza if arson attacks continue]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump deserves an Emmy]]> <![CDATA[Obama arrives in Kenya for family visit]]> <![CDATA[Police arrest paragliding Trump protester]]> <![CDATA[Plant gives teen second-degree burns]]> <![CDATA[Chicago man killed by police ID'd after a night of protests]]> <![CDATA[Massive iceberg threatens tiny village]]> <![CDATA[Thai cave boys honor Navy SEAL who died]]> <![CDATA[Watch thousands in Paris celebrate]]> <![CDATA[France wins World Cup in highest-scoring final since '66]]> <![CDATA[CNN anchor calls out Trump: Time to make the truth known]]> <![CDATA[Schwartz: 'No collusion' is Trump's lullaby]]> <![CDATA[Trump calls embattled FBI agent a 'disgrace']]> <![CDATA[Trump: DNC should be ashamed of hack]]> <![CDATA[Judge rips HHS official over immigration case]]> <![CDATA[Protests followed Trump all weekend]]> <![CDATA[UK's May: Trump advised me to sue the EU]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Americans are paying for Trump to promote his golf courses]]> <![CDATA[Trump calls the European Union a US 'foe']]> <![CDATA[Sen. Feinstein gets snubbed by her fellow CA Democrats]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Why Trump is the distraction Putin needs]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump, be a patriot, not a dupe, with Putin]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Putin wants to pull a fast one on Trump]]> <![CDATA[How past presidents have handled Putin]]> <![CDATA[Trump casts doubt on holding Putin accountable]]> <![CDATA[Zakaria: Trump's political genius is this ...]]> <![CDATA[Trump: I 'hadn't thought of' asking Putin for indicted Russians]]> <![CDATA[With open arms in Helsinki, the US President elevates Putin on the world stage]]> <![CDATA['Queer Eye' gets renewed]]> <![CDATA[What is Rocky Mountain spotted fever']]> <![CDATA[FDA approves first drug to treat smallpox]]> <![CDATA[They were waiting for organ transplants. Then the program shut down]]> <![CDATA[Democratic lawmaker regrets call for 'Purple Heart' for Strzok]]> <![CDATA[2020 Insight: Sanders' road trip; Cecile Richards visits Iowa; NAACP draws Democrats to San Antonio]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump gets trolling of a lifetime]]> <![CDATA[Emmett Till's case matters to US history]]> <![CDATA[Indictment of 12 Russians has stunning implications]]> <![CDATA[Sandra Oh's Emmy nomination represents a new wave in Hollywood]]> <![CDATA[Supersonic, nuclear, with lasers: The future of flight]]> <![CDATA[America's mysterious concrete arrows]]> <![CDATA[Belgium beats England for 3rd at World Cup]]> <![CDATA[Croatia may become an 'unloved champion in its own country']]> <![CDATA[Experts make their predictions for the final]]> <![CDATA[The technology that is driving Croatia's World Cup fairytale]]> <![CDATA[Here's how the championship game will be won and lost]]> <![CDATA[Cops called on 11-year-old on his paper route]]> <![CDATA[5-year-old's self-written obituary goes viral]]> <![CDATA[Kerber beats Serena Williams to win Wimbledon]]> <![CDATA[NFL players who should switch politions]]> <![CDATA[Did Melania lose credibility over jacket']]> <![CDATA[Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are having a baby]]> <![CDATA[The moment these mothers were separated from their kids]]> <![CDATA[Mystery burns on teen caused by plant]]> <![CDATA[Haiti's Prime Minister resigns]]> <![CDATA[Nancy Sinatra, ex-wife of Frank Sinatra, dies]]> <![CDATA[Cops joke about using coin flip app to decide on arresting woman, then arrest her anyway]]> <![CDATA[Woman survives 7 days after SUV plunges off cliff in Big Sur]]> <![CDATA[Jaguar escapes enclosure at New Orleans zoo and kills 6 other zoo animals]]> <![CDATA[Sessions' asylum move already felt at border]]> <![CDATA[Anchor calls out Trump: Time to make truth known]]> <![CDATA[Senior NSC official out at White House]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Where is Trump's Emmy nomination']]> <![CDATA[Melania is the Trump sticking to the script]]> <![CDATA[Trump's walk with the Queen: Like 'wandering up and down a golf course']]> <![CDATA[Trump criticized for his stroll with Queen]]> <![CDATA[Paragliding protester gets away]]> <![CDATA[Watch protester paraglide near Trump]]> <![CDATA[DNC chair: Trump is Putin's poodle]]> <![CDATA[Trump criticizes Obama, not Russia, for Russian meddling]]> <![CDATA[Twitter suspends 2 accounts linked to Russian intelligence]]> <![CDATA[DHS secretary: Russia views US elections as cyberattack target]]> <![CDATA[US intel chief compares the growing warnings of Russia's cyberattacks to warnings before 9/11]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Maurizio Sarri: Who is the new Chelsea manager and what is his football history']]> <![CDATA[Huge iceberg threatens Greenland village]]> <![CDATA[Maurizio Sarri: Chelsea name ex-Napoli boss as Antonio Conte's successor]]> <![CDATA[Nancy Sinatra Senior, Frank's first wife, dies aged 101]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: How Gareth Southgate's team came to represent 'modern England']]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Djokovic v Nadal - The incredible story so far...]]> <![CDATA[Gerry Adams' house in Belfast attacked]]> <![CDATA[Eritrea's Isaias Afwerki in historic Ethiopia visit]]> <![CDATA[Happiest horses 'love to snort']]> <![CDATA[Attenborough 'Boaty McBoatface' ship to launch]]> <![CDATA[Trump to play golf at Turnberry as protests continue]]> <![CDATA[Police departments across the country participate in the latest lip sync challenge]]> <![CDATA[CNN anchor calls out Trump: It's time to make the truth known]]> <![CDATA[McDonald's pulls salads from 3,000 restaurants after parasite sickens dozens]]> <![CDATA[Nancy Sinatra, ex- wife of Frank Sinatra, dies]]> <![CDATA[Johansson won't play trans man in film after backlash]]> <![CDATA[Ex-CIA director: Probe will bring 'a widening circle' of indictments]]> <![CDATA[Around the time Trump asked Russians to find Clinton emails, they started trying]]> <![CDATA[John Podesta mocks Trump: Mueller caught the witches]]> <![CDATA[Trump risks alienating closest allies for a generation]]> <![CDATA[The Trump-Putin show will go on]]> <![CDATA[The DOJ's indictment of 12 Russian agents was jaw-dropping in its scope and detail into attempts to influence the 2016 election. Here's what it tell us.]]> <![CDATA[Sir David Attenborough polar ship: Here's an inside peek]]> <![CDATA[Strzok hearing erupts over Rep. Gohmert dig]]> <![CDATA[Trump's comment made his own staff squirm]]> <![CDATA[Comedy icon: Saying 'joke' is no excuse for offensive behavior]]> <![CDATA[Will China have aircraft carrier that can match US Navy's']]> <![CDATA[US destroyers sailed through Taiwan Strait]]> <![CDATA[China's push to modernize its military]]> <![CDATA[Pentagon says China is spying on military exercises]]> <![CDATA[China's navy is getting bigger and better -- and fast, analysts warn]]> <![CDATA[Cuomo calls out Trump: This is a put up or shut up moment]]> <![CDATA['Queer Eye' star's Emmy reaction goes viral]]> <![CDATA[Rip current strands teen in ocean for hours]]> <![CDATA[Scarlett Johansson won't play trans man in film after backlash]]> <![CDATA[Woman with the Puerto Rico shirt said she 'feared for my safety' while being harassed]]> <![CDATA[Stone: This indictment is exoneration]]> <![CDATA[Sir David Attenborough polar ship: Here's an inside peak]]> <![CDATA[Trump arrives in Scotland amid protests]]> <![CDATA[White House: Trump-Putin summit 'is on' after hacking indictment]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: How Kane, Southgate and Pickford inspired an artist]]> <![CDATA['Visiting' all 32 nations... without leaving home]]> <![CDATA[Croatia chase history, France heal wounds]]> <![CDATA[Is Russia the real winner']]> <![CDATA[Croatia's Luka Modric: Chequered past haunts World Cup star]]> <![CDATA[Reality Check: is London's murder rate still higher than New York's']]> <![CDATA[Trump's UK visit: Eight key moments]]> <![CDATA[Why Theresa May got the Trump gaslight treatment]]> <![CDATA[This plant gave the teen who cut it down second-degree burns]]> <![CDATA[Iconic superhero creator posts message to fans]]> <![CDATA[Man faces hate crime charges after incident with woman in Puerto Rico flag shirt]]> <![CDATA[Democratic lawmaker regrets calling for 'Purple Heart' for Strzok]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: If you want to know whether Strzok was biased, just look at his texts]]> <![CDATA[Cooper reacts to 'witch hunt' claim]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Around the time Trump asked Russians to find Clinton emails, they started trying]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump risks alienating closest allies for a generation]]> <![CDATA[Despite demands by critics to ditch the talks, Trump has too much invested in the encounter to cancel it]]> <![CDATA[50 who changed comedy forever]]> <![CDATA[Iconic presidential impressions]]> <![CDATA[Robin Williams remembered in latest HBO doc]]> <![CDATA[Sacha Baron Cohen enrages Palin with 'evil' humor]]> <![CDATA[Elayne Boosler: Comedy is the new fall guy]]> <![CDATA[Cops called on 11-year-old on paper route]]> <![CDATA[Ohio State wrestlers detail sexual abuse]]> <![CDATA[500 Tennessee zipline visitors fall ill]]> <![CDATA[More than 2,500 immigrant kids are awaiting reunification with parents]]> <![CDATA[FDA joins 22 countries' recall of common heart drug]]> <![CDATA[IG: Tom Price's travel wasted $341,000]]> <![CDATA[Trump and May 'never bonded better,' source says]]> <![CDATA[London Mayor responds to Trump]]> <![CDATA[Republicans praise Lisa Page's testimony one day after battle with Peter Strzok]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: It's outrageous to still pretend this is drummed up]]> <![CDATA[Ex-CIA director: Investigation will bring 'a widening circle' of indictments]]> <![CDATA[Indictment shows that around the time Trump urged Russians to find Clinton emails, they started trying]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: When England played off for third place at the Italia '90 World Cup]]> <![CDATA[Video games and mental health: 'Nobody's properly talking']]> <![CDATA[Five places that have just broken heat records]]> <![CDATA[Wittenoom: Tourists urged to stay away from asbestos town]]> <![CDATA[British POWs sank with the Lisbon Maru - should it be raised']]> <![CDATA[Week in pictures: 7-13 July 2018]]> <![CDATA[Kenya eye test app gives boy his sight back]]> <![CDATA[America's secret Cold War nuclear test films released]]> <![CDATA[Toothless in Virginia: Pain relief for the uninsured of America]]> <![CDATA[UN reaches deal on Global Compact for Migration]]> <![CDATA[The full story of Thailand's extraordinary cave rescue]]> <![CDATA[Mom buys wedding dress for waitress who saved her son]]> <![CDATA[Justice Dept just drove a stake through the heart of Comcast's bid for Fox]]> <![CDATA[Justice Dept.: Families can stay together in DHS custody]]> <![CDATA[America is down to its last Blockbuster store]]> <![CDATA[Top Democrats call on Trump to cancel Putin meeting]]> <![CDATA[Voters very interested in 2018 midterms]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Why Trump gaslighted Theresa May]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump's kind-of, sort-of apology to Theresa May]]> <![CDATA[The Trumps meet the Queen]]> <![CDATA[Roger Stone's messages suggest he is unnamed person in indictment]]> <![CDATA[Gloria Borger calls White House response narcissistic]]> <![CDATA[White House says Trump-Putin summit will go on]]> <![CDATA[Days before Trump meets with Putin, US indicts 12 Russians]]> <![CDATA[Indictment shows that around the time Trump asked Russians to find Clinton emails, they started trying]]> <![CDATA[Inside story on The Sun's Trump interview]]> <![CDATA[Key moments from Chequers]]> <![CDATA[Trump meets the Queen at Windsor Castle]]> <![CDATA[Serena Williams: Wimbledon finalist at 36 and a mum - how has she done it']]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Reasons to watch England v Belgium]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Ladybirds, six-packs and rhinos as Kevin Anderson and John Isner make history]]> <![CDATA[Xherdan Shaqiri: Liverpool sign Stoke forward after triggering release clause]]> <![CDATA[England v New Zealand: Sophie Devine's century leads tourists to victory]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Kevin Anderson beats John Isner in record-breaking semi-final]]> <![CDATA[Rafael Nadal v Novak Djokovic: Wimbledon semi-final to resume on Saturday]]> <![CDATA[#PlaneBae: A cautionary tale about privacy when a story goes viral]]> <![CDATA[US lawmaker caught speeding tells cop he often does so]]> <![CDATA[Fatal Novichok dose 'came from bottle' in victim's house]]> <![CDATA[Scarlett Johansson quits trans role after LGBT backlash]]> <![CDATA[Number of migrants 'abandoned by Algeria' in Sahara drops]]> <![CDATA[Downton Abbey film (finally) confirmed]]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave rescue: Children found 'by smell']]> <![CDATA[Twelve Russians charged with US 2016 election hack]]> <![CDATA[Pakistan election: More than 100 die in bomb attacks on poll rallies]]> <![CDATA[Do Trump and May hold hands every time']]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump: US-UK trade deal 'absolutely possible']]> <![CDATA[Kylie Jenner 'self-made'']]> <![CDATA[Stan Lee's message to fans]]> <![CDATA[100 illnesses linked to recalled Honey Smacks]]> <![CDATA[500 zipline visitors sick in stomach illness outbreak]]> <![CDATA[State reports first Rocky Mountain spotted fever death]]> <![CDATA[What Trump's NATO tough-guy act was really about]]> <![CDATA[Cozying up to Trump: May's worst move yet']]> <![CDATA[To see bias, just look at Strzok's texts]]> <![CDATA[A cartoonist's view: Trump Force One]]> <![CDATA[Strzok hearing erupts: You need your medication!]]> <![CDATA[America has just one of these stores left]]> <![CDATA[Granderson: The agonizing irony in Emmett Till case]]> <![CDATA[7 reasons to visit the 'Downton Abbey' castle]]> <![CDATA['Queer Eye' renewed for a third season]]> <![CDATA[A 'Downton Abbey' movie is happening]]> <![CDATA[Late to retirement planning' Here's how to catch up]]> <![CDATA[Wells Fargo finds even more customers that it overcharged]]> <![CDATA[Prices are rising faster than they have in 6 years]]> <![CDATA[Boy gets last word in self-written obituary]]> <![CDATA[Three-time NFL Pro Bowler retiring at age 30]]> <![CDATA[He walked away from millions to play for 1-11 team]]> <![CDATA[Henry Cavill apologizes after #MeToo backlash]]> <![CDATA[Bank posts $8.3 billion profit in one quarter]]> <![CDATA[Six-hour tennis match sets Wimbledon records]]> <![CDATA[Katy Perry and Barack Obama were hit hard by Twitter's follower purge]]> <![CDATA['Queer Eye' star's emotional Emmy reaction goes viral]]> <![CDATA[You heard her cry for her mom. See them reunited.]]