<![CDATA[Snowboarder Anna Gasser makes history by becoming first woman to land a cab triple underflip]]> <![CDATA[Buttler & Curran lead England fightback in Sri Lanka]]> <![CDATA[Leicester City crash helicopter 'didn't respond to pilot command']]> <![CDATA[Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh: Wait on for Bollywood wedding]]> <![CDATA[Iran executes 'Sultan of Coins' amid currency crisis]]> <![CDATA[Migrant caravan: Hundreds reach Tijuana on US border]]> <![CDATA[Irish outcry over teenager's underwear used in rape trial]]> <![CDATA[Israel Defence Minister Lieberman resigns over Gaza ceasefire]]> <![CDATA[States may now broaden mental health treatment under Medicaid]]> <![CDATA[Diamond sells for record-breaking $50 million]]> <![CDATA[As more cases confirmed, CDC says evidence suggests 'viral association' for AFM]]> <![CDATA[Plants and extreme fitness: How one man added years to his life]]> <![CDATA[Her kidney donation now could save her granddaughter's life later]]> <![CDATA[Lawyer: Security guard tried to stop a shooting and ended up killed by police]]> <![CDATA[GQ Magazine's cover sparks backlash]]> <![CDATA[Dave Chappelle photobombs couple]]> <![CDATA[Monkey kills 12-day-old baby in India]]> <![CDATA[Brexit deal hangs on knife-edge as Theresa May awaits Cabinet verdict]]> <![CDATA[Anti-Pelosi Dems say they will try to stop her from becoming speaker]]> <![CDATA[Cuomo grills embattled election official]]> <![CDATA[Prosecutor: Ohio family arrested in connection with 2016 killings]]> <![CDATA[1 pilot dead, 1 injured in Air Force plane crash]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: First lady's hidden hand just became not so hidden]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Melania's dangerous move]]> <![CDATA[Don Lemon questions Melania's power in White House]]> <![CDATA[Even compared with the senior staff knifings and the White House chaos, Melania Trump's sudden move against a top official was a bombshell]]> <![CDATA[Is your brain hurting with ATP Finals permutations']]> <![CDATA[Welcome back to the Premier League Ranieri - the Italian's best quotes]]> <![CDATA[Fulham sack Jokanovic and appoint ex-Leicester boss Ranieri]]> <![CDATA[Jacinda Ardern: 'It takes strength to be an empathetic leader']]> <![CDATA[BTS: K-pop band's management apologises for Nazi-inspired hat]]> <![CDATA[Snowboarder Anna Gasser makes history by becoming first woman to land a cab triple 1260]]> <![CDATA[Callum Wilson: Hunger took me from non-league to England squad]]> <![CDATA['Bundesliga has belief in young players' - Sancho & Nelson on friendship and life in Germany]]> <![CDATA[The people with more stuff than they have room for]]> <![CDATA[Prince Charles: 70 years in 70 pictures]]> <![CDATA['El Chapo' trial: Mexico presidents reject 'scapegoat' claims]]> <![CDATA[Feted Zimbabwe female rangers denied visas]]> <![CDATA[Hopper's Chop Suey in record-breaking $92m sale]]> <![CDATA[Calgary votes against Winter Olympics bid]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[UK PM faces showdown over Brexit deal]]> <![CDATA[Uber's CEO wants to 'get the facts' on Khashoggi killing before rethinking Saudi ties]]> <![CDATA[Even compared with the senior staff knifings and the chaos in Trump's White House, Melania Trump's sudden move against a top official was a bombshell]]> <![CDATA[Royal romance: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle]]> <![CDATA[Photos of the royal babies]]> <![CDATA[Will and Kate's royal family]]> <![CDATA[Prince of Wales has no intention of slowing down]]> <![CDATA[Japan's economy has a $5 trillion problem]]> <![CDATA[Dave Chappelle photobombs couple's photos]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Melania Trump's hidden hand just became not so hidden]]> <![CDATA[Even compared with the senior staff knifings and chaos in Trump's White House, Melania Trump's sudden move against a top official was a bombshell]]> <![CDATA[Pilots report seeing 'very fast' UFO above Ireland]]> <![CDATA[14 key political trends from the 2018 exit polls]]> <![CDATA[The change we need as IVF turns 40]]> <![CDATA[Cindy Hyde-Smith's ignorance]]> <![CDATA[US-Saudi relationship: How real is it']]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama opens up about her marriage]]> <![CDATA[Jim Carrey targets Trump in blunt political cartoons]]> <![CDATA[Prince Charles' ties to historic home]]> <![CDATA[Prince Charles has no intention of slowing down]]> <![CDATA[Prince Charles turns 70]]> <![CDATA[Michigan man gets 4 to 10 years in prison for shooting at teen asking directions]]> <![CDATA[A Chicago security guard tried to stop a shooting and ended up killed by police, lawyer says]]> <![CDATA[Amazon is getting helipads out of its HQ2 deals]]> <![CDATA[Dave Chappelle photobombs engagement photos]]> <![CDATA[Losing GOP incumbent calls out Trump]]> <![CDATA[Ex-Navy captain pleads guilty to ghostwriting 'Fat Leonard' emails]]> <![CDATA[Prosecutor: Suspects charged in 2016 killings of 8 Ohio family members planned crimes for months]]> <![CDATA[The state of play in key races has shifted since election night. Here's where they are now.]]> <![CDATA[Who is Mira Ricardel and why did Melania Trump want her fired']]> <![CDATA[Panel: We don't have a royal family, but they act like one]]> <![CDATA[Melania Trump calls for ouster of top national security aide]]> <![CDATA[Don Lemon: It's a hot White House all right]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Melania Trump's dangerous move]]> <![CDATA[The public got a rare glimpse into the first lady's thinking and influence on her husband]]> <![CDATA[The beautiful islands that could help stop killer diseases]]> <![CDATA[Fighting the international fly tippers]]> <![CDATA[Why this man will fix your broken stuff for free]]> <![CDATA[California wildfires: 'Terrified for the people behind me']]> <![CDATA[Papua New Guinea: Hosting a regional summit in the least likely of locations]]> <![CDATA[Japan GDP: Natural disasters hit economic growth]]> <![CDATA[Feted Zimbabwe female rangers denied glory]]> <![CDATA[The face-mapping technology raising fears about fake news]]> <![CDATA[LISTEN: The Point with Chris Cillizza]]> <![CDATA[Democrat who voted for Trump is running for president]]> <![CDATA[Melania Trump's dangerous move]]> <![CDATA[Mysterious miniature fairy houses pop up on Isle of Man]]> <![CDATA[Amazon is getting helipads -- and much more out of its HQ2 deals]]> <![CDATA[MLB announces manager of the year]]> <![CDATA[Warriors suspend Draymond Green]]> <![CDATA[Betsy DeVos sued again over student debt]]> <![CDATA[CIA explored using potential truth serum drug for post 9/11 interrogations]]> <![CDATA[Anti-Pelosi Democrats warn: She won't have the votes]]> <![CDATA[Trump nominates Neomi Rao to replace Kavanaugh on DC Circuit]]> <![CDATA[CNN has sued the president. What will happen now']]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Wisconsin teens' apparent Nazi salute is terrifying]]> <![CDATA[Man flew Nazi flags outside his home; dozens of protesters showed up]]> <![CDATA[4 arrests made in the 2016 killings of 8 Ohio family members]]> <![CDATA[More than 200 cases of polio-like illness under investigation; 80 confirmed]]> <![CDATA[Liam Hemsworth shares photo of his home in ruins after fires]]> <![CDATA[Top aide headed for exit after clash with Melania Trump]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Justice Roberts, pay attention to what Brian Kemp did]]> <![CDATA[Embattled Florida election official speaks out]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: 14 big trends from the 2018 exit polls]]> <![CDATA[Erin Burnett calls out Trump's baseless fraud claim]]> <![CDATA[Election night in America continued]]> <![CDATA[The state of play in key races has shifted since election night one week ago. Here's where they are now.]]> <![CDATA[I did not want to leave house - England's Keane on form struggle]]> <![CDATA[Pakistan condemn Ireland to second Women's World T20 defeat]]> <![CDATA[Has a new racing ban in Florida doomed these dogs']]> <![CDATA[Marie Antoinette's jewels up for auction]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Italy budget: Rome rejects European Commission demands]]> <![CDATA[Maseratis and cruise ships]]> <![CDATA[Valerie Jarrett: Dems need Pelosi's grit]]> <![CDATA[This is the change we need as IVF turns 40]]> <![CDATA[Cindy Hyde-Smith's ignorance has a dark side]]> <![CDATA[What Trump's 'sulk' told America's friends]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama opens up about her marriage - and helps us all]]> <![CDATA['Game of Thrones' final season start date announced]]> <![CDATA[The cities that lost out on HQ2 still won]]> <![CDATA[Ocasio-Cortez breaks with Cuomo and de Blasio]]> <![CDATA[Jay Carney: Talent drew Amazon to NY and VA]]> <![CDATA[Citi to move 1,100 employees to make room for HQ2]]> <![CDATA[See Amazon's HQ2 picks]]> <![CDATA[HQ2 plans get mixed reaction]]> <![CDATA[Tiny, fairy-like buildings popping up in UK]]> <![CDATA[Trebek reveals contestant types that bother him]]> <![CDATA[Girl foils possible kidnapping by doing this]]> <![CDATA[Huge pink diamond sells for $50 million]]> <![CDATA[Cop kills guard who got alleged gunman]]> <![CDATA[Dow falls for the third straight session]]> <![CDATA[Cooper to Trump: Not how things work]]> <![CDATA[Monica Lewinsky: I was mortified]]> <![CDATA[Betsy DeVos sued again over delays in student debt relief]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Even in the Senate, 2018 looks like other wave years for Democrats]]> <![CDATA[A man flew Nazi flags outside his home and dozens of protesters showed up]]> <![CDATA[Actor shares striking photo of his home in ruins]]> <![CDATA[Lewis Hamilton would prefer more F1 races at venues with 'real racing history']]> <![CDATA[Referee suspended for deciding a WSL kick-off with 'rock, paper, scissors']]> <![CDATA[Scotland slip to narrow defeat against world champions USA]]> <![CDATA[Federer beats Thiem to keep alive London hopes]]> <![CDATA[What's the best way to escape from a wildfire']]> <![CDATA[The search in Germany for the lost skull of Tanzania's Mangi Meli]]> <![CDATA['Not Disneyland': Dutch hit back at 'over-tourism']]> <![CDATA[Detective Pikachu: 'Gross' furry Pokemon divides fans]]> <![CDATA[Remarkable tale of Hitler's young Jewish friend]]> <![CDATA[Refugee family arrives in Canada just in time for snow]]> <![CDATA[Australia animals: Making 'baby formula' for native wildlife]]> <![CDATA[Snapshots from California's 'apocalypse' town]]> <![CDATA[JUUL suspends flavoured e-cigarette sales to curb teen use]]> <![CDATA[Thais mourn boxer Anucha Kochana, 13, killed in fight]]> <![CDATA[Asia Bibi: British imams join calls for UK to give asylum]]> <![CDATA[Oil price drops amid fears over demand]]> <![CDATA[FBI: Spike in US hate crimes for third year in a row]]> <![CDATA[Pink Legacy diamond sold for world record price]]> <![CDATA[Melania calls for national security aide Mira Ricardel's firing]]> <![CDATA[California fires: Firefighters hold containment lines in north]]> <![CDATA[Yemen crisis: The battle for Hudaydah]]> <![CDATA[Cindy Hyde-Smith, hanging is no joke]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama's IVF journey matters]]> <![CDATA[A timeline of his reign on the run]]> <![CDATA[Teen: The sexual harassment checklist we shouldn't need]]> <![CDATA[NBA star will make or break new team's locker room]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: How to get the truth out of Trump]]> <![CDATA[Juul to eliminate social media accounts, stop retail sales of flavors]]> <![CDATA[Georgia election officials ordered to review thousands of provisional ballots]]> <![CDATA[Cities that lost out on Amazon's HQ2 still won]]> <![CDATA[Arrests made in 2016 killings of 8 Ohio family members]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: The chances of seeing Donald Trump's tax returns just went way up]]> <![CDATA[Before and after photos: How fire reduced a city to ashes]]> <![CDATA[Trump ramps up fight to safeguard his power]]> <![CDATA[New York Times: White House balances a complicated dynamic between Melania and Ivanka Trump]]> <![CDATA[Obama: Melania turned down my offer for help]]> <![CDATA[In a remarkable move, the First Lady publicly pushed for the dismissal of the deputy national security adviser]]> <![CDATA[Valerie Jarrett: Pelosi has toughness Dems need]]> <![CDATA[Police thank David Schwimmer after catching lookalike]]> <![CDATA[How Drake's birthday helped John Mayer quit drinking]]> <![CDATA[Who is El Chapo']]> <![CDATA[Here were some of his other hideaways]]> <![CDATA[Take a look at the 'El Chapo' escape tunnels]]> <![CDATA[Closing the Brooklyn Bridge. Armed jury escorts. Bomb-sniffing dogs. 'El Chapo' gets his day in court.]]> <![CDATA[A 5-minute scan may spot dementia 10 years earlier]]> <![CDATA[Why these people want to ban freakshakes]]> <![CDATA[Serena's Woman of the Year cover controversy]]> <![CDATA[The kilogram is about to be redefined]]> <![CDATA[NBA team's leading scorer can't get enough HGTV]]> <![CDATA[Doctors rescue baby from pregnant woman killed with crossbow]]> <![CDATA['Game of Thrones' final season starts in April]]> <![CDATA[MLB manager loses home to wildfire]]> <![CDATA[Hate crimes increased by 17% in 2017, FBI report finds]]> <![CDATA[The owner of bar where 12 people died is unsure if reopening 'is going to feel right']]> <![CDATA[Trump eyes replacements for Kelly, Nielsen and others]]> <![CDATA[Trump lawyers could submit answers to Mueller in coming days, source says]]> <![CDATA[Draft Brexit deal reached more than two years after divisive vote]]> <![CDATA[The cities that lost out on Amazon's HQ2 still won]]> <![CDATA[Watch: Rooney & FA felt farewell game was 'right']]> <![CDATA[Anderson thrashes Nishikori at ATP Finals - highlights & report]]> <![CDATA[Premier League: Susanna Dinnage named new chief executive]]> <![CDATA[How Stan Lee's heroes helped change the world]]> <![CDATA[Paradise: Before and after the town's wildfire destruction]]> <![CDATA[Andrej Babis: Czech PM denies son was kidnapped]]> <![CDATA[Trump mocks French leader Macron after Armistice Day visit]]> <![CDATA[Draft Brexit deal 'agreed by officials']]> <![CDATA[Brexit deal to be discussed at emergency UK Cabinet meeting]]> <![CDATA[Asia Bibi shows risk of wooing religious extremists]]> <![CDATA[Dear NRA, doctors are anti-bullet hole]]> <![CDATA[No, Cindy Hyde-Smith, hanging is no joke]]> <![CDATA[The question the GOP can't escape]]> <![CDATA['Toy Story 4' trailer teases new character]]> <![CDATA[Valerie Jarrett: Nancy Pelosi has the toughness Democrats need]]> <![CDATA[Expect