> <![CDATA[Letters from separated families: 'They did not give me permission to say goodbye']]> <![CDATA[Soldiers executed baby, rights group says]]> <![CDATA[Louisville drops 'Papa John's' from stadium name]]> <![CDATA[Papa John's to remove founder's image from ads]]> <![CDATA[Paul Ryan says a family of woodchucks ate his car]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Congress embarrassed itself]]> <![CDATA[London protests send clear message to Trump: You're not welcome]]> <![CDATA[Trump arrives in Scotland]]> <![CDATA[Trump refuses question from Jim Acosta]]> <![CDATA[Trumps meet the Queen]]> <![CDATA[Trump calls his own interview 'fake news']]> <![CDATA[Trump's kind-of, sort-of apology to Theresa May]]> <![CDATA[Dana Bash: Part of indictment smells like collusion]]> <![CDATA[Podesta mocks Trump: Mueller caught the witches]]> <![CDATA[Read the indictments against Russians in 2016 DNC hacking]]> <![CDATA[White House says Trump-Putin summit is not being canceled]]> <![CDATA[WH: Indictments 'consistent with what we have been saying']]> <![CDATA[Days before Trump meets with Putin, deputy AG announces indictments against 12 Russians]]> <![CDATA[Novak Djokovic: Has Wimbledon's former champion rediscovered his mojo']]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump: US-UK relationship 'highest level of special']]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump: US-UK relationship is 'highest level of special']]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump: US-UK relationship indispensible]]> <![CDATA[Trump's way: Treating allies like enemies and vice versa]]> <![CDATA[What Trump's tough-guy act at NATO was really about]]> <![CDATA[The future of flight]]> <![CDATA[Avocados as big as your face on sale in Australia]]> <![CDATA[The week in 31 photos]]> <![CDATA[Chaos descends on Build-A-Bear sale]]> <![CDATA[How do you rebrand Papa John's when the problem is Papa John']]> <![CDATA[Opinion: NFL can't escape a nightmare offseason]]> <![CDATA[$4.69 billion verdict against Johnson & Johnson's talcum powder]]> <![CDATA[Woman charged with attempted murder after 91-year-old beaten with brick]]> <![CDATA[Parasite possibly linked to McDonald's salads]]> <![CDATA[100 salmonella cases linked to cereal]]> <![CDATA[ICE detainee apparently kills himself]]> <![CDATA[Rescued boy hailed as hero is a refugee]]> <![CDATA[In letters, mothers recount how their kids were taken]]> <![CDATA[Cuomo mocks lawmaker's dentist remark]]> <![CDATA[9 key moments from the Strzok hearing]]> <![CDATA[Hearing degenerated as GOP went after Strzok, the FBI and the Mueller probe]]> <![CDATA[Berman reacts to Trump undercutting Theresa May]]> <![CDATA[Protesters gather for anti-Trump rally with 'Trump baby' balloon]]> <![CDATA[Hear the President criticize Theresa May]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump detonates Brexit bomb during Britain visit]]> <![CDATA[Trump savages May. Then travels to meet her]]> <![CDATA[Trump holds news conference with May after interview in which he criticized the British PM]]> <![CDATA[Trump visit: First lady meets Chelsea Pensioners]]> <![CDATA[Trump comments 'the last thing Theresa May needed']]> <![CDATA[Trump visit: Other controversial world leaders who got the red carpet treatment]]> <![CDATA[US media on Trump's 'Brexit bomb']]> <![CDATA[James Taylor: Former England batsman named team's independent selector]]> <![CDATA[World Cup final 2018: Why France look in good shape for glory against Croatia]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Who makes your team of the tournament']]> <![CDATA[6 Things we learned from the Emmy nominations]]> <![CDATA[Africa's best pictures: Firing cavalry and red cards]]> <![CDATA[US salmonella outbreak: 'Do not eat Honey Smacks,' shoppers told]]> <![CDATA[Stig of the Dump author Clive King dies aged 94]]> <![CDATA[Stormzy reveals surprise birthday performance for Adele]]> <![CDATA[Syria war: Anti-IS strike 'kills many civilians']]> <![CDATA[Antonio Conte: Chelsea sack Italian after two years in charge]]> <![CDATA[Thai cave rescue: Rick Stanton says he is 'not a hero']]> <![CDATA[EU's Jean-Claude Juncker stumbled 'in sciatica attack']]> <![CDATA[India student dies after being pushed from roof in safety drill]]> <![CDATA[Henry Cavill: Actor apologises after #MeToo rape backlash]]> <![CDATA['Vaping' pilot caused Air China plane to plunge 6,500m]]> <![CDATA[Endangered black rhinos die in Kenya reserve]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump: Theresa May and I have 'very strong' relationship]]> <![CDATA[England v India: Record-breaking Kuldeep Yadav bamboozles hosts]]> <![CDATA[Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will renew rivalry in Wimbledon semi-finals]]> <![CDATA[Antonio Conte: Chelsea set to announce departure of manager]]> <![CDATA[Serena Williams: Wimbledon final is 'awesome' after having baby]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Were England good, lucky, or a bit of both']]> <![CDATA[Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7bn damages in talc cancer case]]> <![CDATA[Rip current strands teen in ocean for 10 hours]]> <![CDATA[Bush: Disturbed by immigration debate]]> <![CDATA[Chris Cuomo laughs off lawmaker's dentist remark]]> <![CDATA[Peter Strzok's hearing degenerated into a display of partisan bickering]]> <![CDATA[Anderson Cooper: Trump's victory lap is bogus]]> <![CDATA[The two Donald Trumps who showed up at NATO]]> <![CDATA[Trump: The Queen is a 'tremendous woman']]> <![CDATA[Trump's comments in an interview represent a stunning intervention in British domestic politics]]> <![CDATA[One question reopening the Emmett Till murder case can't answer]]> <![CDATA[Tiffany Haddish and more react to their Emmy nominations]]> <![CDATA[Cops called on boy delivering newspapers]]> <![CDATA[Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross admits to 'errors' in failing to divest assets]]> <![CDATA[Manhattanhenge: A spectacular sunset show]]> <![CDATA[Drug shortages prompt FDA to form task force]]> <![CDATA[Fentanyl-related deaths double in six months]]> <![CDATA[A 5-year-old died from cancer, but not before preparing his own obituary]]> <![CDATA[House needs to probe what Jim Jordan knew about abuse allegations]]> <![CDATA[Stormy Daniels' arrest' It was some setup]]> <![CDATA[Senate, ask Kavanaugh about immigration]]> <![CDATA[They thought a squirrel was eating their tomatoes. But it was the mailman]]> <![CDATA[The ice cream revolution is upon us]]> <![CDATA[Anthony Bourdain earns posthumous nominations]]> <![CDATA[Families go nuts for Build-A-Bear sale]]> <![CDATA[Papa John's was already losing the pizza wars]]> <![CDATA[Another MLB teams cuts ties with Papa John's]]> <![CDATA[It's going to cost more to buy a Tesla]]> <![CDATA[Man trapped under train as it pulls away]]> <![CDATA[Google and Facebook could be caught in the US-China trade war]]> <![CDATA[Charges against Stormy Daniels dismissed]]> <![CDATA[Trump's spiritual adviser: Jesus was not an illegal immigrant]]> <![CDATA[Why some African-Americans are skeptical over the Emmett Till investigation]]> <![CDATA[58 immigrant kids reunited as government slowly reconnects families]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: What Trump's tough-guy act at NATO was really about]]> <![CDATA[Two Donald Trumps showed up at NATO]]> <![CDATA[Trump calls himself 'stable genius' ... again]]> <![CDATA[Trump won't rule out ceasing military exercises if Putin asks]]> <![CDATA[Cooper: Trump's victory lap is bogus]]> <![CDATA[More than 100 people ill from parasite possibly linked to McDonald's salads]]> <![CDATA[100 salmonella cases linked to recalled cereal]]> <![CDATA[Trump says he feels 'unwelcome' in London]]> <![CDATA[Trump criticizes British PM Theresa May over Brexit deal]]> <![CDATA[Congressman says embattled FBI agent deserves a Purple Heart]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Congress embarrassed itself during Strzok hearing]]> <![CDATA[9 key moments from that House hearing with Peter Strzok]]> <![CDATA[Peter Strzok's hearing degenerated into a theatrical display of mock outrage and all-out partisan bickering]]> <![CDATA[Source of cosmic 'ghost' particle revealed]]> <![CDATA[Iceman's last meal was high-fat, high-calorie feast]]> <![CDATA[China industrial park explosion kills 19]]> <![CDATA[Koster - the South African town where residents took back control]]> <![CDATA[Phone in the right hand' You're a hacker!]]> <![CDATA[Why Bengalis are split over their food]]> <![CDATA[Kermit The Frog: 'I try to lead a clean life']]> <![CDATA[Kylie Jenner: How the reality teen founded a cosmetics empire]]> <![CDATA[What are the rules around flying a Trump balloon']]> <![CDATA[Tiwi Islands: The Aboriginal players hooked on 'fast footy']]> <![CDATA[Living with facials scars in Nigeria]]> <![CDATA[Quiz: Who's the hospital hero']]> <![CDATA[In pictures: Queen's meetings with past US presidents]]> <![CDATA['See you in court' - lotto winner to nephew]]> <![CDATA[Trump 'riding a unicorn over a rainbow', says ex-spokesman Spicer]]> <![CDATA[Egypt: Twelve hurt in huge blast near Cairo International Airport]]> <![CDATA[US appeals against $80bn AT&T-Time Warner deal]]> <![CDATA[This Mexican town once banned kissing]]> <![CDATA[Cool retro video games are the stars here]]> <![CDATA[Netflix knocks HBO off its throne]]> <![CDATA[Experiment wipes out disease-carrying mosquitoes]]> <![CDATA[Man gets flesh-eating bacteria from crabbing]]> <![CDATA[Pelosi: 'Jim Jordan had a duty to protect' Ohio State wrestlers]]> <![CDATA[Pakistani women face impossible electoral choice]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump is dismantling the West]]> <![CDATA[Stormy Daniels' arrest' That was some setup]]> <![CDATA[The crippling US ban on ZTE is almost over]]> <![CDATA[Can Uber crack Europe']]> <![CDATA[India now has the 'world's strongest' net neutrality rules]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: How Starbucks' straw decision lets me down]]> <![CDATA['Ghost particle' found in Antarctica provides astronomy breakthrough]]> <![CDATA[Where to watch New York's annual sunset show]]> <![CDATA['Roseanne' scores two nominations]]> <![CDATA[First woman of Asian descent nominated in a lead actress category]]> <![CDATA[Did your favorite show make the cut']]> <![CDATA[Anthony Bourdain earns posthumous Emmy nominations]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Why today's everyday hate feels different]]> <![CDATA[Man berated in racist rant caught on camera]]> <![CDATA[Officer who stood by as woman took heat for her Puerto Rico shirt resigns]]> <![CDATA[Bus rider tells woman in head scarf ICE should take her kids away]]> <![CDATA[See moment girl meets bone marrow donor]]> <![CDATA[Nike's digital reboot is working]]> <![CDATA[Marlins cut ties with Papa John's]]> <![CDATA[Papa John's founder resigns after using the N-word]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[The MacBook Pro gets a refresh]]> <![CDATA[CNN pundit cries during racism debate]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Thai boys who were trapped in cave have a powerful survival tool]]> <![CDATA[Trump releases letter from Kim Jong Un. He claims 'great progress' in talks]]> <![CDATA[Trump spiritual adviser: Jesus was not an illegal immigrant]]> <![CDATA[Trump called George W. Bush to discuss Brett Kavanaugh]]> <![CDATA[North Korea puts off meeting with US on returning soldier remains]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Why some African-Americans are skeptical over the Emmett Till investigation]]> <![CDATA[Charges against Stormy Daniels dismissed after strip club arrest]]> <![CDATA[Justice Department appeals approval of AT&T-Time Warner deal]]> <![CDATA[5 key quotes from Theresa May's speech]]> <![CDATA[Democratic lawmaker says FBI agent Peter Strzok deserves 'Purple Heart']]> <![CDATA[FBI agent explains why he sent anti-Trump text]]> <![CDATA[Lawmaker yells at Gowdy: This is not Benghazi!]]> <![CDATA[Hearing erupts: You need your medication!]]> <![CDATA[Strzok's hearing has been charged and chaotic, filled with shouting matches and several heated exchanges]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Epic rally, slips, architects & day 10 funnies]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: How England have reconnected with their fans in Russia - Alan Shearer]]> <![CDATA[Sparks fly in FBI agent's Trump testimony]]> <![CDATA[Fake Twitter users: Celebrities lose followers amid crackdown]]> <![CDATA[EU's Jean-Claude Juncker filmed stumbling at Nato event]]> <![CDATA[Puerto Rico flag row prompts hate crime case for Illinois man]]> <![CDATA[Ex-Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif returns to face 'jail cell']]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump tweets 'very nice' letter from Kim Jong-un]]> <![CDATA[Trump: Brexit plan 'will probably kill' US trade deal]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: How England fans in Moscow reacted to semi-final against Croatia]]> <![CDATA[England v India: Kuldeep, Rohit & Kohli lead tourists to victory at Trent Bridge]]> <![CDATA[Emmys 2018: Game of Thrones leads with 22 nominations]]> <![CDATA[Stormy Daniels' strip club arrest charges dropped]]> <![CDATA[US reopens investigation of Emmett Till slaying 63 years later]]> <![CDATA[Whale killing: Iceland accused of slaughtering rare whale]]> <![CDATA[North Korea fails to attend talks on repatriation of US war dead]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump: US president meets Theresa May at Blenheim Palace]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Lensman caught in Croatia victory pile]]> <![CDATA[The Syrian refugee supporting England with his daughters]]> <![CDATA[World Cup: Does Croatians' #GloryToUkraine message help or hinder']]> <![CDATA[Tour de France: Martin wins stage as Thomas climbs to second overall]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Fifa investigates England chants during Croatia defeat]]> <![CDATA[Antonio Conte: Chelsea set to announce the departure of former Italy manager]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Serena Williams to face Angelique Kerber in women's final]]> <![CDATA[Katarina Zarutskie: The model bitten by a shark while posing on holiday]]> <![CDATA[Italy accuses migrants of hijacking rescue ship off Libya]]> <![CDATA[Facebook ruling: German court grants parents rights to dead daughter's account]]> <![CDATA[Typhoon Maria wreaks havoc in east China]]> <![CDATA[Trump Nato spending claims in dispute]]> <![CDATA[Carles Puigdemont: Ousted Catalonia leader faces extradition to Spain]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Kenya outrage at MPs' trip]]> <![CDATA[Mexico earthquake leads to discovery of ancient temple]]> <![CDATA[Stormy Daniels arrested in Ohio during strip club show]]> <![CDATA[Deraa, birthplace of Syria uprising, retaken by government forces]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump 'fine' with protests as UK visit begins]]> <![CDATA[Retro video games are the stars here]]> <![CDATA[Europe's fairytale land of castles]]> <![CDATA[Strange sculptures under the sea]]> <![CDATA['Skyscraper' stands on Rock-solid foundation]]> <![CDATA[America is falling far behind on key world goals]]> <![CDATA[Meghan and Harry charm fans on trip]]> <![CDATA[High fuel prices becoming big problem for airlines]]> <![CDATA[Girl with leukemia meets bone marrow donor]]> <![CDATA[The next Air Force One could be red, white and blue]]> <![CDATA[Stormy Daniels charged after arrest at a strip club]]> <![CDATA[Feds reopen probe into 63-year-old murder of Emmett Till]]> <![CDATA[NATO allies did not commit to Trump's call for 4% spending, sources say]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump's way is treating allies like enemies and enemies like allies]]> <![CDATA[Hearing today with Peter Strzok is poised to be one of the most contentious tied to the Russia investigation]]> <![CDATA[Blood pressure linked to signs of Alzheimer's disease]]> <![CDATA[How Starbucks' straw decision lets me down]]> <![CDATA[Why today's everyday hate feels different to me]]> <![CDATA[Trump's secret NATO strategy]]> <![CDATA[Why banning plastic straws upsets people with disabilities]]> <![CDATA['I think they like me:' Trump says he's popular in UK]]> <![CDATA[3 ways the UK is protesting Trump]]> <![CDATA[Hip hop star: Why child brides are world's problem]]> <![CDATA[NFLer learning to walk again says he'll be faster]]> <![CDATA[Backlash: Forbes dubs Kylie Jenner 'self-made']]> <![CDATA[Athletes' LinkedIn are just like ours, except not]]> <![CDATA[Dad was away, and she was taken from her mom at the border. They're a family again]]> <![CDATA[FBI agent Strzok will face off with his GOP critics today]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump is dismantling the West]]> <![CDATA[5 key takeaways from Trump's news conference]]> <![CDATA['Little People, Big World' star quitting show]]> <![CDATA[Sarah Palin pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen]]> <![CDATA[GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley nervous about 'detrimental' effects of trade war]]> <![CDATA[Paul Ryan defends Jim Jordan amid allegations]]> <![CDATA[Obama stars in new anti-gerrymandering video for Eric Holder's organization]]> <![CDATA[Stop breastfeeding fight and face this reality]]> <![CDATA[Boosler: A 'joke' is no excuse for offensive behavior]]> <![CDATA[Democrats' clown show of outrage over Kavanaugh]]> <![CDATA[After attack on Trump's hometown, hundreds of NATO troops died for US]]> <![CDATA[Samsung is building the world's largest mobile factory]]> <![CDATA[Twitter is purging suspicious accounts from your followers]]> <![CDATA[Icelandic whalers kill blue whale, activists say, the first in 40 years]]> <![CDATA[Shark bites Instagram model on vacation]]> <![CDATA[Women's letters to younger selves aim to boost girls' confidence]]> <![CDATA[Archaeologists unearth a mysterious sarcophagus in Egypt]]> <![CDATA[Tears as Thai boys see parents again]]> <![CDATA[The near three-week operation rested on a knife's edge]]> <![CDATA[Embassy warns Americans to keep a low profile]]> <![CDATA[Trump's strained Twitter relationship with UK]]> <![CDATA['Trump baby' balloon approved by London mayor]]> <![CDATA['Trump off, mate': How President is seen in Washington, England]]> <![CDATA[Sears announces more layoffs]]> <![CDATA[Microsoft unveils its cheapest tablet yet]]> <![CDATA[Brits plan to welcome Trump with this song]]> <![CDATA[The latest World Cup power rankings]]> <![CDATA[US Olympian diagnosed with breast cancer]]> <![CDATA[Forbes: Kylie Jenner set to make history]]> <![CDATA[Angela Rye cries during emotional panel about Trump and racism]]> <![CDATA[91-year-old man beaten with a brick asks God's forgiveness for his attacker]]> <![CDATA[Facebook struggles to explain why InfoWars isn't banned]]> <![CDATA[Air China investigating claim that pilots were smoking and caused rapid descent]]> <![CDATA[Uber's head of human resources quits]]> <![CDATA[Papa John's founder resigns as chairman after using the N-word]]> <![CDATA[Stormy Daniels faces charges after arrest at a strip club]]> <![CDATA[Dems face potential intraparty fight]]> <![CDATA[Bill Shine's wife once said women in military should expect sexual harassment]]> <![CDATA[Melania mingles with NATO spouses as Donald blasts allies]]> <![CDATA[Ex-Fox analyst: Trump is a malevolent fool]]> <![CDATA[Democrats frustrated Nunes left mid-hearing after questions about Russia probe]]> <![CDATA[Navarro to panelist: Stop playing dumb]]> <![CDATA[Trump administration to turn away more asylum seekers under new guidance]]> <![CDATA[See John Kelly react to Trump's remarks with NATO allies]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: How Trump's disdain for NATO could help Putin]]> <![CDATA[Trump: Putin isn't my enemy, but competitor]]> <![CDATA[Trump's attacks leave NATO allies in disbelief]]> <![CDATA[Trump to reporter: I'm a very stable genius]]> <![CDATA[Trump 'extremely happy' with spending commitments]]> <![CDATA[Members of the alliance 'stepped up today like they have never stepped up before,' the President says]]> <![CDATA[India adopts 'world's