a 'drinking checkup' during your next doctor's visit]]> <![CDATA[Alex Trebek reveals the type of contestants that bother him]]> <![CDATA[Girl foils possible kidnapping by asking for code word]]> <![CDATA[White House digging in on Whitaker as temporary replacement for Sessions]]> <![CDATA[Trump eyes White House replacements for Kelly, Nielsen and others]]> <![CDATA[Ocasio-Cortez breaks with Cuomo and de Blasio on Amazon welcome]]> <![CDATA[The President tries a new buzz phrase to beat back new opposition in the House: 'Presidential harassment']]> <![CDATA[Google CFO: We can make a car drive itself. Why can't we sort out sexual harassment']]> <![CDATA[Are the celery juice health benefits real']]> <![CDATA[Parents accuse CDC of not reporting children's deaths from polio-like AFM]]> <![CDATA[Dave Chappelle photobombs engagement shoot]]> <![CDATA[Lewinsky hopes new film will ensure her experience doesn't happen to someone else]]> <![CDATA[ATP Finals: Kevin Anderson thrashes Kei Nishikori for second win]]> <![CDATA[A brief guide to where we are with Brexit]]> <![CDATA[US mid-terms: Why the elections still aren't over]]> <![CDATA[No, these photos are not from the California wildfires]]> <![CDATA[Arrest in hunt for Blackpool 'Ross from Friends' lookalike]]> <![CDATA[CNN sues Trump over Jim Acosta's credential suspension]]> <![CDATA[Macedonia ex-PM Nikola Gruevski 'seeks asylum in Hungary']]> <![CDATA[Who are annoying 'Jeopardy!' contestants']]> <![CDATA[Sandra Bullock donates big to save animals]]> <![CDATA[Scientists vote on new way to measure a kilogram]]> <![CDATA[Here's what one Long Island City resident says Amazon needs to know]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: House Democrats should not play prosecutors]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Why McSally conceded before all votes were counted]]> <![CDATA[Nielsen could be asked to resign soon]]> <![CDATA[A Long Island City resident's take on what Amazon needs to know]]> <![CDATA[The President tries a new buzz phrase to beat back new opposition in the House: 'Presidential harassment.']]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Remarkable tale of Hitler's 'Jewish sweetheart']]> <![CDATA[Wisconsin school students' Nazi salute photo provokes uproar]]> <![CDATA[Pelosi's supporters and detractors battle it out in dueling letters]]> <![CDATA[New Dems face pressure over a No-Pelosi pledge]]> <![CDATA[Nancy Pelosi: 'I want women to see that you do not get pushed around']]> <![CDATA[Opinion: How Stan Lee lifted Thor's hammer]]> <![CDATA[WSJ: Boeing withheld info on plane in crash]]> <![CDATA[Stumps hit. Bails light up. Out' Cricketer's incredible reprieve]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Adrej Babis: Czech PM denies son was kidnapped]]> <![CDATA[El Chapo trial begins in New York City]]> <![CDATA[Amazon names locations for new US HQs]]> <![CDATA[House Democrats should not play prosecutors]]> <![CDATA[Drought woes' This tech can literally make it rain]]> <![CDATA[Trump issues delayed broadside against Emmanuel Macron]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: How Senate Democrats lost the battle but won the war]]> <![CDATA[Amazon officially picks New York, Northern Virginia for new headquarters]]> <![CDATA[10 ways to thrive with breast cancer]]> <![CDATA[CNN sues President Trump and top White House aides for barring Jim Acosta]]> <![CDATA[GOP lawmaker 'disgusted' by Trump for mocking House reps]]> <![CDATA[How Stan Lee lifted Thor's hammer]]> <![CDATA[Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu roils Pokemon fans]]> <![CDATA[Offer: You pay $100 but can't watch the game]]> <![CDATA[Serena Williams named GQ Woman of the Year -- but cover sparks controversy]]> <![CDATA[Student in photo speaks out]]> <![CDATA[Israel-Gaza firefight escalates]]> <![CDATA[Pilots report 'very fast' UFO above Ireland]]> <![CDATA[Will new Dems keep their No-Pelosi pledge']]> <![CDATA[Florida election supervisor at center of GOP attacks has history of controversy]]> <![CDATA[WSJ: Boeing withheld info on model of plane involved in Indonesia crash]]> <![CDATA[Nielsen could be asked to resign soon, officials predict]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump, Democrats dig battle lines over new era of investigations]]> <![CDATA[England's George Kruis out of Japan & Australia Tests with injury]]> <![CDATA[Ocon 'tainted by brainless move' in Brazil - Palmer column]]> <![CDATA[Old lady mistakes Chancellor Merkel for Macron's wife]]> <![CDATA[Sri Lanka crisis: Supreme Court suspends dissolution of parliament]]> <![CDATA[Food taste 'not protected by copyright' rules EU court]]> <![CDATA[Queen and I bonded over sore feet, reveals Michelle Obama]]> <![CDATA[Brexit: 'Small number of issues' stand in way of deal]]> <![CDATA[Israel-Gaza: Deadly fire traded across border]]> <![CDATA[California fires: Winds propel fires as death toll rises]]> <![CDATA[Somalia journalists risk their lives to report the truth]]> <![CDATA[Stokes to bat at three for England in second Test]]> <![CDATA['Virtually unstoppable' - watch Cole score volley for England in 2006 World Cup]]> <![CDATA[Tottenham defender Trippier withdraws from England squad]]> <![CDATA['It has been a dream come true. All of it' - ex-England midfielder Cole retires]]> <![CDATA[Can listening to bees help save them - and us']]> <![CDATA[Softbank IPO: A guide to the Japanese tech giant]]> <![CDATA[The gong that helps you fall asleep]]> <![CDATA['My superhero': Comic fans on Stan Lee's death]]> <![CDATA[UFOs spotted off Irish coast under investigation]]> <![CDATA[El Chapo trial to begin in New York City]]> <![CDATA[Stan Lee: Stars pay tribute to Marvel Comics pioneer, dead at 95]]> <![CDATA['Cautious optimism' over UK-EU Brexit deal talks]]> <![CDATA[Israel-Gaza: Heavy fire traded across border]]> <![CDATA[California fires: At least 42 die in state's deadliest wildfire]]> <![CDATA[Late-night hosts dissect Trump's Putin grin]]> <![CDATA[Pelosi: 'I want women to see that you do not get pushed around']]> <![CDATA[Camp Fire is state's deadliest, and 70 mph winds could fan blaze in Southern California]]> <![CDATA[70 mph winds could fan California wildfire]]> <![CDATA[Painting set to become the most valuable by a living artist]]> <![CDATA[Ex-'SNL'er: Crenshaw's show as unlike anything I can recall]]> <![CDATA[FDA expands recall for blood pressure drug]]> <![CDATA[Town responds to Nazi salute prom photo]]> <![CDATA[GOP senator deflects questions after 'public hanging' comment]]> <![CDATA[Cop kills security guard who apprehended alleged gunman]]> <![CDATA[Cooper to Trump: That's not how things work]]> <![CDATA[Syrian Kurds resume push to rid ISIS from last pockets of Syria]]> <![CDATA[Nurse caught in fire told her husband she was going to die]]> <![CDATA[Trump, Democrats dig battle lines over new era of investigations]]> <![CDATA[El Chapo trial begins: The story explained]]> <![CDATA[Senator criticized over 'public hanging' comment]]> <![CDATA[Former 'SNL' staffer: Crenshaw's show as unlike anything I can recall]]> <![CDATA[The people we lost in 2018]]> <![CDATA[Hollywood honors comic legend Stan Lee]]> <![CDATA[Comics innovator dies at 95]]> <![CDATA[Images show hidden N. Korea missile base]]> <![CDATA[Senator deflects questions after 'public