strongest' net neutrality norms]]> <![CDATA[Iranian man flogged 80 times for drinking alcohol as a child]]> <![CDATA[Trump Nato: Leaders to tackle Afghanistan conflict]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: 'English hope turns to familiar despair']]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Serena Williams leads field in women's semi-finals]]> <![CDATA[World Cup: Croatia were 'underestimated' by English pundits - Luka Modric]]> <![CDATA[Man with world's longest fingernails has them cut off]]> <![CDATA[Papa John's founder Schnatter resigns over N-word use]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump to meet Theresa May amid Brexit 'turmoil']]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave: Museum and film in the works for Tham Luang]]> <![CDATA[Roger Federer out of Wimbledon 2018 after Kevin Anderson defeat]]> <![CDATA[England beaten by Croatia at World Cup: 'It's the what-ifs that hurt the most']]> <![CDATA[Could artificial intelligence replace doctors']]> <![CDATA[Australian Ballet performance cut short by rat]]> <![CDATA[Pakistan election: Bhutto outlines 'peaceful, progressive' vision]]> <![CDATA[Stormy Daniels arrested in Ohio - lawyer]]> <![CDATA[Papa John's founder resigns as chairman over N-word controversy]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump due to arrive in UK amid Brexit 'turmoil']]> <![CDATA[China investigates why plane dropped more than 6,000m]]> <![CDATA[Colombia's tragedy road bridge demolished]]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave: Museum and movie in the works for Tham Luang]]> <![CDATA[Nato summit: Leaders to focus on Afghanistan conflict]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Croatia fans ecstatic after ousting England]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: England fans praise 'hero' players]]> <![CDATA[World Cup catch-up: England's dream ends but fans are still singing]]> <![CDATA[Mughalsarai: Renaming British-era train station causes Indian political storm]]> <![CDATA[How the Ethiopia-Eritrea peace process could reunite one family]]> <![CDATA[How the US is waging its trade war with China]]> <![CDATA[Robert Mapplethorpe: From suburbia to subversive gay icon]]> <![CDATA[Trump in UK: Pomp and protest as visit stokes culture war]]> <![CDATA[Brexit: UK's blueprint for future EU relations to be published]]> <![CDATA[Brent crude suffers biggest price drop in two years]]> <![CDATA[Theresa May hopes Donald Trump visit will boost US-UK links]]> <![CDATA[Killing rats could save coral reefs]]> <![CDATA[Marvel: The off-screen heroes bringing fantasy worlds to life]]> <![CDATA[England's World Cup defeat: Reaction as Gareth Southgate's side lose semi-final]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Kieran Trippier gives England an early lead against Croatia with a stunning free-kick]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: How the England players rated v Croatia]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Croatia 2-1 England (aet) highlights]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Despair as England lose semi-final]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: England players came of age - Gareth Southgate]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Mario Mandzukic nets extra-time winner for Croatia against England]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Key questions answered]]> <![CDATA[Paralympian Ntando Mahlangu: 'If people call me the new blade runner it doesn't bother me']]> <![CDATA[How kites and balloons became militant weapons]]> <![CDATA[Using roads to make power and toilet paper]]> <![CDATA[The architectural masterpiece that wouldn't stand up]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump baby blimp ready to take first steps]]> <![CDATA[Second arrest over XXXTentacion death]]> <![CDATA[All 11 people on board plane rescued after crash in Alaska]]> <![CDATA[Earliest evidence of humans outside Africa]]> <![CDATA[Guillotine sold to French millionaire collector]]> <![CDATA[Drug company lawsuit stalls Nevada inmate's opioid execution]]> <![CDATA[Kylie Jenner to be 'youngest self-made US billionaire']]> <![CDATA[Croatia beat England to reach World Cup final]]> <![CDATA[Mysterious concrete arrows across America]]> <![CDATA[Airport robot carries your bag to your gate and waves goodbye]]> <![CDATA['This is Us' creator's new movie]]> <![CDATA['Eighth Grade' is kind of beautiful]]> <![CDATA['Handmaid's Tale's' riveting season finale]]> <![CDATA['A chaotic day': Officials and nonprofits try to reunite toddlers separated from parents]]> <![CDATA[How a SCOTUS fight could propel Harris, Booker and other Democrats eyeing 2020 runs]]> <![CDATA[Trump launches new tariffs on China]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: How fear and trembling turned to joy]]> <![CDATA[Posthumous music by Tom Petty to be released]]> <![CDATA[Cardi B: The female rapper making history]]> <![CDATA[Why you're seeing 5-year-old Cardi B everywhere]]> <![CDATA[Cardi B announces the birth of her first child]]> <![CDATA[France beats Belgium to reach World Cup final]]> <![CDATA[Domestic violence surges during the World Cup, and England is battling back]]> <![CDATA[How the NBA and NFL made England a contender]]> <![CDATA[Croatia and England square off for spot in World Cup final]]> <![CDATA[Woman harassed for Puerto Rico shirt]]> <![CDATA[Tyler Perry addresses Facebook scam]]> <![CDATA[The US is running out of Chinese exports to tax]]> <![CDATA[Harry and Meghan make first state visit]]> <![CDATA[Roger Federer upset at Wimbledon]]> <![CDATA[A retirement mistake that could cost you $100,000]]> <![CDATA[Video shows George Clooney's accident]]> <![CDATA[Germany isn't the only country that can't quit cheap Russian gas]]> <![CDATA[Manafort thinks he's being treated like a 'VIP' in jail, special counsel says]]> <![CDATA[Father of Australian doctor died just after trapped Thai boys were rescued]]> <![CDATA[First video of Thai boys' rescue from cave]]> <![CDATA[Tears as Thai boys see parents for the first time since rescue]]> <![CDATA[Pence: 'I do' want Roe v. Wade overturned]]> <![CDATA[Pompeo's North Korea meeting went 'as badly as it could have gone']]> <![CDATA[Senate rebukes Trump with tariff vote]]> <![CDATA[Migrants describe hunger and solitary confinement at for-profit detention center]]> <![CDATA[Trump isn't the first to ask NATO to pay more]]> <![CDATA[NATO leaders agree to spend more]]> <![CDATA[Trump suggested NATO countries boost defense spending to 4%]]> <![CDATA[In apparent reaction to Trump insult, Merkel recalls pain of growing up under Soviet control in East Germany]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Thousands attend funeral for road racer William Dunlop]]> <![CDATA[Roger Federer out of Wimbledon as Kevin Anderson fights back from two sets down]]> <![CDATA[Joking German minister Seehofer urged to quit as Afghan deportee dies]]> <![CDATA[Cardi B and Offset announce the birth of their daughter]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Brussels metro commuters endure French team's anthem]]> <![CDATA[Cristiano Ronaldo: Juventus' new signing is a coup on and off the pitch]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: What if football really did come home']]> <![CDATA[Roger Federer out of Wimbledon after losing to Kevin Anderson in five-set thriller]]> <![CDATA[Nigeria student graduates after hijab row]]> <![CDATA[Trump urges Nato members to double military funding target]]> <![CDATA[Tour de France: Peter Sagan takes second win in first hilly stage]]> <![CDATA['We can build a real time machine']]> <![CDATA[Nigerian law student allowed to wear hijab at graduation ceremony]]> <![CDATA[Sacha Baron Cohen 'dupes' Sarah Palin for new TV series]]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave rescue: 'Tiny bit of hope became reality']]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave rescue: First footage emerges of boys in hospital]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Novak Djokovic wins stunning rally against Kei Nishikori]]> <![CDATA[Ancient bones reveal forgotten history of whales]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: First pictures emerge of Thai boys in hospital]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[How to build a real time machine]]> <![CDATA[The model who was bitten by a shark while posing on holiday]]> <![CDATA[Chile unveils street art for blind people in Santiago]]> <![CDATA[Kazakhstan squirrel art installation sparks backlash over costs]]> <![CDATA['Lying and triviality' drives Cleese from UK]]> <![CDATA[BBC pay: Men still dominate star salaries list]]> <![CDATA[India government is 'failing' to protect Taj Mahal]]> <![CDATA[Bruno Mars halts gig after on-stage fire]]> <![CDATA[Greece 'orders expulsion of two Russian diplomats']]> <![CDATA[El Salvador president to testify over kidnapped envoy]]> <![CDATA[Trump Nato: New war of words with Merkel]]> <![CDATA[Red state Dems can easily oppose Beltway Brett Kavanaugh]]> <![CDATA[Elayne Boosler: Saying 'joke' is no excuse for offensive behavior]]> <![CDATA[Kim Jong Un snubbed Mike Pompeo, source says]]> <![CDATA[Sacha Baron Cohen enrages Sarah Palin with 'evil' humor]]> <![CDATA[Cooper rips Trump on family separations]]> <![CDATA[How a Supreme Court fight could propel Democrats eyeing 2020 runs]]> <![CDATA[Pence: 'I do' still want Roe v. Wade to be overturned]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: 'Come legally'' Trump, here's what you don't get]]> <![CDATA[3 charts to understand Trump's border dilemma]]> <![CDATA[European trip puts Melania Trump back on the world stage]]> <![CDATA[Trump's handshake with NATO secretary general]]> <![CDATA[After 18 deaths, Ireland changes cervical cancer screening]]> <![CDATA[The 'breast is best' policy backlash]]> <![CDATA[Filter creating bubbles of clean air in London]]> <![CDATA[The Louvre launches Beyonce and Jay-Z tour]]> <![CDATA[Pompeo's N. Korea meeting went 'as badly as it could have gone']]> <![CDATA[Hurricane Chris is rapidly strengthening off Atlantic coast]]> <![CDATA[Former Ohio State wrestlers defend Jim Jordan]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump is in for the trolling of a lifetime]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Allies wonder if West can withstand Trump]]> <![CDATA[Trump to meet with Macron and Merkel]]> <![CDATA[The President, in Brussels for NATO talks, accuses Germany of being a 'captive of Russia']]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: How did the Thai boys survive underground']]> <![CDATA[Six Russian theories on the Novichok poisonings]]> <![CDATA[Trump Nato: Germany's defence spending attacked]]> <![CDATA[Fox has a new deal to buy Sky at a higher price]]> <![CDATA[The housewife who catches child sex groomers]]> <![CDATA[Do England play better in white or red']]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Why millions of fans see the football like this]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Watch the last time England won a semi-final]]> <![CDATA[World Cup catch-up: Umtiti scores as France reach final & Drake and Timberlake back England]]> <![CDATA[Novichok: Why nerve agent source must be found]]> <![CDATA['The everyday sexism I face as a stay-at-home dad']]> <![CDATA[K-pop drives boom in Korean language lessons]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: The Australian diving doctor who stayed with the boys]]> <![CDATA[Why John Cleese is leaving the UK for Nevis]]> <![CDATA[Afghanistan: UK to send 440 more non-combat troops]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: France football victory ends in tear gas]]> <![CDATA[Qin Yongmin: Prominent Chinese dissident jailed for 13 years]]> <![CDATA[Emerging sex disease MG 'could become next superbug']]> <![CDATA[At least 179 dead as Japan reels from its worst flood in decades]]> <![CDATA[Latino picnicker harassed in Illinois park as cop stands by]]> <![CDATA[Were the Romans the first whale hunters']]> <![CDATA[China 'shocked' by US actions in trade dispute]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: 'You never know when you'll need English']]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: 'Hope became reality' says Navy Seal chief]]> <![CDATA[Trump Nato: EU's Tusk warns president to appreciate allies]]> <![CDATA[Nancy Pelosi doesn't sound like she's going anywhere]]> <![CDATA[Was Kavanaugh picked to block Mueller probe']]> <![CDATA[Pence: Trump has opportunity to evaluate Putin]]> <![CDATA[Be alarmed when a leader does this]]> <![CDATA[Every SCOTUS justice's vote should surprise you]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump is in for the trolling of a lifetime]]> <![CDATA[Hypocrisy at the heart of Trump's rancher pardon]]> <![CDATA[Why a court with Kavanaugh is nothing to fear]]> <![CDATA[Internet mocks Trump's gift to Kim Jong Un]]> <![CDATA[Zsa Zsa dies weeks after being dubbed 'World's Ugliest Dog']]> <![CDATA[England used a rubber chicken as part of their training. Here's why]]> <![CDATA[Motel 6 to settle lawsuit claiming it gave Latino guests' information to ICE]]> <![CDATA[A 91-year-old man was beaten with a brick and told 'go back to your country']]> <![CDATA[Woman says an officer stood by as she took heat for Puerto Rico shirt]]> <![CDATA[Magic Johnson sat 1 hour in car before LeBron pitch]]> <![CDATA[Dog in distress gets helping hand from flight crew]]> <![CDATA[MLB coach misheard call and put in wrong pitcher]]> <![CDATA[Pakistani Taliban claim deadly election attack]]> <![CDATA[Go inside cave where boys were trapped]]> <![CDATA[Boys lost several pounds during time in cave]]> <![CDATA[Pfizer halts price hikes after Trump complains]]> <![CDATA[UK watchdog says Facebook broke the law]]> <![CDATA[Russian company had access to Facebook user data through apps]]> <![CDATA[Fox has a new deal to buy Sky]]> <![CDATA[Dad holds his son for first time since they were separated months ago]]> <![CDATA[Source: Kim Jong Un snubbed Pompeo]]> <![CDATA[Lemon rips 'breathtakingly cruel' remark]]> <![CDATA[HHS secretary: We're performing great act of 'generosity and charity' for immigrant kids]]> <![CDATA[Trump slashes funding for Obamacare enrollment]]> <![CDATA[Paul Manafort's lawyers have new concerns about where he should be jailed]]> <![CDATA[Cuomo calls out Trump's latest pardons]]> <![CDATA[Trump readies new tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods]]> <![CDATA[Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page plans to defy GOP subpoena]]> <![CDATA[Ex-Bush official disputes Trump's claims]]> <![CDATA[NATO leaders hope to 'avert disaster']]> <![CDATA[Senate takes swipe at Trump with pro-NATO vote]]> <![CDATA[Hear Trump unload on NATO secretary general]]> <![CDATA[Trump accuses Germany of being a 'captive of Russia']]> <![CDATA[The President begins a 6-day European trip after casting US allies as freeloaders and often seeming more in tune with Russia's foreign policy aims than those of NATO]]> <![CDATA[Why the end of US sanctions hasn't helped Sudan]]> <![CDATA[Child sex crime: Does India have a growing problem']]> <![CDATA[Risking everything to dance in Iran]]> <![CDATA[Yaa Asantewaa and the fight for the Golden Stool]]> <![CDATA[Why John Cleese is leaving the UK]]> <![CDATA[How the Thai cave boys were rescued]]> <![CDATA[German neo-Nazi murder trial reaches climax]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Croatia v England: 'Maybe, just maybe, this time it will be different']]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Elation as Thai boys and coach freed by divers]]> <![CDATA[Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Juan Martin del Potro in the Wimbledon quarter-finals]]> <![CDATA[Andy Murray: No regrets over missing Wimbledon; Djokovic could win it]]> <![CDATA[Croatia v England: Three Lions have shot at sporting immortality]]> <![CDATA[US cannot reunite dozens of child migrants with their parents]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Why do Russians support England']]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: England face Croatia in Moscow for place in final]]> <![CDATA[World Cup: England nowhere near their potential, says manager Gareth Southgate]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Drake, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake & day eight quarter-finals]]> <![CDATA[England v New Zealand: Hosts win by 123 runs to wrap up ODI series victory]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Samuel Umtiti heads winner for France against Belgium]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Trump: What does the US do for the Nato alliance in Europe']]> <![CDATA[Sir David Attenborough polar ship ready for launch]]> <![CDATA[Novichok: Man exposed to nerve agent is conscious]]> <![CDATA[PayPal told customer her death breached its rules]]> <![CDATA[German minister jokes as Afghan migrants deported]]> <![CDATA[Three Lions: World Cup anthem's hidden musical hero]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Large dust storm hits central Arizona]]> <![CDATA[US mum and daughter 'questioned over different surnames']]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: France reach final after 1-0 win over Belgium]]> <![CDATA[Australian experiment wipes out over 80% of disease-carrying mosquitoes]]> <![CDATA[Pediatricians know why family separation is abuse]]> <![CDATA[Trump, you need NATO more than ever]]> <![CDATA[This product is banned in some cities. The company is worth $2 billion]]> <![CDATA[One US town will give $500 a month to residents]]> <![CDATA[Depp sued for allegedly punching crew member]]> <![CDATA[5-year-old North West featured in first fashion campaign]]> <![CDATA[Wall Street has Trump whiplash]]> <![CDATA[Why Corporate America is recruiting high schoolers]]> <![CDATA[England will face Croatia for a spot in the final]]> <![CDATA[France secures its spot in the World Cup final]]> <![CDATA[Microsoft unveils Surface Go to take on the iPad]]> <![CDATA[Tesla is going big in China]]> <![CDATA[Business Insider introduces new guidelines after deleting story about Scarlett Johansson]]> <![CDATA[Southwest Airlines will stop serving peanuts]]> <![CDATA[Deputy looking for missing baby was giving up hope. Then he heard a whimper]]> <![CDATA[The last Sears in Chicago is closing]]> <![CDATA[US Coast Guard searching for plane with 11 on board in Alaska]]> <![CDATA[Trump pardons ranchers who set fires on federal property]]> <![CDATA[Charity offers $20 million to post 'bonds' for all separated families]]> <![CDATA[Kavanaugh is a scripted end to a reality show]]> <![CDATA[Trump critics aim to make 'American Idiot' UK's top song]]> <![CDATA[Town rallies behind the coach who took boys into cave]]> <![CDATA[Officials likely monitoring boys for 'cave disease']]> <![CDATA[See CNN reporter's priceless reaction]]> <![CDATA[All 12 boys and their coach rescued from flooded cave]]> <![CDATA[He waited 17 days on the mountainside for his son to be freed. On his way down, he thanked everyone he saw]]> <![CDATA[What Dems should do about 'Beltway Brett' Kavanaugh]]> <![CDATA[Business Insider introduces new guidelines after deleting story about Scarlett Johannson]]> <![CDATA[They went to visit their soldier son-in-law at an Army base and were turned over to ICE]]> <![CDATA[Charity offers $20 million to post bonds for all separated families]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: How fear and trembling turned to joy]]> <![CDATA['Star Wars' locations that actually exist]]> <![CDATA[Bungee off the world's highest glass bridge]]> <![CDATA[Airbus offers a sneak peek at its newest wide-body, long-haul airliner]]> <![CDATA[Bieber and Baldwin not a new couple]]> <![CDATA[European Council President: US 'won't have a better ally' than EU]]> <![CDATA[Trump confirms he plans to give Kim Jong Un a copy of 'Rocket Man' CD]]> <![CDATA[Why we couldn't stop watching the Thai cave rescue]]> <![CDATA[Puppies and paradise: A winning travel combo]]> <![CDATA[Flight crew gives dog oxygen mask midflight]]> <![CDATA[All wasps are scary, but this one is definitely the scariest]]> <![CDATA[The oil market has very little room for error]]> <![CDATA[Serena Williams recovers to advance to Wimbledon semifinals]]> <![CDATA[NFLPA files grievance over Anthem policy]]> <![CDATA[Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid]]> <![CDATA[Business Insider introduces new guidelines for 'culturally sensitive topics' after deleting story]]> <![CDATA[Trump to immigrants: Don't come illegally]]> <![CDATA[British campaign aims to make 'American Idiot' the No. 1 song]]> <![CDATA[Trump pardons ranchers whose case sparked standoff]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: What happened the last time England reached the semi-final]]> <![CDATA[Serena Williams into Wimbledon semi-finals with win over Camila Giorgi]]> <![CDATA[Iran dance videos: 'It's not just simple dancing - it's an act of protest']]> <![CDATA[President Donald Trump talks of UK 'turmoil' ahead of visit]]> <![CDATA[Cristiano Ronaldo: Juventus to sign Real Madrid forward]]> <![CDATA[Many injured as plane crashes in S Africa]]> <![CDATA[Robin Wright breaks silence on Spacey]]> <![CDATA[Tab Hunter, iconic 1950s actor, dies]]> <![CDATA[Justin Bieber confirms engagement]]> <![CDATA[Roseanne Barr not doing TV interview after all]]> <![CDATA[WHO breastfeeding resolution behind debate]]> <![CDATA[Two babies die following MMR vaccination]]> <![CDATA[Babies sleep better when they begin solid food early]]> <![CDATA[Why polio outbreaks keep coming back]]> <![CDATA[The smart way for Trump to handle immigration]]> <![CDATA[Reese Witherspoon is one step closer to Oprah-dom with new DirecTV deal]]> <![CDATA[Crypto hacks: Is your bitcoin investment safe']]> <![CDATA[Bitcoin is down 66%. It still may be the future of money.]]> <![CDATA[Gay rights activist arrested in Russia as World Cup opens]]> <![CDATA[Pride parade held in Turkey despite ban]]> <![CDATA[UK government to ban 'gay conversion therapy']]> <![CDATA[Indians gear up for possible U-turn on anti-LGBT laws]]> <![CDATA[Woman on oxygen dies after power shut off]]> <![CDATA[Is $108 million deal messing with MLBer's head']]> <![CDATA[George Clooney involved in scooter accident]]> <![CDATA[Whole Foods announces its Prime Day deal]]> <![CDATA[Drake breaks Beatles historic record]]> <![CDATA[The government will miss today's deadline to reunite all migrant families with kids under 5]]> <![CDATA[Giuliani advises foreign clients while working for Trump]]> <![CDATA[Woman says park officer stood by as she took heat for Puerto Rico shirt]]> <![CDATA[President Trump to immigrants: Don't come illegally]]> <![CDATA[Trump says Putin meeting 'may be the easiest of them all']]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Why Trump cozies up to dictators]]> <![CDATA[British campaign aims to make 'American Idiot' the No. 1 song when Trump arrives]]> <![CDATA[Trump pardons ranchers whose case sparked takeover of Oregon refuge]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: In Trump's court pick, who won']]> <![CDATA[Santorum: Trump bowed to elite with pick]]> <![CDATA[2006: Kavanaugh discusses Roe v. Wade]]> <![CDATA[Trump says he hasn't brought up issue of abortion with Supreme Court pick]]> <![CDATA[Kavanaugh was a scripted end to Trump reality show]]> <![CDATA[Dive instructor chokes up about Thai rescue]]> <![CDATA[Photos: All the boys are out]]> <![CDATA[A virtual look inside the cave rescue]]> <![CDATA[See CNN reporter's priceless reaction to cave rescue]]> <![CDATA[The controversial coach who led the soccer team into the cave]]> <![CDATA[The entire rescue team is now out of the cave]]> <![CDATA[Twelve boys and their soccer coach have been freed from flooded caves in Thailand]]> <![CDATA[Raheem Sterling: What are critics not seeing in England forward's World Cup performances']]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Angelique Kerber beats Daria Kasatkina to reach semi-finals]]> <![CDATA[Why was Elon Musk at the Thai cave rescue']]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Who are the 12 boys and their coach who were trapped in Thailand']]> <![CDATA[Thai cave rescue: How the boys were saved]]> <![CDATA[Rescue story in pictures]]> <![CDATA[George Clooney injured in Italian motorbike crash]]> <![CDATA[Nicaragua crisis: '38 killed in bloodiest day' - NGO]]> <![CDATA[Israeli unmanned spacecraft to land on Moon in 2019]]> <![CDATA[Dissident Liu Xiaobo's widow Liu Xia allowed to leave China]]> <![CDATA[Johnny Depp 'punched crew member in drunken tirade']]> <![CDATA[RAF centenary: Thousands watch flypast]]> <![CDATA[Italian ship carrying migrants turned away from Italian ports]]> <![CDATA[Japan floods: 155 killed after torrential rain and landslides]]> <![CDATA[Trump-Nato summit: EU's Tusk warns president to appreciate allies]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Boys and football coach free from Tham Luang]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Blame my Dad for my big head - Harry Maguire]]> <![CDATA[Fossil of 'first giant' dinosaur discovered in Argentina]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Smuggling the Pride flag into Russia]]> <![CDATA[RAF centenary: Royals at Westminster Abbey ahead of flypast]]> <![CDATA[Israel closes main Gaza goods crossing in response to arson attacks]]> <![CDATA[Osmanen Germania: Germany bans ethnic Turkish boxer gang]]> <![CDATA[Deadline to reunite US migrant toddlers with parents extended]]> <![CDATA[George Clooney injured in Italian scooter crash]]> <![CDATA[Trump touts confidence in Kim Jong Un]]> <![CDATA[Experiment wipes out over 80% of disease-carrying mosquitoes]]> <![CDATA[Pageant contestant quits over #MeToo joke]]> <![CDATA[Unexpected views of New York]]> <![CDATA[After 8-year search, Australian rangers capture massive crocodile]]> <![CDATA[See the incident caught on camera]]> <![CDATA[Theresa May battles for political survival]]> <![CDATA[Protesters heckle McConnell at restaurant]]> <![CDATA[91-year-old man beaten with brick and told 'go back to your country']]> <![CDATA[Another former OSU wrestler says Jim Jordan knew of alleged abuse]]> <![CDATA[Tenth boy has been rescued from Thailand caves]]> <![CDATA[Where Brett Kavanaugh stands on key issues]]> <![CDATA[Choreographed suspense aside, the judge had been one of the President's favorites all along, sources say]]> <![CDATA[Surviving every diver's worst nightmare]]> <![CDATA[France v Belgium: European battle of world stars]]> <![CDATA[Fernando Torres: Ex-Liverpool and Chelsea striker signs for Japan's Sagan Tosu]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Can Pickford win the Golden Glove']]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Jurgen Klinsmann's message to England: 'Be who you are']]> <![CDATA[Krill companies limit Antarctic fishing]]> <![CDATA[Turkey's Erdogan son-in-law made finance minister amid nepotism fears]]> <![CDATA[India policemen told to slim down or lose job]]> <![CDATA[Legal EU ivory sales 'condemn elephants']]> <![CDATA[New UK cabinet meets amid Brexit turmoil]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Final push under way in Thailand]]> <![CDATA[Surviving every divers' worst nightmare]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Croatia v England - all you need to know about the semi-final]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Lawro's predictions for semi-finals]]> <![CDATA[San Francisco: Where a six-figure salary is 'low income']]> <![CDATA[LeBron James: LA Lakers officially sign three-time NBA champion]]> <![CDATA[Krill companies cut Antarctic fishing]]> <![CDATA[World's 'oldest coloured molecules' are bright pink]]> <![CDATA[Japan floods: 141 killed after torrential rain and landslides]]> <![CDATA[Dissident Liu Xiaobo's widow Liu Xia 'allowed to leave China']]> <![CDATA[Widow of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo leaves China]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Meet Trump's pick for Supreme Court]]> <![CDATA[Gohmert defends Jordan: Unlike Olympians, wrestlers 'were adults' at time of alleged abuse]]> <![CDATA[Huangguoshu, China: Experience the world's largest waterfall cluster]]> <![CDATA[World's scariest and best water slides]]> <![CDATA[10 of the best waterfalls across the United States]]> <![CDATA[Hundreds of secret waterfalls revealed]]> <![CDATA[Key GOP senator unloads on Homeland Security for handling of separated immigrant families]]> <![CDATA[Federal judge rejects Trump administration's bid to alter rules on detaining minors]]> <![CDATA[Why it's taking so long for the government to reunite families]]> <![CDATA[A lucky few migrant families to be reunited today]]> <![CDATA[Actress surprised with new Tesla for starring role]]> <![CDATA[See Starbucks' straw-free lid]]> <![CDATA[Did 'Borat' star punk Dick Cheney']]> <![CDATA[A Texas cop pulls his gun on a group of kids]]> <![CDATA[Samoa orders inquiry after two babies die following MMR vaccination]]> <![CDATA[Smucker unloads the Pillsbury Doughboy]]> <![CDATA[Under fire, Theresa May attempts to salvage Brexit strategy]]> <![CDATA[Trump's former driver sues over wages]]> <![CDATA[Top gang prosecutor on leave after offensive social media posts]]> <![CDATA[In pictures: Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh]]> <![CDATA[Kavanaugh has said presidents should be shielded from litigation]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Red state Democrats can easily oppose Kavanaugh]]> <![CDATA[Santorum: Trump bowed to elite with Kavanaugh pick]]> <![CDATA[Separation of powers. Abortion. Religious liberty. The Second Amendment. Here's a look at the views of President Trump's Supreme Court pick.]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Who's who in the women's quarter-finals']]> <![CDATA[Croatia v England: How Gareth Southgate helped us fall in love with England]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Can England's Harry Kane win the Golden Boot']]> <![CDATA[Dissident Liu Xiaobo's widow 'allowed to leave China']]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Eight rescued Thai boys in 'good health']]> <![CDATA[Krill companies stop Antarctic fishing]]> <![CDATA[Belgium-France clash tests border loyalties]]> <![CDATA[Thai cave rescue: 'No kid has cave dived like this before']]> <![CDATA[Elephant poaching: 'Sick' EU ivory sales 'cover up illegal trade']]> <![CDATA[Japan floods: 126 killed after torrential rain and landslides]]> <![CDATA[UK PM to meet new cabinet amid Brexit turmoil]]> <![CDATA[Brett Kavanaugh picked for Supreme Court by President Trump]]> <![CDATA[The WHO breastfeeding resolution behind the debate]]> <![CDATA[Be alarmed when a leader tries to make you think of humans as vermin]]> <![CDATA[Starbucks is eliminating plastic straws]]> <![CDATA[They're everywhere. Now the company scattering them is valued at $2 billion]]> <![CDATA[Video of man taking teen's 'MAGA' hat goes viral]]> <![CDATA[Remnants of Beryl bring heavy rain to Puerto Rico]]> <![CDATA[Texas police officer pulls his gun on a group of kids]]> <![CDATA[Firefighters save a man -- and finish his yard work]]> <![CDATA[New Jersey woman on oxygen dies after the power company shuts off her electricity]]> <![CDATA[Justin Bieber confirms his engagement to Hailey Baldwin]]> <![CDATA[NFLer rips TSA for spilling his mother's ashes]]> <![CDATA[Sources: Cohen sending message to Trump]]> <![CDATA[Did comedian punk Dick Cheney']]> <![CDATA[Man charged after police say he buried a baby in the Montana mountains]]> <![CDATA[Trump faces North Korea setback]]> <![CDATA[Journalist reveals she provided source's identity to the FBI]]> <![CDATA[Trump's former personal driver sues over 'exploited' wages]]> <![CDATA[Key GOP senator unloads on Homeland Security for handling of separated families]]> <![CDATA[Federal judge rejects Trump admin's bid to alter rules on detaining minors]]> <![CDATA[Thai cave rescue resumes on day 3 to free final 5]]> <![CDATA[91-year-old man beaten with brick, told 'go back to your country']]> <![CDATA[McConnell: Give American people some credit]]> <![CDATA[Kavanaugh has said presidents should be shielded from litigation while in office]]> <![CDATA[If confirmed, Kavanaugh will be the 108th white man to sit on the Supreme Court]]> <![CDATA[Meet Trump's Supreme Court nominee]]> <![CDATA[President Trump selects the 53-year-old Kavanaugh to replace retired Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court]]> <![CDATA[Trump names Kavanaugh for US Supreme Court]]> <![CDATA[Harry Maguire memes himself with 'put the bins out' caption]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Your stories of how England fell back in love with football]]> <![CDATA[How Pickford became England's number one]]> <![CDATA[Can Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed make peace with 'Africa's North Korea'']]> <![CDATA[Where a six-figure salary is 'low income']]> <![CDATA[Macedonia: The Balkan country waiting for Nato's invitation]]> <![CDATA[To have loved and lost]]> <![CDATA[The watch that could help manage severe autism]]> <![CDATA[The last survivor of 'The Great Escape' camp tells his story]]> <![CDATA[The King's Path: Is this the scariest walk in the world']]> <![CDATA[Wife of missing chinese lawyer: 'I don't know if he is alive']]> <![CDATA[Deadline to reunite US migrants extended as babies face court]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Angelique Kerber]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Why England must stop world's best midfielder to reach final]]> <![CDATA[Nicaragua unrest: Bishop's anger as people die in clashes]]> <![CDATA[Turkey's Erdogan appoints son-in-law as finance minister]]> <![CDATA[Starbucks to ban plastics straws in all stores by 2020]]> <![CDATA[Jeremy Hunt replaces Boris Johnson amid Brexit turmoil]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Divers ready to save remaining five Thais]]> <![CDATA[Stunning turnaround by heroin-addicted mom]]> <![CDATA[The sexual harassment we don't talk about]]> <![CDATA[Nikki Haley is still a star]]> <![CDATA[The uncovered part of the North Korea story]]> <![CDATA[Inside Adidas' vision for the future]]> <![CDATA[American artist's mass nude photo shoot]]> <![CDATA[Is your sunscreen killing coral reefs']]> <![CDATA[Still no power for about 7,800 after heat wave hits Los Angeles]]> <![CDATA[At least 100 dead in Japan floods]]> <![CDATA[Puerto Rico hit with rain and flooding from remnants of Beryl]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: The smart way for Trump to handle this]]> <![CDATA[Why it's taking so long for the government to reunite the families it separated]]> <![CDATA[McConnell chased from restaurant by protesters]]> <![CDATA[Only 54 children will be reunited by court's deadline]]> <![CDATA[This city will give residents $500 a month]]> <![CDATA[Wall Street is worried Twitter has gone too far]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump the skunk at NATO party]]> <![CDATA[A Texas police officer pulled his gun on a group of kids. Now, he's doing desk duty]]> <![CDATA[Theresa May interrupted while thanking Boris Johnson]]> <![CDATA[UK in turmoil after Johnson's resignation]]> <![CDATA[Queen and Prince Philip miss Prince Louis' christening]]> <![CDATA[McConnell: Nominee to face unfair tactics]]> <![CDATA[Trump has selected his Supreme Court pick, source says]]> <![CDATA[They're everywhere. Now the company scattering them is valued at $2 billion.]]