hanging' comment]]> <![CDATA['El Chapo' Guzman trial to begin under unprecedented security measures]]> <![CDATA[Khashoggi audio makes apparent reference to Saudi Crown Prince, NYT reports]]> <![CDATA[The deadliest wildfire in California's history]]> <![CDATA[The publisher of a neo-Nazi website said white nationalism was a winner in the midterm elections, while others cheered Trump as their champion]]> <![CDATA[Stolen dog found in Bangor 300 miles from London home]]> <![CDATA[China postpones lifting ban on rhino and tiger parts after outcry]]> <![CDATA[Melbourne car attack: James Gargasoulas guilty of six murders]]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections 2018: Democrat wins tight Arizona race]]> <![CDATA[Call for UK ban on 'grotesquely sugary' freakshakes]]> <![CDATA[Stan Lee: The man behind the mask]]> <![CDATA[California wildfires: At least 42 are killed in deadliest blaze]]> <![CDATA[This may be the path to live longer and happier]]> <![CDATA[How a flying tooth jump-started the UFC]]> <![CDATA[NBAer stretchered off after gruesome injury]]> <![CDATA[Here's the deal: You pay $100 but can't watch the game]]> <![CDATA[Amazon reportedly picks NYC and Northern Virginia for HQ2]]> <![CDATA[White supremacists are celebrating the midterms as a victory]]> <![CDATA[Community rallies to help save thousands of animals from fires]]> <![CDATA[At least 42 people have died in the Camp Fire in Northern California, and at least two more people have died in Southern California]]> <![CDATA[This painting is set to become the most valuable by a living artist]]> <![CDATA[How Stan Lee lives on in you]]> <![CDATA[Netflix show accused of Islamophobia]]> <![CDATA[The Dow fell 600 points. Here's the real reason.]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: This is what Trump's 'sulk' told America's friends]]> <![CDATA[Report: Amazon picks New York and Northern Virginia for HQ2]]> <![CDATA[Sinema wins Arizona Senate race]]> <![CDATA[Gerard Butler and Neil Young among those to lose homes]]> <![CDATA[They responded to a mass shooting, then fought wildfires]]> <![CDATA[Sandra Bullock donates $100,000 to help save animals from California fires]]> <![CDATA[An additional 13 sets of human remains were discovered in Northern California Monday, making the Camp Fire the deadliest wildfire in the state's history]]> <![CDATA[Trump says he's not a racist. That's not how white nationalists see it]]> <![CDATA[Sinema gives tribute to McCain in victory speech]]> <![CDATA[Netflix show accused of Islamophobia by Hasan Minhaj, who has a Netflix show]]> <![CDATA[Stan Lee dead at 95]]> <![CDATA[Parents of children with a terrifying polio-like illness accuse the CDC of hiding deaths]]> <![CDATA[CNN reporter explains why McSally lost]]> <![CDATA[Lee on how he came up with Spider-Man]]> <![CDATA[This year saw the most people in immigration detention since 2001]]> <![CDATA[House Democrat calls Matt Whitaker 'an assassin' hired to 'kill' Russia investigation]]> <![CDATA[Burnett calls out Trump's baseless claim]]> <![CDATA[The real reason the Dow just fell 600 points]]> <![CDATA[What Trump's claims of fraud say about 2020]]> <![CDATA[Democrats will pick up a Senate seat in Arizona, with Republican Martha McSally conceding the race to Kyrsten Sinema]]> <![CDATA[Rewriting history in the Philippines and the fight for the truth]]> <![CDATA[Women's World Twenty20: England beat Bangladesh after more rain in St Lucia]]> <![CDATA[Have 'non-traditional' advent calendars peaked already']]> <![CDATA[US has highest rate of drug overdoses, study says]]> <![CDATA[Uber says it's one step closer to delivering data on sexual assaults]]> <![CDATA[Kellogg looks to sell classic cookie brands]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Karl Rove is right]]> <![CDATA[Nurse told husband she was going to die]]> <![CDATA[Cancer surpasses heart disease as leading cause of death in many US counties]]> <![CDATA[Roger Stone associate expects indictment]]> <![CDATA[Associate of Roger Stone says he expects to be indicted by Mueller]]> <![CDATA[These companies are under investigation for possibly causing the California fires]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Why Kamala Harris is the new Democratic frontrunner]]> <![CDATA[Gold is back. That's a worrying sign]]> <![CDATA[Consumers are spending and it's not just at Walmart and Amazon]]> <![CDATA[Wall Street loves gridlock. But gridlock isn't always great]]> <![CDATA[Why investors aren't gobbling up food stocks]]> <![CDATA[Oil hit with longest losing streak on record]]> <![CDATA[Dow dives, weighed down by tech stocks]]> <![CDATA[Why the strong dollar is so bad for business]]> <![CDATA[Why are stocks falling' President Trump says it's because Democrats are gearing up to investigate him. But the real answer is complicated.]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama says Melania Trump turned down her offer of help]]> <![CDATA[How President Trump took 'fake news' into the mainstream]]> <![CDATA[Fake me: Can you become an Instagram influencer in a week']]> <![CDATA[Somalian journalists risk their lives to report the truth]]> <![CDATA[Danny Welbeck: Arsenal forward has second ankle operation]]> <![CDATA[Can listening to bees tell us why they are in decline']]> <![CDATA[California wildfires: 'I saw cars become metal and bones']]> <![CDATA[Dow falls 600 points. Here's the real reason]]> <![CDATA[Did the White House really create 6.3 million new jobs']]> <![CDATA[Police investigate after Wisconsin high schoolers posed in apparent Nazi salute]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Why Hillary Clinton 4.0 is a terrible idea]]> <![CDATA[A relatively young, non-white woman, California Senator Kamala Harris looks like the Democratic Party base these days. And that's a very good place for her to be.]]> <![CDATA[Thugs of Hindostan: Critics sink Bollywood's 'Pirates of the Caribbean']]> <![CDATA[Can attitudes towards body hair be sexist for both men and women']]> <![CDATA[Big Daddy to Toni Storm: The revival of British wrestling]]> <![CDATA[Nationalism a driving force behind fake news in India, research shows]]> <![CDATA[Russian disinformation and the Georgian 'lab of death']]> <![CDATA[Burned to death because of a rumour on WhatsApp]]> <![CDATA[The digital epidemic killing Indians]]> <![CDATA[What is fake news and how can you identify it']]> <![CDATA[Dominant Djokovic beats Isner in London]]> <![CDATA[FA Cup: Callum Lang volley gives Oldham victory over Hampton & Richmond]]> <![CDATA[Man City v Man Utd: Five charts that show the Manchester derby divide]]> <![CDATA['We don't want robots in F1' - Horner defends Verstappen]]> <![CDATA[Tony Bellew: Costello and Bunce debate if he should have been interviewed after Usyk defeat]]> <![CDATA[Daniel Sturridge: Liverpool striker charged with breaching betting rules]]> <![CDATA['I was in excruciating pain from excess iron']]> <![CDATA[Viewpoint: How US can reach new Iran deal - after Trump]]> <![CDATA[The forgotten English poet buried in India]]> <![CDATA[South Africa teen pregnancy: Juggling school exams and baby twins]]> <![CDATA[Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Why half of America panics when this woman falls ill]]> <![CDATA[Medical cannabis: Death sentence prompts Malaysia to re-think harsh laws]]> <![CDATA[US