> <![CDATA[Boris Johnson tells PM she is suffocating Brexit 'dream']]> <![CDATA[Rafael Nadal in first Wimbledon quarter-final since 2011 after Jiri Vesely win]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Sailing Serena, silky skills, pineapple man & day seven funnies]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: People rally to support celebration repair bill]]> <![CDATA[Uber invests in Lime city scooter hire company]]> <![CDATA[Prince Louis christening: George and Charlotte seen with brother for first time]]> <![CDATA[Migrant separations: Toddlers facing court cases alone]]> <![CDATA[Your guide to the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale]]> <![CDATA[When is Amazon Prime Day' Plus, deals to shop now]]> <![CDATA[And the best US beach is ...]]> <![CDATA[Wellness retreats to get away from it all]]> <![CDATA[Try vacationing tiny-house style]]> <![CDATA[Beyonce and Jay-Z among headliners at Mandela concert in South Africa]]> <![CDATA[Mystery solved by recovery of Apollo mission tapes]]> <![CDATA[After their big swimsuit shakeup, the Miss America pageant is headed for more drama]]> <![CDATA['I want my name back': Indiana AG denies groping lawmaker and staffers]]> <![CDATA[The product is banned in some cities. The company is valued at $2 billion]]> <![CDATA[This pure white desert's lunar landscape]]> <![CDATA[Airbus offers a sneak peek at its newest long-haul airliner]]> <![CDATA[Drake breaks record with one billion streams]]> <![CDATA[Can 'Game of Thrones' regain Emmy throne']]> <![CDATA[Protesters heckle McConnell outside restaurant]]> <![CDATA[Obama education secretary slams Trump administration moves on affirmative action]]> <![CDATA[Trump is the skunk at NATO's garden party]]> <![CDATA[Justin Bieber and model are engaged, source says]]> <![CDATA[Australia banning plastic bags. Here's what other nations are doing]]> <![CDATA[Seattle bans plastic straws and utensils]]> <![CDATA[Company is eliminating plastic straws]]> <![CDATA[Immigrants increasingly denied entry to US Army and a path to citizenship]]> <![CDATA[Is former Pro Bowl quarterback a lost cause']]> <![CDATA[Where Disney may find its next 700 million viewers]]> <![CDATA[The product is banned in some cities. The company is valued at at $2 billion]]> <![CDATA[Tab Hunter dies after collapsing in partner's arms]]> <![CDATA[Queen misses Prince Louis' christening]]> <![CDATA[Can Theresa May survive as Prime Minister']]> <![CDATA[UK government in turmoil after Boris Johnson's resignation]]> <![CDATA[Health: Boys rescued Monday were in better condition than those who came out Sunday]]> <![CDATA[8 of 12 boys on soccer team rescued from Thai caves]]> <![CDATA[Trump's court pick just the beginning of a consequential week]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump's pick will empower backlash against Obama era]]> <![CDATA[The President's former fixer and ultimate loyalist is signaling the truth is not friendly to Trump or attorney Rudy Guiliani, sources tell CNN]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Roger Federer takes 16 minutes to win set against Adrian Mannarino]]> <![CDATA[Tour de France: Greg van Avermaet in yellow as BMC Racing win team time trial]]> <![CDATA[Facebook launches services for Inuit speakers]]> <![CDATA[Prince Louis's christening takes place - without Queen or Duke]]> <![CDATA[Babies sleep better on solids - study]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Karolina Pliskova loses in straight sets to Kiki Bertens]]> <![CDATA[California man proposes after finding rings in ashes of home]]> <![CDATA[Prince Louis's christening taking place - without the Queen or Duke]]> <![CDATA[Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty in third sex assault case]]> <![CDATA[Ask Trump's court pick whether Bible is supreme]]> <![CDATA[NBA legend, original 6th man, dies at 86]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Nikki Haley is still a star]]> <![CDATA[Health: Boys recused Monday were in better condition than those who came out Sunday]]> <![CDATA[8 of 12 boys rescued from Thai caves]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump regarded differently going into NATO summit]]> <![CDATA[Trump to meet Queen but avoid protesters during UK visit]]> <![CDATA[Coverage of UK resignations]]> <![CDATA[Hear Parliament react as May thanks Johnson]]> <![CDATA[The departures of Boris Johnson and another key Cabinet official deal a serious blow to Theresa May's ability to remain Prime Minister]]> <![CDATA[Jack Wilshere joins West Ham on three-year deal]]> <![CDATA[Lewis Hamilton says comment about Kimi Raikkonen after British GP was 'dumb']]> <![CDATA[Roger Federer into Wimbledon quarter-finals by beating Adrian Mannarino]]> <![CDATA[How are disabled fans finding accessibility in Russia']]> <![CDATA[Carol Boardman: 'Distracted' driver 'killed Olympian's mum']]> <![CDATA[UK foreign secretary quits amid Brexit row]]> <![CDATA[Gal Gadot visits children's hospital]]> <![CDATA[Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are not a new couple]]> <![CDATA[Mike Pompeo makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan]]> <![CDATA[Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber: A timeline]]> <![CDATA[Where children are least likely to be breastfed]]> <![CDATA[Is your sunscreen hurting coral reefs']]> <![CDATA[Why treating Novichok exposure is so difficult]]> <![CDATA[I forgave my father for walking out on me]]> <![CDATA[What Trump and African leaders need to know about food security]]> <![CDATA[Surprise! We're married!]]> <![CDATA[The Internet can't break up these celebs]]> <![CDATA[Republicans agree immigration affects their political future. They don't agree on how.]]> <![CDATA[For families reunited, troubles are far from over]]> <![CDATA[DOJ to reunite fewer than half of separated children aged under 5 by deadline, ACLU says]]> <![CDATA[McConnell chased from Kentucky restaurant by protesters]]> <![CDATA[Marvel extends No. 1 streak at the box office]]> <![CDATA[Robin Wright breaks silence on Kevin Spacey]]> <![CDATA[Former OSU wrestler says Rep. Jim Jordan had to have known about team doctor]]> <![CDATA[Starbucks is eliminating use of plastic straws]]> <![CDATA[Coverage of Johnson's resignation]]> <![CDATA[UK government in turmoil after Boris Johnson resigns]]> <![CDATA[Steve Bannon called 'piece of trash' by heckler at bookstore]]> <![CDATA[Trump's Supreme Court pick will empower backlash against Obama era]]> <![CDATA[Sources: Cohen is sending a clear message to Trump]]> <![CDATA[What's next: Focus shifts to health of the boys]]> <![CDATA[West Ham: Jack Wilshere joins on three-year deal]]> <![CDATA[Roger Federer reaches Wimbledon quarter-finals by beating Adrian Mannarino]]> <![CDATA[Novichok: Amesbury poisoning couple 'had high dose']]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Four more boys rescued by Thai Navy divers]]> <![CDATA[Novichok: Amesbury poisoning couple 'handled high dose']]> <![CDATA[Ethiopia and Eritrea finally agree to end war]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: 'Four more boys rescued' by divers]]> <![CDATA[House Freedom Caucus members are urged to stand by Rep. Jim Jordan]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: All of the things NATO allies now know Trump opposes]]> <![CDATA[Murder probe opened after UK woman dies from nerve agent poisoning]]> <![CDATA[Giuliani: Mueller probe highly suspect]]> <![CDATA[The fight that will follow Trump's court pick]]> <![CDATA[Distraught: Parents aren't told which kids have been rescued]]> <![CDATA[Four boys and their soccer coach remain in the cave system after Monday's rescue efforts]]> <![CDATA[West Ham close on Jack Wilshere & Andriy Yarmolenko signings]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Seventh seed Karolina Pliskova loses in straight sets to Kiki Bertens]]> <![CDATA[Lewis Hamilton says comment about Kimi Raikkonen after British Grand Prix was 'dumb']]> <![CDATA[Ethiopia and Eritrea declare end of war]]> <![CDATA[Five ambulances were seen driving toward the cave complex]]> <![CDATA[Four boys and their soccer coach remain in the cave system after rescue efforts resumed Monday]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Men's final will not be moved despite World Cup clash]]> <![CDATA[Wayne Pivac: Scarlets chief to succeed Warren Gatland as Wales coach]]> <![CDATA[Gal Gadot visits children's hospital in Wonder Woman costume]]> <![CDATA[The Queen and Prince Philip to miss Prince Louis christening]]> <![CDATA[Haiti fuel protesters' anger turns on President Moise]]> <![CDATA[Danone looking into baby milk complaints]]> <![CDATA[Pompeo dismisses North Korea's digs]]> <![CDATA[Trump's pick will empower backlash against Obama era]]> <![CDATA[Live updates: Boys taken to an on-site medical facility]]> <![CDATA[Five boys from a soccer team and their coach remain in the cave system after rescue efforts resumed Monday]]> <![CDATA[Mystery solved by recovery of lost Apollo mission tapes]]> <![CDATA[100 dead in Japan after floods, landslides]]> <![CDATA[Starbucks is eliminating plastic straws from all stores]]> <![CDATA[Pompeo dismisses North Korea's 'gangster' comments]]> <![CDATA[White House trying to keep Mueller from interviewing John Kelly, Giuliani confirms]]> <![CDATA[Trump to unveil Supreme Court pick for the ages]]> <![CDATA[Live updates: Rains are threatening again]]> <![CDATA[Rescuers working at a cave site in Thailand brought out a person on a stretcher, a witness says]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Who are the 12 boys and their coach trapped in Thailand']]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: England were a laughing stock, but not any more - Alan Shearer]]> <![CDATA[Japan floods: At least 100 dead after record rainfall]]> <![CDATA[UK gets new chief Brexit negotiator]]> <![CDATA[Tyler Perry surprises actress with Tesla]]> <![CDATA[Giuliani: Can't find basis for Mueller probe]]> <![CDATA[Live updates: First person taken from cave Monday, witness says]]> <![CDATA[Many of the same divers who rescued four boys in a Thai cave yesterday re-enter the flooded labyrinth]]> <![CDATA[Tour de France: Mark Cavendish's stage-by-stage guide to 2018 race]]> <![CDATA[The polio survivor who says she 'was one of the lucky ones']]> <![CDATA[Searching for the 'angel' who held me after attack]]> <![CDATA[The Queen and Prince Philip to miss Prince Louis' christening]]> <![CDATA[First eastern quolls born in Australian wild for half a century]]> <![CDATA[Sydney restaurant 'dumped' drunk customers on street]]> <![CDATA[Nissan admits falsifying emissions tests in Japan]]> <![CDATA[Iran women dance in support of arrested Instagram teen]]> <![CDATA[UK's chief Brexit negotiator quits]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Operation resumes to bring out boys]]> <![CDATA[The darker side of living to 100]]> <![CDATA[Beauty queen turns in crown after hearing #MeToo joke at pageant]]> <![CDATA[How model Hailey Baldwin made a name for herself]]> <![CDATA[Girl's new prosthetic legs replace tin cans]]> <![CDATA[Shares of smart phone giant fall in Hong Kong debut]]> <![CDATA[Tyler Perry gifts surprise Tesla to actress]]> <![CDATA[Haiti unrest leaves US missionaries stranded]]> <![CDATA[Over 100 die in Japan floods and landslides]]> <![CDATA[Live updates: Coach just wants to help others, aunt says]]> <![CDATA[Many of the same divers who rescued four boys in a Thai cave a day earlier re-enter the flooded labyrinth]]> <![CDATA[Alabama Democrat Doug Jones says he could vote either way on Trump's SCOTUS pick]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump to unveil Supreme Court pick for the ages]]> <![CDATA[Prince Louis's christening to take place in the Chapel Royal]]> <![CDATA[India trains delayed due to 'drunk' station master]]> <![CDATA[Rohingya crisis: Myanmar to try Reuters journalists who reported on massacre]]> <![CDATA[UK nerve agent victim dies in hospital]]> <![CDATA[Sparkling sea and saving koalas from an STD]]> <![CDATA[England v India: Chris Jordan's diving catch removes KL Rahul]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: How Jordan Pickford became England's number one]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Serena Williams survives a brutal first week at SW19]]> <![CDATA[Tour de France: Peter Sagan wins stage two to take yellow jersey]]> <![CDATA[England v India: Rohit Sharma's unbeaten century ensures T20 series win for visitors]]> <![CDATA[Sebastian Vettel wins British GP, Lewis Hamilton fight back]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Roger Federer, Serena Williams & Rafael Nadal play on Manic Monday]]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave rescue: Meet the volunteer helpers]]> <![CDATA['It's not as easy as walking out the door']]> <![CDATA[Letter from Africa: Complaining about colonialism makes us the victims]]> <![CDATA[Daniel Cordier: France's last Resistance hero from World War Two]]> <![CDATA[Exoskeleton that allows humans to work and play for longer]]> <![CDATA[Obituary: Henry Butler, the blind pianist and photographer]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: 'Russia dream over but nation's hope restored']]> <![CDATA[Was the newlywed mechanic who stole a plane shot down']]> <![CDATA[Why local US newspapers are sounding the alarm]]> <![CDATA[How the people of Delhi saved 16,000 trees from the axe]]> <![CDATA[How WhatsApp has helped heroin become Mozambique's second biggest export]]> <![CDATA[The polio survivor who became a healthcare boss]]> <![CDATA[Tattoo taboo: Spanish woman fights rejection by army]]> <![CDATA[Searching for the 'angel' who held me on Westminster Bridge]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Thai boys and parents send letters of love and reassurance]]> <![CDATA[Russian artists on culture, identity and censorship]]> <![CDATA[Sanju: Is this Bollywood blockbuster whitewashing Sanjay Dutt']]> <![CDATA[Your pictures: Make-up]]> <![CDATA['I'm the smartest man in Africa - or in the world']]> <![CDATA[In pictures: The Durban July in South Africa]]> <![CDATA[What do non-Koreans love about K-pop']]> <![CDATA[Choosing to have an only child: 'People were offended']]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Thai rescue: The psychological effects of being trapped]]> <![CDATA[This Syrian man has been stuck in an airport for months]]> <![CDATA[Wireless Festival: Drake headlines as DJ Khaled pulls out over 'travel issues']]> <![CDATA[Brexit: Michael Gove urges Tories to back Theresa May's plan]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Croatia can deal with Harry Kane after 'stopping Messi' - Zlatko Dalic]]> <![CDATA[Turkey train derails en route to Istanbul, killing 24]]> <![CDATA[Eritrea and Ethiopia to re-establish diplomatic ties]]> <![CDATA[Maedeh Hojabri: Iran women dance in support of arrested teen]]> <![CDATA[Lula: Judge overrules order for the Brazil ex-president's release]]> <![CDATA[Justin Bieber 'engaged to Hailey Baldwin']]> <![CDATA[Ozone hole mystery: China insulating chemical said to be source of rise]]> <![CDATA[Japan floods: At least 100 dead in record rainfall]]> <![CDATA[Novichok: Murder inquiry after Dawn Sturgess dies]]> <![CDATA[Thai cave: Wife and father mourn 'hero' diver]]> <![CDATA[Cave rescue: Remaining trapped Thai boys wait to escape]]> <![CDATA[Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns]]> <![CDATA[Hundreds strip for mass nude photos]]> <![CDATA[Elvis Costello cancels tour dates to recover from cancer surgery]]> <![CDATA[Shares of Chinese smart phone giant drop in Hong Kong debut]]> <![CDATA[Rapper's new song sparks viral dance challenge]]> <![CDATA[Most overpaid NBA players this summer]]> <![CDATA[Giuliani seems to say Trump asked Comey to give Michael Flynn 'a break']]> <![CDATA[Trump administration gives judge names of children under 5 separated at border]]> <![CDATA[Protesters accost McConnell outside restaurant, Washington Post reports]]> <![CDATA[Response: Crew rushes boy to helicopter]]> <![CDATA[Pompeo dismisses N. Korea's 'gangster' comments]]> <![CDATA[The government hasn't answered key questions on family separations]]> <![CDATA[Jones: 'I'm not in favor of abolishing ICE']]> <![CDATA[Why we can't stop watching the Thai cave rescue]]> <![CDATA[North Korea 'gangster' line is a big problem for Trump]]> <![CDATA[30-ton disco ball destined for Nevada desert]]> <![CDATA[Rewind to 'The 2000s' tonight at 9 ET]]> <![CDATA[How 'The Sopranos' and 'The Wire' paved the way for peak TV]]> <![CDATA[Anderson Cooper jokes about his old reality show]]> <![CDATA[The decade's most bizarre reality TV shows]]> <![CDATA[Bathroom renovation reveals hidden message]]> <![CDATA[Nine injured in annual Running of the Bulls]]> <![CDATA[Phil Mickelson breaks the rules again]]> <![CDATA[Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin engaged]]> <![CDATA[2018 MLB All-Star rosters announced]]> <![CDATA[LeBron's 'King of LA' mural is vandalized]]> <![CDATA[Pentagon identifies soldier killed in apparent insider attack in Afghanistan]]> <![CDATA[Helicopter crashes into Virginia home; 1 dead]]> <![CDATA[Official overseeing Brexit for UK resigns]]> <![CDATA[NYT: US threatened nations to stop breastfeeding resolution]]> <![CDATA[Trump admin gives judge names of children under 5 separated at border]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Ask Trump's court pick whether Bible is supreme]]> <![CDATA[Trump 'very close' to decision on pick]]> <![CDATA[WH trying to keep Mueller from interviewing John Kelly, Giuliani confirms]]> <![CDATA[Virtual journey: This is what cave rescue could look like]]> <![CDATA[US assist: Pacific Command sends 36 service members]]> <![CDATA[Elon Musk's offer: Billionaire sends kid-size submarine]]> <![CDATA[4 boys make it out of cave, but rain threatens a planned morning effort to rescue 8 others and their coach]]> <![CDATA[Common heart drug recalled in 22 countries]]> <![CDATA[Stunning turnaround by heroin addicted mom]]> <![CDATA[The Trump administration separated families. Reuniting them is a giant mess.]]