and North Korea suffer communication breakdown]]> <![CDATA['Can I forgive him' ' How I discovered my husband's sex obsession']]> <![CDATA[#ThisIsOurLane: Doctors hit back at pro-gun group NRA]]> <![CDATA[Mystery monkey: history of unique Xenothrix fossil revealed]]> <![CDATA[Fat-clogged cells explain why obesity can cause cancer]]> <![CDATA[Stan Lee obituary: The genius of the superhero creator]]> <![CDATA[Armistice Day: World leaders mark centenary]]> <![CDATA[Nallah Sangare on using fashion to tell the story of Africa]]> <![CDATA[Emile Ratelband asks court to declare him legally younger]]> <![CDATA[Mourning dog waits for 80 days in road where owner died]]> <![CDATA[These coins stopped a bullet and saved a soldier's life]]> <![CDATA[Comedian Dave Chappelle photobombs engagement shoot]]> <![CDATA[Toy Story 4 first trailer reveals new character - meet Forky]]> <![CDATA[Gerard Butler, Miley Cyrus: Stars' homes destroyed by California wildfires]]> <![CDATA[In pictures: The animals caught in California's wildfires]]> <![CDATA[Tanzania's Magufuli deploys military amid cashew nut crisis]]> <![CDATA[Cindy Hyde-Smith: Senator's 'public hanging' joke criticised]]> <![CDATA[Asia Bibi: Canada in talks with Pakistan over asylum]]> <![CDATA[French mother tried for hiding baby in car boot]]> <![CDATA[Spain Catalonia: Separatists ordered to repay ballot costs]]> <![CDATA[Apple iPhone sales fears rock Wall Street]]> <![CDATA[Aung San Suu Kyi: Amnesty strips Myanmar leader of top prize]]> <![CDATA[Jamal Khashoggi murder: Canadian intelligence 'has heard tape']]> <![CDATA[Outcry after police shoot African-American security guard 'hero']]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections 2018: Trump calls for end of Florida recounts]]> <![CDATA[California wildfires: Death toll reaches grim milestone]]> <![CDATA[Israel-Gaza violence erupts after covert op killings]]> <![CDATA[Brexit talks in endgame, says Theresa May]]> <![CDATA[Stan Lee: Marvel Comics legend dies aged 95]]> <![CDATA[The question Republicans can't escape]]> <![CDATA[Dear NRA, of course doctors are part of the solution]]> <![CDATA[A group of Wisconsin high schoolers posed in apparent Nazi salute last spring. Now police are investigating]]> <![CDATA[Judge defends conduct at sentencing]]> <![CDATA[Alibaba Singles Day sales top $30 billion]]> <![CDATA[Your grandma may be old. That doesn't mean you will be]]> <![CDATA[Yoga and meditation on the rise for adults and kids]]> <![CDATA[These factors raise heart attack risk more in women]]> <![CDATA[US cigarette smoking rate reaches new low]]> <![CDATA[New findings on vitamin D, omega-3 supplements]]> <![CDATA[A 5-minute neck scan may spot dementia 10 years earlier]]> <![CDATA[Gerard Butler, Miley Cyrus and Neil Young are among those to lose homes]]> <![CDATA[Marvel Comics visionary Stan Lee dead at 95]]> <![CDATA[Trump's most likely challengers from the left]]> <![CDATA[Richard Ojeda launches presidential bid after losing House race]]> <![CDATA[Gillibrand says she's considering 2020 run]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: How Democrats can leverage the midterm results to win big in 2020]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Why Kamala Harris is the Democrats' 2020 frontrunner]]> <![CDATA[The former presidential nominee is less popular than she was in 2016. Still, two of her former advisers made a bold claim of a possible 2020 bid.]]> <![CDATA[Democracy is under assault in Hungary]]> <![CDATA[Republicans must ask themselves this question about race]]> <![CDATA[They wanted to give the homeless socks. So they started this company]]> <![CDATA[Aaptiv could be the future of personal training]]> <![CDATA[Cell phone videos show drivers fleeing fire]]> <![CDATA[Family shares tear-jerker video of nurse singing to patient]]> <![CDATA[Air traffic controller slurs, confuses pilots]]> <![CDATA[Judge defends conduct at Nassar sentencing]]> <![CDATA[Arrest in strawberry needle scare]]> <![CDATA[Critics slam Trump for skipping veterans event in France]]> <![CDATA[Chief: Tweet hurtful to first responders]]> <![CDATA[Watch Stan Lee's movie cameos]]> <![CDATA[How Dan Crenshaw's 'SNL' cameo happened]]> <![CDATA[Fire survivor: 'I'll have nightmares for the rest of my life']]> <![CDATA[Blood pressure drug recall expands again]]> <![CDATA[Satellite images reveal hidden North Korean missile bases]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama's side eye: Explained]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: What Trump's claims of fraud say about 2020]]> <![CDATA[Did you spot Stan Lee in these Marvel movies']]> <![CDATA[Stan Lee's life was almost as incredible as his characters]]> <![CDATA[People we lost in 2018]]> <![CDATA[Hollywood honors Stan Lee]]> <![CDATA[The Marvel Comics patriarch who helped usher in a new era of superhero storytelling is survived by his daughter]]> <![CDATA[Bruno Mars providing 24K Thanksgiving dinners]]> <![CDATA[Kardashians pay tribute to first responders]]> <![CDATA[See all the People's Choice Awards winners]]> <![CDATA[Get a first look at 'Toy Story 4']]> <![CDATA[Is mealtime insulin right for you']]> <![CDATA[Ebola outbreak worst in country's history]]> <![CDATA[Trump's insults of black Americans are disgusting]]> <![CDATA[This app puts a personal trainer in your ear]]> <![CDATA[They worried about their water. And they were right.]]> <![CDATA['SNL' brings on congressman-elect to get apology]]> <![CDATA[Video diaries show residents fleeing fires]]> <![CDATA[Fires kill 31 people, with more destruction to come]]> <![CDATA[The astonishing numbers behind these wildfires]]> <![CDATA[Trump praises firefighters after backlash over tweets]]> <![CDATA[Gerard Butler, Miley Cyrus and Neil Young among those to lose homes]]> <![CDATA[Nurse sings to ailing hospice care patient]]> <![CDATA[The Japanese secret to living longer]]> <![CDATA[Brexit headlines predict catastrophe]]> <![CDATA[Christina Aguilera says house band wouldn't let her sing on stage]]> <![CDATA[Government issues new exercise guidelines]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Tom Brady is actually really truly declining]]> <![CDATA[Dow falls more than 500 points]]> <![CDATA[China touts fighter jets at public airshow]]> <![CDATA[Why did Justin Trudeau make half of his cabinet women' 'I'm a feminist']]> <![CDATA[Couple who named baby after Hitler found guilty of being in a banned neo-Nazi group]]> <![CDATA[Vatican orders US bishops to delay action on sexual abuse]]> <![CDATA[Trump doesn't want more Puerto Rico relief funds sent]]> <![CDATA[Nancy Pelosi calls on House Democrats to 'be unified' as speaker race looms]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Why Kamala Harris is the Democrats' frontrunner for 2020]]> <![CDATA[This look on Michelle Obama's face: Explained]]> <![CDATA[Here's why Hillary Clinton 4.0 is a terrible idea]]> <![CDATA[Some in Arizona's GOP back away from Trump's claims]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Fury over the midterms is fueling Trump]]> <![CDATA[What has changed since election night]]> <![CDATA[Defeated GOP congressman blames McCain for House flipping]]> <![CDATA[The President's tweets about Arizona and Florida aren't accurate. But they show how he'll approach re-election.]]> <![CDATA[Quick neck scan can spot dementia earlier]]> <![CDATA[Wildfire smoke and your health: Do you need to worry']]> <![CDATA[Reality check: Counties can swing elections]]> <![CDATA[Kavanaugh tries to shun the spotlight he can't avoid]]> <![CDATA[Dem who voted for Trump is running for president]]> <![CDATA[For Trump, defeat at home and battles abroad]]> <![CDATA[Brexit is a mess verging on constitutional crisis]]> <![CDATA[Cowboys' star power makes them a contender]]> <![CDATA[Dion Lewis blasts Patriots after blowout victory]]> <![CDATA[When Davidson addressed Ariana Grande breakup]]> <![CDATA[Crenshaw trolls 'SNL' comedian after controversy]]> <![CDATA[De Niro's Robert Mueller bids farewell to Sessions]]> <![CDATA['SNL' brings on congressman-elect to get apology from Pete Davidson]]> <![CDATA[Former 'SNL' staffer: It was unlike anything I can recall on the show]]> <![CDATA[Did Amazon Echo record a double homicide']]> <![CDATA[P&G plans to start shipping Tide in a shoe box]]> <![CDATA[They worried about their water. And they were right]]> <![CDATA[HQ2 rumors rattle real estate markets]]> <![CDATA[Sears should close for good, creditors say]]> <![CDATA[Saudi Arabia cuts oil supply; OPEC may, too]]> <![CDATA[At least 52 dead in Mogadishu car bombing]]> <![CDATA[Inmates honor officer killed in the line of duty]]> <![CDATA[UK media say Brexit is becoming a catastrophe]]> <![CDATA[Why fires are spreading fast]]> <![CDATA[Meteorologist debunks Trump on wildfires]]> <![CDATA[California wildfires kill 31 people, with much more destruction to come]]> <![CDATA[Gerard Butler, Miley Cyrus and Neil Young lose their houses]]> <![CDATA[Reality check: Trump benefits from GOP groups]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Republicans must ask why so many people with racist values embrace the GOP]]> <![CDATA[Topless protester rushes President Trump's motorcade]]> <![CDATA[Why Kamala Harris is the Dems frontrunner]]> <![CDATA[GOP senator faces criticism over comment about 'public hanging']]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump wanted a parade. He got chastised instead.]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama 'stopped even trying to smile' at President Trump's inauguration]]> <![CDATA[Abrams' campaign sues to challenge rejection of votes]]> <![CDATA['Fraud.' 'Dictator.' Florida recount heats up]]> <![CDATA[What you should know about Florida's vote recount]]> <![CDATA[Trump reacts to the coming Democratic House in a way that could take the nation into perilous territory]]> <![CDATA[Demonizing immigrants is losing cause for GOP]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: What we can learn from SNL's message of unity]]> <![CDATA[Boy's harsh letter to Cowboys owner goes viral]]> <![CDATA[A toxic legacy of WWI]]> <![CDATA[Color photos show powerful moments from the war]]> <![CDATA[Peter Jackson's new documentary restores World War I footage like never before]]> <![CDATA[Cowboys and Eagles get into pregame scuffle]]> <![CDATA[NFL receiver passes Hall of Famer in record book]]> <![CDATA[Dion Lewis blasts former team after win]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Jets should fire coach after humiliating loss]]> <![CDATA[Packers get the playmaker they really need]]> <![CDATA[Coach reportedly smashes fire alarm in locker room]]> <![CDATA[Aetna denied her claim. Now it owes over $25M]]> <![CDATA[F1 drivers scuffle after late crash]]> <![CDATA[These are the People's Choice Award winners]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama opens up about her marriage counseling]]> <![CDATA[Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry hospitalized]]> <![CDATA[Report: NBA team dumps 10-time All-Star]]> <![CDATA[Israeli soldier and Hamas commander killed in Israeli Special Forces operation in Gaza]]> <![CDATA[Dad sings to daughter as they drive through flames]]> <![CDATA[Woman allegedly spiked strawberries with needles for revenge]]> <![CDATA[China's stealth fighters show off missile payload]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Midterm fury fuels Trump's assault on constitutional norms]]> <![CDATA['Trump baby' blimp makes appearance in Paris]]> <![CDATA[The US President's trip to Paris for Armistice Day was marked by missed moments -- and a dire warning]]> <![CDATA[How to honor Anthony Bourdain's legacy]]> <![CDATA[These are the consequences of NYC's gentrification]]> <![CDATA[Startup Rocket Lab puts 6 satellites into orbit]]> <![CDATA[NFLer to donate game check to families of shooting victims]]> <![CDATA[Rep. Jerry Nadler says hush payments 'might very well be an impeachable offense']]> <![CDATA[Rick Scott's campaign to file multiple lawsuits]]> <![CDATA['It's impossible' to finish recount by deadline, Palm Beach county election supervisor says]]> <![CDATA[In pictures: Marking 100 years since the end of World War I]]> <![CDATA[100 years since end of WWI marked with solemn ceremonies around the world]]> <![CDATA[Topless protester rushes Trump motorcade]]> <![CDATA[French leader rebukes nationalism as Trump looks on]]> <![CDATA[Nationalism and 'America First' were in the crosshairs as Europe's leaders urge against backsliding into history's darkest moments]]> <![CDATA[Trump's insults of black Americans are dangerous]]> <![CDATA[Demonizing immigrants is a losing cause for House GOP]]> <![CDATA[Democracy is under assault in Hungary. America's voice is crucial]]> <![CDATA[Dozens of cat mummies discovered in Egyptian tombs]]> <![CDATA[A World War II hero returns to Germany to solve a mystery]]> <![CDATA[Bourdain explores a lower-key Lower East Side]]> <![CDATA[Musician Lydia Lunch and Bourdain remember a grittier period in downtown NYC]]> <![CDATA[The consequences of NYC's gentrification]]> <![CDATA[Jury delivers $25.5 million 'statement' to Aetna]]> <![CDATA[Tiger and Phil give their takes on viral golf swings]]> <![CDATA[Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry hospitalized in New York]]> <![CDATA['Baby Trump' balloon flies over Paris]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: What we can learn from SNL's surprising message of unity]]> <![CDATA[Congressman-elect shows up at 'SNL']]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump's trip to Paris marked by missed moments -- and a dire warning]]> <![CDATA[Arizona Democrat grows lead as some in GOP back away from Trump's claims]]> <![CDATA[Andrew Gillum withdraws concession as Florida recount begins]]> <![CDATA[Here's how the Florida recount works]]> <![CDATA[Supervisor of elections: County will not meet deadline]]> <![CDATA[Florida county collects uncounted ballots left in a mail facility]]> <![CDATA[Rick Scott's campaign is filing three election lawsuits]]> <![CDATA[Florida AG 'deeply troubled' law enforcement not probing election issues after no criminal allegations referred by state]]> <![CDATA[The election overseer for critical Palm Beach County says there is no way the recount for 3 races will be finished by Thursday's deadline]]> <![CDATA[Who will win the People's Choice Awards']]> <![CDATA[Why some people with racist values embrace GOP]]> <![CDATA[How World War I gave us 'cooties']]> <![CDATA[7-year-old's harsh letter to Cowboys owner goes viral]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: How a century-old war affects you]]> <![CDATA[A World War II hero returns