> <![CDATA[No excuse for delay in reuniting immigrant children]]> <![CDATA[Trump regarded differently going into NATO summit]]> <![CDATA[Brooke Baldwin calls out World Cup sexism]]> <![CDATA[How soccer stars benefit from playing barefoot]]> <![CDATA[Ranking the World Cup's final four teams]]> <![CDATA[CNN host: Process of reuniting families 'an unholy mess']]> <![CDATA[Trump administration gives court names of children under 5 separated at the border]]> <![CDATA[Women's No. 1 upset at Wimbledon]]> <![CDATA[Woman shoots fireworks at people on street]]> <![CDATA['Ant-Man and the Wasp' soars at box office]]> <![CDATA['Big Bang Theory' actress undergoes surgery]]> <![CDATA[The wage gap starts earlier than you might think]]> <![CDATA[Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged]]> <![CDATA[Trump and Elton John have a history]]> <![CDATA[More say Ohio State team doc abused them]]> <![CDATA[US threatened nations over breastfeeding resolution, report says]]> <![CDATA[Flooding in Japan leaves at least 85 dead. Millions flee.]]> <![CDATA[Stelter calls out the Trump-Fox 'love story']]> <![CDATA[Doug Jones says he could vote either way on Trump's SCOTUS pick]]> <![CDATA[White House contested Mueller interview with John Kelly, Giuliani confirms]]> <![CDATA[Giuliani 'comfortable' with possibility of Cohen flipping]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump's diplomacy of personal chemistry is facing a huge test]]> <![CDATA[Flake's tip to Trump on Putin meeting]]> <![CDATA[Diplomatic disconnect spells trouble for US-North Korea]]> <![CDATA[Photos: See how the rescue has unfolded]]> <![CDATA[Rescue mission: Divers used up all oxygen for first operation]]> <![CDATA[Virtual journey: This is what a cave rescue could look like]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Why the world remains riveted]]> <![CDATA[Response: Video shows helicopter take at least one]]> <![CDATA[Divers race the clock and rain to refill oxygen tanks and go back into the cave to rescue the remaining boys]]> <![CDATA[55 dead, 2 million flee Japan floods]]> <![CDATA[Photos: Thai soccer team trapped in cave]]> <![CDATA[Water and time are the main obstacles in rescue, official says]]> <![CDATA[Rescue operations are underway]]> <![CDATA[Divers are expected to escort the trapped boys and their coach through the cave tunnels one by one]]> <![CDATA[SC state Rep. Katie Arrington after her car wreck: 'Thank you, God']]> <![CDATA[EPA interim chief lobbied for company seeking EPA contracts]]> <![CDATA[Mom runs for office after son's death]]> <![CDATA[I forgave my father for walking out on me. I hope he forgave me too]]> <![CDATA[Whether trapped in a cave or held by the US, children need us to care]]> <![CDATA[Airbus unveils its new Beluga XL]]> <![CDATA[England beats Sweden to reach first semifinals since 1990]]> <![CDATA[Croatia takes down host Russia on dramatic shootout]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump makes a mess of fixing the problem his administration created]]> <![CDATA[Senator: Trump strategy seems to be blame everyone else]]> <![CDATA[Migrants describe their experiences in US custody]]> <![CDATA['Ant-Man and the Wasp' caps Marvel's year]]> <![CDATA[Photos found in suitcase show a different era]]> <![CDATA[Nine of 10 women's top seeds out of Wimbledon]]> <![CDATA[Drake's new song sparks viral dance challenge]]> <![CDATA[Thousands lose power in LA during heat wave]]> <![CDATA[Zuckerberg up to No. 3 on richest list]]> <![CDATA['Big Bang Theory' star undergoes surgery]]> <![CDATA[New Bruce Lee bio debunks myths about the 'kung fu Jesus']]> <![CDATA[The NFL has a cheating problem]]> <![CDATA[Ex-NBA player dead after police standoff]]> <![CDATA[These farmers say tariffs could cause them 'serious damage']]> <![CDATA[Woman shoots fireworks at people in NYC]]> <![CDATA[US destroyers sail through sensitive waters between China and Taiwan]]> <![CDATA[Video of man taking teen's 'MAGA' hat, throwing drink goes viral]]> <![CDATA[48 dead, 2 million flee Japan floods]]> <![CDATA[120 Americans hunker down in hotel as Haitians riot]]> <![CDATA[WH fence jumper arrested again nearby]]> <![CDATA[Trump admin expected to halt some payments under Obamacare program]]> <![CDATA[N. Korea blasts US' 'gangster-like mindset']]> <![CDATA[How Trump's ex-lawyer evolved on dealing with Mueller]]> <![CDATA[GOP candidate: 'Outside of Western civilization, there is only barbarism']]> <![CDATA[How a lack of oxygen is affecting the boys]]> <![CDATA[Boys write heartbreaking notes to their families]]> <![CDATA[13 specialist divers descended into a cave system to bring out 12 boys and their coach trapped for 15 days]]> <![CDATA[Jeremy Bowen: The unstoppable momentum of Assad's war]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: England fans delight at reaching semi-finals]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: 'It's coming home,' says Alan Shearer, as Chris Waddle breaks down]]> <![CDATA[Lewis Hamilton takes British Grand Prix pole]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Football fever, hot dogs, celeb spots and day six funnies]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: England reaching semi-final is 'incredible feeling' - Gareth Southgate]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Novak Djokovic beats Kyle Edmund to end British hopes]]> <![CDATA[At-a-glance: The new UK Brexit plan agreed at Chequers]]> <![CDATA[Tour de France: Chris Froome crashes as Fernando Gaviria wins stage one]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Simona Halep loses to Hsieh Su-wei in third round]]> <![CDATA[Tyler Honeycutt: Ex-NBA player dies after police shootout]]> <![CDATA[Brexit: May won't rule out special rights for EU citizens]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: England beat Sweden 2-0 to reach semi-finals]]> <![CDATA[North Korea: US is making 'gangster-like' demands on denuclearisation]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Juan Martin del Potro beats Benoit Paire to reach fourth round]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: A look back at England's past six quarter-finals]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Lawro's predictions for quarter-finals]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: All you need to know about Sweden]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Thai cave rescue: Boys and parents send letters of love and reassurance]]> <![CDATA[Mogadishu car bomb attack claimed by al-Shabab]]> <![CDATA[South Korean women protest in Seoul over hidden sex cameras]]> <![CDATA[Japan floods: Dozens killed in deluges and landslides]]> <![CDATA[May seeks to sell Brexit plan to her MPs]]> <![CDATA[North Korea nuclear deal: US attitude 'regrettable', says Pyongyang]]> <![CDATA[What it's like to drive one of the worst cars ever sold in America]]> <![CDATA[Newlyweds get a wedding day scare]]> <![CDATA[Boys and soccer coach trapped in write notes to families]]> <![CDATA[Model visits her childhood refugee camp]]> <![CDATA[World-class musician says she makes 75% of what her male counterparts make. Now she's suing.]]> <![CDATA[LeBron's Lakers jerseys sold prematurely]]> <![CDATA[Woman who accused Trudeau of groping breaks her silence]]> <![CDATA[Co-creator of Spider-Man dies]]> <![CDATA[Puerto Ricans rush to prepare as storm nears Caribbean]]> <![CDATA[Trump mocks George H.W. Bush at rally]]> <![CDATA[CNN host: The process of reuniting families is 'an unholy mess']]> <![CDATA[Footballing priest saves goals and leads prayers]]> <![CDATA[London Pride: The friends who took part in the first march]]> <![CDATA[Steve Ditko: Spider-Man co-creator found dead at 90]]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave rescue: Boys tell parents 'don't worry' in letters]]> <![CDATA[David and Victoria Beckham not split]]> <![CDATA[This is what a cave rescue could look like]]> <![CDATA[Expected rain rules out rescue attempt as oxygen level falls]]> <![CDATA[Bathroom remodel reveals a hidden message]]> <![CDATA[Photos found in old suitcase show a different era]]> <![CDATA[Actor jokes about not touching wife amid #MeToo]]> <![CDATA[Music video celebrates end to deadly virus]]> <![CDATA[Australian senator shouts out slur in debate on women and concealed weapons]]> <![CDATA[Trump lawyers make new demands for a Mueller interview, NYT reports]]> <![CDATA[Senator: Administration strategy seems to be blame everyone else]]> <![CDATA[How you rated Belgium & Brazil players]]> <![CDATA[World Cup Catch-up: Kevin De Bruyne's strike helps Belgium take down Brazil]]> <![CDATA[Libya holds the key to solving Europe migration crisis]]> <![CDATA[If Roe v Wade is overturned, will abortion become illegal in the US']]> <![CDATA[Reality Check: Do footballers get paid for internationals']]> <![CDATA[Good week, bad week: The people in the news]]> <![CDATA[Mexico key 'El Chapo' Guzman henchman extradited]]> <![CDATA[HIV vaccine shows promise in human trial]]> <![CDATA[The mayor who wants a 'sexy' police force]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: England face Sweden for semi-final place in Russia]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump's disgusting message to women]]> <![CDATA[The enduring images of the 2000s]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Whether trapped in a cave or held by the US, children need us to care]]> <![CDATA[Expected rain rules out rescue try as oxygen level drops]]> <![CDATA[Police officers have a karaoke sing-off]]> <![CDATA[Trucker charged in deadly team bus crash]]> <![CDATA['Ant-Man and the Wasp' caps off Marvel's blockbuster year]]> <![CDATA[World class flutist says she makes 75% of what Boston symphony's timpani player earns]]> <![CDATA[MLB player's lifetime ban lifted after 2 years]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Americans are forgetting what racism is]]> <![CDATA[Bereaved mom Lucy McBath pushes gun control in run for Congress]]> <![CDATA[Commonly prescribed heart drug is recalled in 22 countries]]> <![CDATA[Democrat running to replace Paul Ryan has history of arrests, including DUI]]> <![CDATA[Slurs fly in Australia Senate debate on women and concealed weapons]]> <![CDATA[Ex-RNC finance chairman's former mistress sues him over hush money]]> <![CDATA[Manafort bank fraud trial has Trump campaign connection, Mueller's team says]]> <![CDATA[ACLU: Government shouldn't be allowed to keep DNA data used to reunite families]]> <![CDATA[Judge: Already-deported parents must be reunited with their kids]]> <![CDATA[Berman: The process of reuniting families is a mess]]> <![CDATA[19 parents with kids under 5 have already been deported]]> <![CDATA[Government says it may miss deadline to reunite some separated families]]> <![CDATA[Week in pictures: 30 June - 6 July 2018]]> <![CDATA[For refugees in Bosnia, a bombed ruin is the only refuge]]> <![CDATA[Nantes riots: France policeman formally investigated over shooting]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Neymar 'diving' not helping team - Shearer]]> <![CDATA[England v Sweden: Three Lions have golden chance to succeed at World Cup]]> <![CDATA[Mower on a mission: Lawn man aims to help 50 states]]> <![CDATA[Woman behind Trudeau groping allegations stands by account]]> <![CDATA[EgyptAir flight MS804: French investigators says fire likely cause]]> <![CDATA[US seeks extension over migrant family reunifications]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Sven-Goran Eriksson says England are benefitting from playing without "enormous pressure"]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Harry Kane says 'band of brothers' spirit is driving England on]]> <![CDATA[World Cup: Brazil v Belgium - how you rated the players]]> <![CDATA[England v Sweden: Zlatan Ibrahimovic sends David Beckham Ikea Instagram challenge]]> <![CDATA[France Nantes: Policeman charged over shooting that sparked riots]]> <![CDATA[Lorry driver charged in fatal Humboldt Broncos ice hockey crash]]> <![CDATA[Lewis Hamilton expects 'serious fight' with Ferrari]]> <![CDATA[Venus Williams beaten by Kiki Bertens in Wimbledon third round]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Johnny Depp-ish, a German Prince, GOATs and day five funnies]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Roger Federer and Serena Williams through, Venus Williams knocked out]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Tale of two keepers - The good, the bad and the Bugly]]> <![CDATA[England v India: Alex Hales guides home side to Cardiff win]]> <![CDATA[Nerve agent investigators search hostel]]> <![CDATA[Syria war: Douma attack was chlorine gas - watchdog]]> <![CDATA[North Carolina mother alleges racism at private pool]]> <![CDATA[Divers find Nazi U-boat wreckage]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Belgium produce masterclass to knock out Brazil with 2-1 win]]> <![CDATA[UK ministers reach deal on Brexit strategy]]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave rescue: Boys 'can walk but can't dive yet']]> <![CDATA[Amy Adams in HBO's latest limited series]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Elvis Costello recovering from cancer surgery]]> <![CDATA[Ray Kethledge has character for Supreme Court]]> <![CDATA[Trump's wish for the Supreme Court may take him down]]> <![CDATA[Drought woes' This tech can make it rain]]> <![CDATA[Newlyweds get a wedding day surprise]]> <![CDATA[Driving the Subaru 360, one of the worst cars ever sold in America]]> <![CDATA[One of the most difficult airport landings in the world]]> <![CDATA[Incredible photos found in old suitcase]]> <![CDATA[Zac Efron's dreadlocks stir debate]]> <![CDATA[Ex-Pakistan PM sentenced to 10 years]]> <![CDATA[These companies offer cool summer perks]]> <![CDATA[Report: Carmelo and the Thunder will part ways]]> <![CDATA[Rescuers look for a way into the cave from above]]> <![CDATA[Oxygen levels have plunged inside the cave]]> <![CDATA[The best photos of the World Cup so far]]> <![CDATA[France reaches semifinals after Uruguay goalkeeper's flub]]> <![CDATA[Belgium holds off Brazil rally to reach semifinals]]> <![CDATA[Alec Baldwin jokes about not touching wife amid #MeToo]]> <![CDATA[Insurers aren't running scared from Obamacare anymore]]> <![CDATA[Russia denies involvement in poisoning]]> <![CDATA[Man who beat disabled teen on Facebook Live is sentenced]]> <![CDATA[Marine Corps general treated aide like a 'servant,' report says]]> <![CDATA[Restaurant that asked Sarah Sanders to leave reopens]]> <![CDATA[Mar-a-Lago seeks to hire 61 foreign workers]]> <![CDATA[As deadline looms, key questions on family separations left unanswered]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Dad is a refugee. He backs Trump.]]> <![CDATA[Justice Dept. won't commit to reuniting youngest by deadline]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump's disgusting message to women]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: In the #MeToo era, Trump continues to say #HeDidnt]]> <![CDATA[Trump mocks George H.W. Bush at campaign rally]]> <![CDATA[President made comments at a rally that predecessors wouldn't have uttered even in private to their friends]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Serena Williams reaches fourth round]]> <![CDATA[China and Russia hit back at Trump tariffs]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: France go 2-0 up as Antoine Griezmann strike slips through hands of Uruguay's Fernando Muslera]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Venus Williams beaten by Kiki Bertens]]> <![CDATA[Amesbury poisoning: Russia media say UK spoiling World Cup]]> <![CDATA[President Trump taunts Senator Elizabeth Warren with #MeToo jibe]]> <![CDATA[Thailand tourist boat sinking: At least 33 confirmed dead off Phuket]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: France beat Uruguay 2-0 to reach semi-final]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Stunning turnaround by a formerly addicted mom whose baby was adopted by a police officer]]> <![CDATA[Adidas' vision for the future: Personalization, fast]]> <![CDATA[Federal judge largely rejects admin attempt to block California immigration laws]]> <![CDATA[How the players feel about use of video reviews]]> <![CDATA[Ranking World Cup teams with only 8 remaining]]> <![CDATA[Breaking down the quarterfinals -- who will win']]> <![CDATA[France closing in on semifinals after Uruguay goalkeeper's flub]]> <![CDATA[What are the options for rescuing the trapped kids']]> <![CDATA[Virtual look inside what a rescue could look like]]> <![CDATA[Elon Musk sends engineers to help rescue]]> <![CDATA[Diver dies trying to rescue children from cave]]> <![CDATA[MLB teams best positioned to land a superstar]]> <![CDATA[London mayor OKs 'Trump baby' balloon]]> <![CDATA[NFL teams with the most work left to do]]> <![CDATA[Tiger, Mickelson plan $10M match-play battle]]> <![CDATA[Cyclist faces Tour de France security fears]]> <![CDATA[CNN's Baldwin calls out World Cup sexism]]> <![CDATA[Death toll rises after tourist boats capsize off Thailand]]> <![CDATA[More than 200 people ill from parasite in Del Monte vegetable tray recall]]> <![CDATA[Report: EPA intentionally delayed release of cancer study, officials say]]> <![CDATA[Trump mocks George H.W. Bush slogan]]> <![CDATA[China says the US has started the biggest trade war in history]]> <![CDATA[The trade war is making 1,300 products more expensive]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump's disgusting message]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump's wish for Supreme Court may take him down]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: The 'civility debate' isn't about manners. It's an old-school power play.]]