to Germany to solve a mystery -- and meet an enemy]]> <![CDATA[Amazon HQ2 could hurt those in need. Here's how the winning city can make sure it doesn't]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Why chasing Amazon was never going to pay off]]> <![CDATA[Progressive backlash against Amazon is growing]]> <![CDATA[Amazon HQ2 rumors rattle New York and DC real estate markets]]> <![CDATA[Raiders traded $141M star. Now others are afraid]]> <![CDATA[Jury delivers $25.5 million 'statement' to Aetna to change its ways]]> <![CDATA[See World War I planes fly 100 years later]]> <![CDATA['The Grinch' scores a big weekend box office]]> <![CDATA[CA fires may force NFL game to be relocated]]> <![CDATA[Bobby Petrino reportedly fired after 4 seasons]]> <![CDATA[How Whitaker's role may trigger a government shutdown]]> <![CDATA[Did Amazon Echo record two homicides']]> <![CDATA[Conway says her husband's criticism of Whitaker appointment 'not relevant']]> <![CDATA[Famed lawyer says CNN should sue the White House over Acosta access]]> <![CDATA[NYT: White House balances a complicated dynamic between Melania and Ivanka Trump]]> <![CDATA[Topless protester rushes Trump's car]]> <![CDATA[Trump's trip to Paris marked by missed moments -- and a dire warning]]> <![CDATA[County in Florida collects uncounted ballots left in a mail facility]]> <![CDATA[The Kentucky county where the water smells like diesel]]> <![CDATA[Michigan's top public health official to stand trial for 2 deaths connected with Flint water crisis]]> <![CDATA[Michigan families anxious about chemicals found in tap water]]> <![CDATA[They drive 20 miles roundtrip for clean water]]> <![CDATA[For almost 10 years, a South Carolina couple saved jars of tap water worried there was something wrong with it. Now the EPA is investigating.]]> <![CDATA[A national museum where veterans, not war, come first]]> <![CDATA[Kristallnacht anniversary is a somber reminder]]> <![CDATA[Don't let Kemp steal Georgia's election]]> <![CDATA[Dems can leverage midterms to win big in 2020]]> <![CDATA[How a century-old war affects you]]> <![CDATA[Trump's insults of black Americans are disgusting and dangerous]]> <![CDATA[Candles to help cure holiday homesickness]]> <![CDATA[5-star holiday gifts to shop on Amazon]]> <![CDATA[Top holiday lights for every decorating need]]> <![CDATA[The ultimate Zodiac-inspired holiday gift guide]]> <![CDATA[Amazon's Pre-Black Friday Sale starts now ' here's what to shop]]> <![CDATA[For 10 years, a chemical not EPA approved was in their drinking water]]> <![CDATA['SNL' mocks Session's White House exit]]> <![CDATA[Rep. Nadler: First person we will summon is acting AG Matthew Whitaker]]> <![CDATA[Jury delivers $25.5M 'statement' to Aetna]]> <![CDATA[Schumer: Democrats could tie Mueller protection measure to must-pass legislation]]> <![CDATA[It is impossible to ignore the defection of women voters away from the GOP]]> <![CDATA[What Schumer plans to do about Whitaker]]> <![CDATA[Brett Kavanaugh tries to shun the spotlight]]> <![CDATA[Davidson apologizes, but Dan Crenshaw gets the last laugh]]> <![CDATA[Trump's tweet on wildfires angers firefighters, celebrities]]> <![CDATA[Macron says he doesn't conduct 'diplomacy through tweets']]> <![CDATA[Watch World War I planes fly 100 years later]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: For Trump, defeat at home and battles abroad]]> <![CDATA['Baby Trump' balloon makes appearance in Paris]]> <![CDATA[Emmanuel Macron seems to rebuke President Trump's agenda at a ceremony marking the end of WWI]]> <![CDATA[New cholesterol guidelines announced]]> <![CDATA[Mother sues after 10 children died in outbreak]]> <![CDATA[Dozens of cat mummies, rare beetles discovered in Egyptian tombs]]> <![CDATA[Winners and losers from college football week 11]]> <![CDATA[Cupp rips Trump: No president attacked Constitution like him]]> <![CDATA[Massive warehouse fire raging in Seattle]]> <![CDATA[$25.5M jury award meant to send a message to Aetna]]> <![CDATA[De Niro's Robert Mueller bids farewell to Sessions on 'SNL']]> <![CDATA['SNL' brings on congressman-elect to get an apology]]> <![CDATA[Democrat Andrew Gillum withdraws his concession in Florida governor's race]]> <![CDATA[Death toll in Northern California wildfire rises to 23]]> <![CDATA[New documentary restores WWI footage like never before]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: What we learned from the war that changed everything]]> <![CDATA[In pictures: Marking 100 years since the end of WWI]]> <![CDATA[Macron, after meeting with Trump, says he doesn't conduct 'diplomacy through tweets']]> <![CDATA[Fareed asks Macron what he and Trump have in common]]> <![CDATA[Topless protester runs towards Trump's motorcade]]> <![CDATA[The President arrives separately from other foreign leaders at the centenary ceremonies in Paris]]> <![CDATA[12 ways to prepare for hep C treatment]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: My love letter to Thousand Oaks]]> <![CDATA[Gunman was on Facebook around time of shooting]]> <![CDATA[He survived two mass shootings in 13 months]]> <![CDATA[Two NBA teams say 'ENOUGH']]> <![CDATA[A study says these supplements don't prevent cancer or heart disease]]> <![CDATA[21-year-old star rides a scooter around campus]]> <![CDATA[What Amazon and Apple's deal means]]> <![CDATA[SE Cupp: History replete with greedy presidents]]> <![CDATA[Why today is world's busiest shopping day]]> <![CDATA[Duterte goes after top Philippines news site]]> <![CDATA[FBI releases new pictures of kidnapped teen]]> <![CDATA[A World War II hero returns to Germany to solve a mystery and meet an enemy]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump's insults of black Americans are disgusting and dangerous]]> <![CDATA[Macron: Trump and I are both outsiders to politics]]> <![CDATA[Macron sits down with CNN]]> <![CDATA[Trump gets 'testy' during discussions with other leaders]]> <![CDATA[Trump properties received $3.2 million during midterms, FEC says]]> <![CDATA[Sinema's lead increases in Arizona Senate race]]> <![CDATA[These 3 Florida races heading to recount]]> <![CDATA[How the Florida recount will work]]> <![CDATA[Gillum withdraws his concession]]> <![CDATA[Florida says the razor-thin races for governor and Senate will be settled by a recount]]> <![CDATA[My love letter to Thousand Oaks]]> <![CDATA[The 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht is a somber reminder]]> <![CDATA[Emma Thompson wears sneakers to palace to receive award]]> <![CDATA[How to tell family you're staying at a hotel]]> <![CDATA[7 facts you should know about Veterans Day]]> <![CDATA[Why World War I is Germany's forgotten conflict]]> <![CDATA[When chemical weapons killed 90,000]]> <![CDATA[What we learned from the first 'total war']]> <![CDATA[Colorization presents WWI in new vivid detail]]> <![CDATA[A poisoned memorial to the war]]> <![CDATA[California gunman was on Facebook around time of shooting, official says]]> <![CDATA[NBA superstar traded in blockbuster deal]]> <![CDATA[Trump to award Medal of Freedom to ...]]