> <![CDATA[Here's why unemployment jumped in June]]> <![CDATA[Mar-a-Lago files request to hire 40 foreign temporary workers]]> <![CDATA[Trump calls journalists 'bad people']]> <![CDATA[The 11 most dangerous things Trump said at a Montana rally]]> <![CDATA[What we know about the group raising money to reunite families]]> <![CDATA[As first family reunification deadline arrives today, migrant parents still struggle to contact their kids]]> <![CDATA[The government kept this 8-year-old from her mom for 55 days]]> <![CDATA[Group says it was hung up on when seeking detention center information]]> <![CDATA[The President is dealing with children remaining separated from their parents -- by tweeting, of course]]> <![CDATA[Who should Africa back in the World Cup']]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Gael Monfils beats Sam Querrey in four sets]]> <![CDATA[England v India: Alastair Cook among six Test players to feature for Lions v India A]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Why Jesse Lingard can make the difference for England - Rio Ferdinand column]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: American 10th seed Madison Keys beaten by Russian qualifier Evgeniya Rodina]]> <![CDATA[British GP: Sebastian Vettel fastest in second practice]]> <![CDATA[The world's first family to live in a 3D-printed home]]> <![CDATA[Is this the US president most like Trump']]> <![CDATA[Blood initiation and WW3 paranoia. The truth behind Japan's doomsday cult]]> <![CDATA['Hardest I've seen' - Cavendish's Tour de France guide]]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave rescue: A community united in hope]]> <![CDATA[Public support for men in drag in row with Chinese police]]> <![CDATA[Playing cards in Helmand under the Taliban's nose]]> <![CDATA[Lord of the Rings toad on brink of extinction]]> <![CDATA[Choking, vomiting, blinded. Tokyo Sarin attack in images]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Israel recovers hanged spy Eli Cohen's watch from Syria]]> <![CDATA[President Trump goads Senator Elizabeth Warren with #MeToo jibe]]> <![CDATA[Brexit: May bids to unite cabinet behind plan]]> <![CDATA[Pakistan ex-PM Nawaz Sharif given 10-year jail term]]> <![CDATA[Trump to visit Windsor and Chequers on UK trip]]> <![CDATA[Thailand tourist boat sinking: At least 33 confirmed dead]]> <![CDATA[Cars set ablaze in third night of Nantes clashes]]> <![CDATA[Teen charged with rape and murder of girl, 6]]> <![CDATA[Three YouTube vloggers die in waterfall plunge at Canada's Shannon Falls]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump raises stakes as US-China trade war begins]]> <![CDATA[Anne Frank's family tried in vain to flee to the US]]> <![CDATA[The 'civility debate' isn't about manners]]> <![CDATA[Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif sentenced to ten years in prison]]> <![CDATA[How to treat poisoning Novichok nerve agent]]> <![CDATA[Why it's so hard to get the kids out of the cave]]> <![CDATA[Scott Pruitt embodied White House ethical crisis]]> <![CDATA[Trump's wish for Supreme Court may take him down]]> <![CDATA[Best beach foods and snacks]]> <![CDATA[Theme parks and other family destinations accommodate families with autism]]> <![CDATA[Dangerous heat wave threatens millions of people in US]]> <![CDATA['Tiny' Beryl is the first hurricane of the season]]> <![CDATA[The 'civility debate' isn't about manners.]]> <![CDATA[CNN anchor calls out World Cup sexism]]> <![CDATA[Mother Teresa charity employees arrested over baby-selling allegations]]> <![CDATA[Singer Chris Brown arrested]]> <![CDATA[Elon Musk sends engineers to help cave rescue]]> <![CDATA[Chinese company making Trump 2020 flags despite trade fight]]> <![CDATA[As US tariffs took effect on $34 billion in Chinese goods, the country's Commerce Ministry said it was forced to strike back]]> <![CDATA[Playing cards in Afghanistan under the Taliban's nose]]> <![CDATA[The unexpected side effects of tall buildings]]> <![CDATA[As newlyweds record video, tree limb crashes down]]> <![CDATA['Trump Baby' balloon gets a green light]]> <![CDATA[Samsung's run of record profits fizzles out]]> <![CDATA[Why Trump hiring Bill Shine should be a much bigger deal]]> <![CDATA[7 members of Japanese cult executed]]> <![CDATA[Singer Chris Brown is arrested in Florida]]> <![CDATA[Virtual look inside what the cave rescue could look like]]> <![CDATA[A former Thai navy diver dies during cave rescue effort]]> <![CDATA[4 theories on why it took so long to get rid of Scott Pruitt]]> <![CDATA[Trump's #MeToo swipe updates his 2016 playbook]]> <![CDATA[Daimler warns US-China trade war will hit its profits]]> <![CDATA[China's economy shows signs of slowing. A trade war won't help]]> <![CDATA[US-China trade war will spill into other Asian economies]]> <![CDATA[The Fed is worried about a trade war]]> <![CDATA[Can the US win a trade war with China']]> <![CDATA[As US tariffs took effect on Chinese goods, China's Commerce Ministry said it was forced to strike back]]> <![CDATA[Johanna Konta: What has gone wrong for the British number one']]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: England have made me a believer - Ferdinand]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Serena Williams, Roger Federer & Venus Williams in action on Friday]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Amesbury Novichok was 'unlikely to be out in the open']]> <![CDATA[Precious 'Gollum's toad' on brink of extinction]]> <![CDATA[US and China fire first shots in $34bn trade war]]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave rescue: Ex-navy diver dies on oxygen supply mission]]> <![CDATA[France v Uruguay - the view from both camps]]> <![CDATA[Is 3D printing the future of social housing']]> <![CDATA[Novichok 'could have passed through skin']]> <![CDATA[The lottery winner giving her winnings away]]> <![CDATA[US tariffs on $34bn of Chinese goods go into effect]]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave rescue: Diver dies while taking in supplies]]> <![CDATA[Japan executes seven cult leaders behind Tokyo sarin attacks]]> <![CDATA[Scott Pruitt embodied the Trump administration's ethical crisis]]> <![CDATA[Anchor on World Cup groping: It's 2018, what's going on']]> <![CDATA[As first family reunification deadline arrives, migrant parents still struggle to contact their kids]]> <![CDATA[Pompeo seeks progress in North Korea as US looks to craft strategy]]> <![CDATA[Iran and US trade threats over oil shipments]]> <![CDATA[Japanese cult leader executed]]> <![CDATA[Trump mocks #MeToo in attack on Warren]]> <![CDATA[Friends say boys ignored warnings]]> <![CDATA[Boys and coach not well enough to attempt escape yet]]> <![CDATA[A former Thai navy diver died from lack of air while trying to return to the command center inside the cave where the teen soccer team is trapped]]> <![CDATA[Marvel feminism: Real or comic fantasy']]> <![CDATA[This is the US president most like Trump]]> <![CDATA[Quiz: Whose style is selling']]> <![CDATA[90s and now: A photographer goes back to her subjects]]> <![CDATA[Gambling in Afghanistan under the Taliban's nose]]> <![CDATA[Glasses made to measure... for $1]]> <![CDATA[Letter from Africa: Turning Nigerian herders into ranchers]]> <![CDATA[Africa's week in pictures: 29 June - 5 July 2018]]> <![CDATA[Cohen doesn't think Trump will pardon him]]> <![CDATA[Political groups launch SCOTUS ads aimed at vulnerable senators]]> <![CDATA[Chinese company producing Trump 2020 flags despite looming trade war]]> <![CDATA[How to clean up Scott Pruitt's mess at EPA]]> <![CDATA[Trump's wish for Supreme Court may be his downfall]]> <![CDATA[24 killed in Mexico fireworks explosions]]> <![CDATA[Major League Eating considering changes after hot dog miscount]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Pruitt embodied the Trump administration's ethical crisis]]> <![CDATA[Monsoon rains create massive sinkhole]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: 4 theories on why it took so long to get rid of Scott Pruitt]]> <![CDATA[There was no mention of Scott Pruitt during the rally]]> <![CDATA[Trump says Rep. Maxine Waters has IQ in 'mid-60s']]> <![CDATA[6 key quotes from Trump's Montana rally]]> <![CDATA[Trump to Sen. Warren: Take an ancestry test]]> <![CDATA[The President said he'd toss an ancestry test to the senator 'gently because we are in the Me Too generation']]> <![CDATA[Mexico fireworks: Tultepec warehouse blasts kills 24]]> <![CDATA[US tariffs on Chinese imports to take effect]]> <![CDATA[Aum Shinrikyo: Japan executes cult leader Shoko Asahara]]> <![CDATA[Syria: The unstoppable momentum of Assad's war]]> <![CDATA[Fourth of July celebrations: Fireworks v drones]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[What split' The Beckhams celebrate wedding anniversary]]> <![CDATA[The Point: Trump just used a 'get off my lawn!' analogy for immigrants]]> <![CDATA[Pruitt got off easy in his restaurant confrontation]]> <![CDATA[Pruitt embodied Trump administration's ethical crisis]]> <![CDATA[Tree branch falls shortly after newlyweds say 'I do']]> <![CDATA[Mom shoots man she says tried to steal her car with her kids inside]]> <![CDATA[Couple tweets passengers' plane flirting]]> <![CDATA[Ohio State team doctor warned about being 'too hands on', former coach says]]> <![CDATA[19 killed in Mexico fireworks explosions]]> <![CDATA[Michael Cohen tells friends he doesn't think Trump would pardon him]]> <![CDATA[Trump says he doesn't believe allegations against Jim Jordan]]> <![CDATA[Trump tells crowd to tune in Monday night for Supreme Court pick]]> <![CDATA[Trump administration's big exits in 2018]]> <![CDATA[4 theories on why it took so long to get rid of Pruitt]]> <![CDATA[Tour de France 2018: Chris Froome jeered at pre-race event]]> <![CDATA[How an improv class is helping the anxious]]> <![CDATA[Measles outbreak threatens isolated Amazonian tribe]]> <![CDATA[Flea medication for people and other new tools to combat mosquitoes]]> <![CDATA[Why it's so hard to get kids out of Thailand cave]]> <![CDATA[From Nazi hunters to warriors against neo-fascism]]> <![CDATA[Why Ray Kethledge has the character to be a Supreme Court justice]]> <![CDATA[Trump's winning streak is transforming America]]> <![CDATA[Scott Pruitt got off easy in his restaurant confrontation]]> <![CDATA[What 'experimental gastronomy' is all about]]> <![CDATA[See New York through the eyes of 6 visionary locals]]> <![CDATA[In photos: How 1968 changed America -- for better and worse]]> <![CDATA[The visionary blending architecture with nature]]> <![CDATA[Lady Liberty mix-up leads to $3.5M payout for Las Vegas artist]]> <![CDATA[Uber and Lyft want to move beyond cars]]> <![CDATA[4-year-old takes her first steps in heartwarming video]]> <![CDATA[HHS now estimates under 3,000 kids separated from parents in government custody]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: It's about to get worse]]> <![CDATA[DNA testing being done on separated families]]> <![CDATA[It took this mother 55 days to be reunited with her young daughter]]> <![CDATA[There's even a wage gap in kids' allowance]]> <![CDATA[Couple finds hidden message in wall]]> <![CDATA[Teen dies after being swept over 125-foot waterfall]]> <![CDATA[Lions kill suspected rhino poachers who sneaked onto South African game reserve]]> <![CDATA[MoviePass introduces surge pricing]]> <![CDATA[School's first black valedictorian can't speak at graduation]]> <![CDATA[Facebook apologizes after labeling part of Declaration of Independence 'hate speech']]> <![CDATA[Cops called on campaigning black lawmaker]]> <![CDATA[Schumer appealed to Trump to pick Merrick Garland for Supreme Court]]> <![CDATA[WH announces hiring of former Fox News exec Bill Shine]]> <![CDATA[Trump hosts Montana rally]]> <![CDATA[US slaps new sanctions on Nicaragua]]> <![CDATA[Boys and coach not yet well enough to escape cave]]> <![CDATA[Ed Schultz, veteran broadcaster and former MSNBC host, dies at 64]]> <![CDATA[See list of ethics questions he's facing]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: How to clean up Scott Pruitt's mess]]> <![CDATA[Pruitt's long list of controversies]]> <![CDATA[Trump says Scott Pruitt felt that he was a distraction]]> <![CDATA[President Donald Trump says he's accepted the scandal-plagued official's resignation]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Diego Maradona apologises for saying England committed 'robbery']]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Champion Garbine Muguruza beaten by Alison van Uytvanck]]> <![CDATA[Fireworks v drones at Fourth of July celebrations]]> <![CDATA[Swansea University student's suicide after 'WhatsApp mistake']]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Johanna Konta knocked out, Kyle Edmund, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic through]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Keepy-uppies, Teletubbies, fist bumps and day four funnies]]> <![CDATA[Giant 'Trump Baby' could fly over London for president's visit]]> <![CDATA[DNA tests ordered to reunite separated migrant families]]> <![CDATA[Scott Pruitt quits as head of US environment agency]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Rafael Nadal through to round three despite time violations]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Keepy-uppies, Teletubbies, fist bumbs and day four funnies]]> <![CDATA[Three Lions: How 'Football's coming home' took off first time around]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Kyle Edmund sets up Novak Djokovic meeting]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: England must make most of opportunity - Gareth Southgate]]> <![CDATA[US post must pay $3.5m for wrong Lady Liberty on stamp]]> <![CDATA[Syria war: Rebels to resume truce talks after warplanes pound south]]> <![CDATA[Holocaust centre: Leaders 'minimised Polish persecution']]> <![CDATA[Boats capsize in Thailand leaving dozens missing]]> <![CDATA[Deadly heat wave kills 33 across southern Quebec]]> <![CDATA[Amesbury poisoning: Couple 'handled contaminated item']]> <![CDATA[Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's bond]]> <![CDATA[How a blind and deaf fan is following the World Cup]]> <![CDATA[Heat wave builds in western US after leaving at least 20 dead in the East]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Reality of immigration crisis and how far Trump has to go to fix it]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump just used a 'get off my lawn!' analogy for immigrants]]> <![CDATA[A virtual look inside what the cave rescue could look like]]> <![CDATA[Justin Timberlake's surprise 'SoulMate']]> <![CDATA[9-year-old with cerebral palsy saves drowning brother]]> <![CDATA[Having more control over your data doesn't mean it's safe]]> <![CDATA[The secret ingredient to ensuring human rights]]> <![CDATA[Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith say their bond transcends mere marriage]]> <![CDATA[London mayor: 'Reluctant participant' in Trump feuds]]> <![CDATA[Trump to visit United Kingdom in July]]> <![CDATA['Trump Baby' balloon gets a green light from London's mayor]]> <![CDATA[Cheap wine is getting more expensive]]> <![CDATA[Couple live-tweets passengers' plane flirting]]> <![CDATA[Review: 'Whitney' brings heavy hand to Whitney Houston's troubled life]]> <![CDATA[A nightmare is coming true for UK business]]> <![CDATA[What's really going on with wages in America]]> <![CDATA[Sales of this car brand have dropped 44% this year]]> <![CDATA[David and Victoria Beckham celebrate their anniversary amid speculation they're splitting]]> <![CDATA[Congressmen call for probe of Pruitt's secret calendar after CNN report]]> <![CDATA[Arizona Senate candidate's husband spread conspiracy theories]]> <![CDATA[The health toll of waiting for freedom]]> <![CDATA[Hear Chilean miner's message to trapped boys]]> <![CDATA[Why it's so hard to get the kids out]]> <![CDATA[Medical assessment of teens stuck in cave concluded it's too dangerous to move them out today, source says]]> <![CDATA[Three Lions: How 'It's coming home' went viral first time around]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Stefanos Tsitsipas wins point with spectacular diving volley]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Johanna Konta loses to Dominika Cibulkova after Katie Boulter defeat]]> <![CDATA[Why Europe got into a fight over copyright]]> <![CDATA[Autistic teenager flies a flag every day]]> <![CDATA[The Statue of Liberty and Barcelona: The stories behind these two protest pictures]]> <![CDATA[Migrants: Merkel and Orban clash over Europe's 'humanity']]> <![CDATA[Lions eat 'rhino poachers' on South African game reserve]]> <![CDATA[EU's controversial copyright law rejected by parliament]]> <![CDATA[Mother Teresa India charity home 'sold babies']]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Is Kylian Mbappe the new Pele']]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Marin Cilic beaten by Guido Pella in second round]]> <![CDATA[World Cup fails to quell Russian anger over pension reform]]> <![CDATA[Call to turn oil rigs into nature reserves]]> <![CDATA[Kidnapped Ecuadorean couple 'killed two months ago']]> <![CDATA[Michael Cohen scrubs 'Trump lawyer' Twitter bio]]> <![CDATA[Amesbury poisoning: Russia using UK as 'dumping ground']]> <![CDATA[9-year-old girl saves baby brother drowning]]> <![CDATA[Quick physical intervention could stop violence]]> <![CDATA[Hungry' Why not have an algae smoothie]]> <![CDATA[How I became an American: 9 stories]]> <![CDATA[This eerily human bot is ready for the real world]]> <![CDATA[Maker of Jack Daniel's worried about trade war]]> <![CDATA[Distillery accident kills hundreds of fish]]> <![CDATA[2 weeks ago, half a bourbon warehouse collapsed. Now, the other half is down]]> <![CDATA[Couple live-tweets passengers flirting on plane]]> <![CDATA[Chance the Rapper proposes to girlfriend]]> <![CDATA[Exploring Ronda Rousey's complicated legacy]]> <![CDATA[David and Victoria Beckham celebrate anniversary amid speculation they're splitting]]> <![CDATA[Pair poisoned by nerve agent used on ex-spy]]> <![CDATA[Fox's future: A hub for WWE and football]]> <![CDATA[Virtual look at the caves where boys are trapped]]> <![CDATA[Thai cave rescue: Boys and coach not well enough to escape]]> <![CDATA[Police find 'items of interest' in suspected serial killer's home]]> <![CDATA[Woman climbed Statue of Liberty in protest]]> <![CDATA[Man killed by polar bear while protecting kids]]> <![CDATA[Nine months ago they were raped, now they're waiting to give birth]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump's winning streak transforming America]]> <![CDATA[Trump expected to make Supreme Court pick, meet UK Queen and Putin -- and world may not feel the same]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: NFL star video calls best friend Lukaku from Wimbledon]]> <![CDATA[Anthony Joshua signs Wembley Stadium fight deal for September and April]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Why the Golden Boot fits for England's Harry Kane]]> <![CDATA[How do you create a hit kids' TV show']]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave: Hope grows for a daring rescue of trapped boys]]> <![CDATA[Americans celebrate independence day]]> <![CDATA[Stretch of river vanishes amid UK heatwave]]> <![CDATA[Second civil war letters: Alex Jones conspiracy ignites a parody conflict]]> <![CDATA[Claude Lanzmann: Shoah director dies at 92 in Paris]]> <![CDATA[Polluters exposed by new eye in the sky satellite]]> <![CDATA[Black US politician reported to police while canvassing for votes]]> <![CDATA[Stage actors rage at audience members watching World Cup on phones]]> <![CDATA[Syria war: Warplanes pound south-west after truce talks fail]]> <![CDATA[Bank governor upbeat on UK growth outlook]]> <![CDATA[MEPs reject controversial copyright law]]> <![CDATA[Facebook finds Independence document 'racist']]> <![CDATA[Yes! We have no bananas: Why the song may come true again]]> <![CDATA[Mother Teresa India charity 'sold babies']]> <![CDATA[Amesbury poisoning: Russia 'must explain nerve agent incident']]> <![CDATA[This glass-bottom pool will freak you out]]> <![CDATA[Even in the gig economy, women earn less money]]> <![CDATA[The new Fox will be a sports and entertainment hub]]> <![CDATA[Round trip to see teens takes 11 hours]]> <![CDATA[Stormy Daniels' attorney floats possibility of 2020 run against Trump]]> <![CDATA[Putin was trying to help Trump, Senate panel says in break with House Republican counterparts]]> <![CDATA[Is the UK's health care the best in the world']]> <![CDATA[How a Vegas version of Statue of Liberty ended up on the Forever stamp]]> <![CDATA[The World Cup sexism that won't go away]]> <![CDATA[Virtual look at the Thai caves where boys are trapped]]> <![CDATA[Pair were poisoned by same nerve agent used on ex-spy]]> <![CDATA[The US-China trade war is about to get real]]> <![CDATA[Senate panel breaks with House Republican counterparts: Putin was trying to help Trump]]> <![CDATA[Trump is expected to make a Supreme Court pick, meet with the UK Queen and Putin -- and world may not feel quite the same]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon: Rafael Nadal, Simona Halep, Johanna Konta, Kyle Edmund in action]]> <![CDATA[Sentinel satellite exposes sulphur dioxide pollution]]> <![CDATA[Delhi mass hangings: CCTV footage backs suicide theory]]> <![CDATA[New nerve agent attack confirmed in UK]]> <![CDATA[Round trip to see teens in cave takes 11 hours]]> <![CDATA[Analyst: Miracle if Atlantic alliance survives Trump]]> <![CDATA[They became Americans in the time of Trump]]> <![CDATA[Pair poisoned by same nerve agent used on ex-spy]]> <![CDATA[DNA testing being done on separated migrant children and parents, official says]]> <![CDATA[Ex-Fox News analyst: Putin has devoured Trump]]> <![CDATA[Conservatives seek a Gorsuch 2.0 in Trump's Supreme Court pick]]> <![CDATA[Trump is expected to make a Supreme Court pick, meet with the UK Queen and with Putin -- and world may not feel quite the same]]> <![CDATA[Jolyon Palmer Q&A: Mercedes, Ferrari, Vettel, Raikkonen & Alonso]]> <![CDATA[England v Sweden: Steven Gerrard & Joe Cole scored at 2006 World Cup]]> <![CDATA[Russia 2018: 'England have shown why we can win this World Cup']]> <![CDATA[Thai cave rescue: What are the options']]> <![CDATA['Melting road' damages cars in Australia]]> <![CDATA[Statue of Liberty climber in custody after forcing evacuation]]> <![CDATA[Polar bear killed Canadian man protecting his children]]> <![CDATA[Thailand cave: Rescuers in race against weather as rains close in]]> <![CDATA[Novichok poisoning confirmed in new case]]> <![CDATA[Jessica Alba on sexual harassment and the fight for female equality]]> <![CDATA[The world's best 'secret' urban gardens]]> <![CDATA[How do you design a language from scratch' Ask a Klingon]]> <![CDATA[Secrets behind the world's best aquariums]]> <![CDATA[How to break dinner party rules]]> <![CDATA[Is this the future of home renovation']]> <![CDATA[What it means to be human]]> <![CDATA[Merriam-Webster takes jab at Trump]]> <![CDATA[Internet mogul can be extradited to the US, court rules]]> <![CDATA[EPA boss 'inching' toward the door]]> <![CDATA[Police return to home linked to suspected serial killer and find 'items of interest']]> <![CDATA[Dozens dead in ferry sinking]]> <![CDATA[A woman climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest migrant family separations]]> <![CDATA[Immigration protest signs reveal a kaleidoscope of outrage]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Patriotism is dropping in America]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: How we became Americans]]> <![CDATA[More than 14,000 immigrants became America's newest citizens during a time of heightened anti-immigrant rhetoric. Here are some of their stories.]]> <![CDATA[How to make a billion-dollar kids' TV show]]> <![CDATA[World Cup fails to mask Russian anger over pension reform]]> <![CDATA[Who can stop India WhatsApp lynchings']]> <![CDATA[MEPs to vote on controversial copyright law]]> <![CDATA[UK sets out new Brexit customs plan]]> <![CDATA[Statue of Liberty evacuated after woman climbed monument base]]> <![CDATA[Kim Dotcom loses latest appeal against US extradition]]> <![CDATA[Why some polls may be underestimating Democrats]]> <![CDATA[Gallup finds only 47% "Extremely Proud" to be American]]> <![CDATA[McConnell says federal efforts to prevent school shootings are limited to appropriating funds]]> <![CDATA[From Nazi hunters to warriors against today's fascism]]> <![CDATA[Why Scott Pruitt got off easy in his restaurant confrontation]]> <![CDATA[Uber, Lyft want to be about so much more than cars]]> <![CDATA[To survive, humans must reinvent the way they eat]]> <![CDATA[Fossil shows ancient toddlers climbed trees]]> <![CDATA[My dad used to cry with frustration living in the US. But we made it]]> <![CDATA[Romancing the rails on Amtrak's Crescent]]> <![CDATA[National park images that make you go 'wow']]> <![CDATA[The top 10 beaches in America]]> <![CDATA[Possible epidemic in Puerto Rico after Maria hit]]> <![CDATA[Multiple drought-fueled wildfires are raging across at least 4 Western states]]> <![CDATA[Heat wave continues to smother East Coast]]> <![CDATA[It's a hot and humid Fourth of July for many]]> <![CDATA[Heavy rains flood Houston streets]]> <![CDATA[16-year-old drives into sinkhole]]> <![CDATA[World Cup power rankings with 8 teams left]]> <![CDATA[Disney's high-flying robots will stun you]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Half the US thinks Trump is a racist]]> <![CDATA[Michael Avenatti floats possibility of 2020 presidential run against Trump]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Cohen may not be on Trump's side]]> <![CDATA[Pompeo, off to North Korea again, is under the gun to produce results]]> <![CDATA[Injured woman begs bystanders not to call ambulance]]> <![CDATA[These immigrants became American citizens in the time of Trump]]> <![CDATA[Steny Hoyer admitted to hospital]]> <![CDATA[Two people poisoned by same nerve agent used on ex-spy, police say]]> <![CDATA[Trump asked advisers about invading Venezuela in 2017]]> <![CDATA[She said she wouldn't come down until 'all the children are released,' police source says]]> <![CDATA[In Pictures: England fans erupt after win]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Colombian mum says 'I'll support England']]> <![CDATA[England manager's compassion praised]]> <![CDATA[World Cup TV kiss sparks social media debate in China]]> <![CDATA[Can you identity the quarter-finalists in Russian']]> <![CDATA[#GarethSouthgateWould - England's manager takes social media by storm]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Flying ants, trick shots, moustaches & day three funnies]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: 'England's best chance to reach semi-finals since 1990']]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Milos Raonic's serve causes havoc against John Millman]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: Roger Federer & the Williams sisters progress on day three]]> <![CDATA[Why there is a 'win for democracy' in Delhi]]> <![CDATA[Malawi's President Mutharika and the police food scandal]]> <![CDATA[The King and I: timeless classic or dated relic']]> <![CDATA[John Parkinson: The forgotten English architect of Los Angeles]]> <![CDATA[Thai cave rescue: What next for the trapped boys']]> <![CDATA['My wife can never call my name in public']]> <![CDATA[UK weather: Having solar urticaria means I'm allergic to the sun]]> <![CDATA[The deaf protest that gripped America]]> <![CDATA[Ghana orchestra reinterprets Western classical music for Africa]]> <![CDATA[Empty Macy's is turned into a homeless shelter in Virginia]]> <![CDATA[Couple find 23-year-old message hidden in their bathroom]]> <![CDATA[Is this the greatest love story ever told on social media']]> <![CDATA[Artefacts worth '40m recovered in raids across Europe]]> <![CDATA[Polish judge defies order to retire]]> <![CDATA[Embryo breakthrough 'can save northern white rhino']]> <![CDATA[Three people charged with kidnapping of Halloween actress]]> <![CDATA[Wang Jian: China's HNA Group boss falls to his death in France]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Statue of Liberty evacuated as woman climbs monument base]]> <![CDATA[Macron warning over EU's Africa migrant centre plans]]> <![CDATA[Wiltshire pair poisoned by Novichok nerve agent]]> <![CDATA[Meryl Streep joins cast of 'Little Women']]> <![CDATA[Senate panel: Putin tried to help Trump win]]> <![CDATA[Trump asked advisers about invading Venezuela]]> <![CDATA[Scandal-plagued EPA boss 'inching' toward the door]]> <![CDATA[Foster mom describes kids' anxiety, terror]]> <![CDATA[Moms' letters describe conditions at detention facilities]]> <![CDATA[The government is refusing to release new stats on migrant children from separated families]]> <![CDATA[Record broken at hot-dog eating contest]]> <![CDATA[Cohen drops Trump label on Twitter]]> <![CDATA[Watch 4-year-old take her first steps]]> <![CDATA[Got $295' Enter the World Series of Beer Pong]]> <![CDATA[UK Defense Secretary 'heckled' by Siri]]> <![CDATA[These trans actors could have been cast instead of Scarlett Johansson in a new movie]]> <![CDATA[NBA team becomes the first to top $300M in salary]]> <![CDATA[How much do you really know about our National Anthem']]> <![CDATA[Ohio State is looking into reports of sexual misconduct by a former doctor]]> <![CDATA[Top Chinese executive dies after falling from a wall]]> <![CDATA[Got $295' You can enter the World Series of Beer Pong]]> <![CDATA[Manhunt underway for men in alleged rape and kidnapping of teens]]> <![CDATA[Jim Jordan should get what he denies others]]> <![CDATA[Experts break down 'The Star-Spangled Banner']]> <![CDATA[The LA Lakers get their swagger back]]> <![CDATA[Justin Timberlake drops surprise new song]]> <![CDATA[Ex-Navy SEAL predicts fatalities if Thai kids dive]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Half the country thinks Trump is a racist]]> <![CDATA[Separating facts and Trump's fictions]]> <![CDATA[Moms' letters describe conditions at immigration detention facilities]]> <![CDATA[Whistleblower: EPA's Pruitt kept secret calendar]]> <![CDATA[Pruitt directly asked Trump to replace Sessions with him]]> <![CDATA[Trump official says the controversies building up around EPA chief are moving toward a tipping point]]> <![CDATA[How 'The Wire' paved the way for peak TV]]> <![CDATA[Facts you might not know about July 4th]]> <![CDATA[World Cup power rankings after 2nd round]]> <![CDATA[UK investigates alleged Russian links to Brexit campaign]]> <![CDATA[Official: Pruitt 'inching forward to the tipping point']]> <![CDATA[Cave expert: Why Thai rescue is colossally tough]]> <![CDATA[Trump's worst enemy]]> <![CDATA[A virtual look at the caves trapping Thai boys]]> <![CDATA[The best 2000s TV shows (and where to binge watch)]]> <![CDATA[Boeing's hypersonic jet could fly NYC to London in 2 hours]]> <![CDATA[Bizarre new 'Beluga' plane unveiled]]> <![CDATA[How immigrants from all over became Americans]]> <![CDATA[This veteran lost his limbs, but not his resolve]]> <![CDATA[Two shocking exits from Wimbledon]]> <![CDATA[England wins on penalties in the World Cup]]> <![CDATA[Report: Lakers turned down chance to sign DeMarcus Cousins]]> <![CDATA[NBA team becomes the first to top $300M in salary]]> <![CDATA[Embattled FBI agent may ignore subpoena]]> <![CDATA[Barnes & Noble fires CEO for violating policy]]> <![CDATA[UK police declare 'major incident' after two found unconscious]]> <![CDATA[Merkel: US auto tariffs may start trade war]]> <![CDATA[Woman, 92, accused of killing son who wanted to put her in a nursing home]]> <![CDATA[Boys trapped in cave appear in new video]]> <![CDATA[Senate panel says Putin tried to help Trump win]]> <![CDATA[Why immigrants make dangerous journey to US]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: My dad's a refugee who supports Trump]]> <![CDATA[Judge orders Trump admin to consider releasing asylum seekers]]> <![CDATA[Government refuses to release new stats on separated kids]]> <![CDATA[Moms' letters, provided by advocates, describe conditions at immigration detention facilities]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: All you need to know about quarter-finals]]> <![CDATA[World Cup 2018: Some of us were crying - England fans in Moscow]]> <![CDATA[Wimbledon 2018: British wildcard Katie Swan loses to Mihaela Buzarnescu]]> <![CDATA[Chris Froome: Team Sky's unprecedented release of data reveals how British rider won Giro d'Italia]]> <![CDATA[Deported to a danger zone]]> <![CDATA['My husband hired a hitman to kill me - but I forgive him']]> <![CDATA[Pied crow with Yorkshire accent filmed in Knaresborough]]> <![CDATA[Sperm quality improved by adding nuts to diet, study says]]> <![CDATA[Barcelona deny organ-trafficking claim]]> <![CDATA[Star Wars: Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best considered suicide]]> <![CDATA[Mother of Thailand cave boy: 'I am dying to see him']]> <![CDATA[Moscow mayhem: How England v Colombia almost boiled over]]> <![CDATA[Putting death on the school timetable]]> <![CDATA[EU free rail pass lottery frustrates many teens]]> <![CDATA[Music festivals: What's the world's biggest']]> <![CDATA[Discovering King Tutankhamun's tomb: Harry Burton's photographs]]> <![CDATA[Fourth of July: Aspen, Colorado swaps fireworks for drones]]> <![CDATA[Nantes police shooting: Deadly incident triggers clashes]]> <![CDATA[IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's son 'killed in Syria']]> <![CDATA[Redoine Faid: A few 'loyal friends' behind helicopter jailbreak]]> <![CDATA[Amesbury: Two collapse near Russian spy poisoning site]]> <![CDATA[Wang Jian: China's HNA Group boss dies in Provence]]> <![CDATA[Airbus unveils new Beluga XL]]> <![CDATA['Three Identical Strangers' hits jackpot]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Jim Jordan should get what he denies others: The benefit of the doubt]]> <![CDATA[Uber and Lyft want to be about so much more than cars]]> <![CDATA[She feared she couldn't afford an ambulance after her leg 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