> <![CDATA[Brett Kavanaugh tries to shun the spotlight he can't avoid]]> <![CDATA[Today is the world's busiest shopping day]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama reveals infertility, marriage counseling]]> <![CDATA[The acting attorney general's controversial prosecution of a gay Democrat]]> <![CDATA[Trump and Macron discuss Iran nuclear deal]]> <![CDATA[Turkey shares tapes on Khashoggi's death]]> <![CDATA[Jury delivers $25.5M to family of cancer patient denied coverage by Aetna]]> <![CDATA[The most destructive fire in California history]]> <![CDATA[The senators facing re-election fights in 2020]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: How Democrats can leverage the midterm results]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Don't let Brian Kemp steal the Georgia election]]> <![CDATA[Don Lemon: Trump must be really, really rattled]]> <![CDATA[3 Florida races head to recount]]> <![CDATA[As tensions escalate through the state, the razor-thin races for governor and senator will be reviewed]]> <![CDATA[Ali has not taken chance batting at three - Bayliss]]> <![CDATA[California: Wildfires continue to spread across state]]> <![CDATA[California wildfires: 250,000 flee monster flames ravaging state]]> <![CDATA[Jamal Khashoggi murder: Turkey 'shared Khashoggi tapes' with Saudi, US]]> <![CDATA[When her naked selfies showed up online, she was aghast. Then she was arrested]]> <![CDATA[See the rumored Amazon HQ2 picks]]> <![CDATA[New York parishioners using collection basket to seek bishop's resignation]]> <![CDATA[NRA tells doctors to 'stay in their lane']]> <![CDATA[Raging fires spread on both ends of California, killing 9]]> <![CDATA[Matt Whitaker's controversial prosecution of a gay Democrat]]> <![CDATA[The flimsy contraptions that determined the future of warfare]]> <![CDATA[In photos: World War I, then and now]]> <![CDATA[The forests of Verdun: A poisoned memorial to WWI]]> <![CDATA[Watch Trump and Macron meet face-to-face after tweet]]> <![CDATA[Trump lands in France and picks a fight]]> <![CDATA[The two leaders holding bilateral talks]]> <![CDATA[The US President meets with his French counterpart hours after chiding him on Twitter]]> <![CDATA[Study finds 'huge' fall in FGM rates among African girls]]> <![CDATA[Jordan flash floods: Eleven killed and tourists evacuated from Petra]]> <![CDATA[Armistice Day: Trump blasts Macron hours before Paris meeting]]> <![CDATA[The man creating multicultural libraries]]> <![CDATA[Women's World T20: Best moments as Dottin & Kaur light up day one]]> <![CDATA[Leicester City fans in '5,000-1' walk for helicopter crash victims]]> <![CDATA[The girl who witnessed Kristallnacht]]> <![CDATA[Meeting Kosovo's clickbait merchants]]> <![CDATA[Week in pictures: 3-9 November 2018]]> <![CDATA[Democrats and Trump: What does it take to impeach a president']]> <![CDATA['I want to be the next black stuntwoman']]> <![CDATA[Cesar Sayoc: US mail bombs suspect faces new charges]]> <![CDATA[Chile's Caravan of Death: Ex-army chief Cheyre convicted for Pinochet-era crimes]]> <![CDATA[Video of 'pushy' dad helping son save goal goes viral]]> <![CDATA[Jordan flash floods: Seven killed and tourists evacuated from Petra]]> <![CDATA[Millennial congresswoman 'can't afford rent']]> <![CDATA[Isaac, one of 1,000s of Central American migrants walking to US border]]> <![CDATA[California wildfires: Malibu homes burn as death toll climbs to nine]]> <![CDATA[Judge gives custody of child to 1 dad and 2 moms]]> <![CDATA[When Dad can only parent a few days a month]]> <![CDATA[Jolie and Pitt going to trial in custody case]]> <![CDATA[Dads say family court system is broken]]> <![CDATA[Divorce and child custody: Men cry foul]]> <![CDATA[The world's best boutique hotels revealed]]> <![CDATA[Sleep with the fishies in underwater suite]]> <![CDATA[10 abandoned hotels worth a look]]> <![CDATA[These pilots fly WWI fighter planes]]> <![CDATA[Populations are declining in 33 countries]]> <![CDATA[This experiment highlights AI's big challenges]]> <![CDATA[This one step can double food's shelf life]]> <![CDATA[How iPads are changing Broadway]]> <![CDATA[NFL legend FaceTimes history-making female quarterback at school]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: It was WAY better for Democrats than most people seem to think]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump's crying fraud, but...]]> <![CDATA[Don't let Brian Kemp steal the Georgia election]]> <![CDATA[The NFL's worst contracts]]> <![CDATA[College football week 11: Expert predictions]]> <![CDATA[April Ryan to Trump: I'm not a loser]]> <![CDATA[Baldwin on Trump's insults: I'm angry]]> <![CDATA[WSJ: Draft indictment detailed Trump's role in hush money scheme]]> <![CDATA[Toobin says 'racial dimension' to Trump's attacks on black female journalists]]> <![CDATA[Trump pushes back on Michelle Obama]]> <![CDATA[King debunks Trump's attack on Obama]]> <![CDATA[Woman sues facility after 10 children died in adenovirus outbreak]]> <![CDATA[These are the 12 killed in California massacre]]> <![CDATA[Why Kellyanne Conway's husband is an issue for Trump]]> <![CDATA[At least 9 people dead and 150,000 evacuated in California wildfires]]> <![CDATA[Air Force One lands in France and Trump has an immediate beef with Macron]]> <![CDATA[Rosenstein calls Whitaker a 'superb' choice]]> <![CDATA[Whitaker ran conservative group funded by dark money]]> <![CDATA[Whitaker said he supports state's rights to nullify federal law]]> <![CDATA[Chris Cuomo: Trump gets too many breaks for lying]]> <![CDATA[How Matt Whitaker got the job]]> <![CDATA[An Iowa state senator says a two-year legal battle that ended in acquittal exhausted his finances. The case was brought by Trump's new acting attorney general.]]> <![CDATA[Mackay-Steven winner sends Aberdeen above Hibs]]> <![CDATA[Stop Silva, stop Man City' What it is like to face Guardiola's side]]> <![CDATA[Bellew's shot at British boxing history, what's up with southpaws & big-fight predictions]]> <![CDATA[Mercedes one-two in Brazilian GP second practice]]> <![CDATA[Root praises 'fantastic' squad after thumping first-Test win - plus select your XI]]> <![CDATA['We want to make the movie, not watch it' - England boss eyes win over All Blacks]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Silver Cross Mother: Parent of soldier who died by suicide gets Canada honour]]> <![CDATA[The 'painted wolves' of Zimbabwe]]> <![CDATA[Marseille collapse: The day France's second city ripped apart]]> <![CDATA[Root praises 'fantastic' England squad after thumping first-Test win - plus select your XI]]> <![CDATA[Mahinda Rajapaksa: Return of Sri Lanka's wartime strongman]]> <![CDATA[Kristallnacht: Lights left on to mark 80th anniversary]]> <![CDATA[Man ordered to repay ex-fiancee for engagement rings]]> <![CDATA[Politician learns of her child's murder in congress]]> <![CDATA[Sri Lanka's President Sirisena moves to dissolve parliament]]> <![CDATA[Family tragedy of Somalia's Mogadishu hotel owners]]> <![CDATA[Austrian colonel 'spied for Russia since 1990s']]> <![CDATA[Thousand Oaks shooting: 'Gun control shooting' plea from bereaved mum]]> <![CDATA[Broward County: Trump wades into Florida Senate election chaos]]> <![CDATA[First euthanasia prosecution launched in the Netherlands]]> <![CDATA[California wildfires: Five dead and more than 150,000 evacuated]]> <![CDATA[Signs it's time to treat your hep C]]> <![CDATA[Trump's latest aggression forces world to adapt]]> <![CDATA[Glass ceilings are cracking worldwide]]> <![CDATA[GOP opposition to birth control is politics, period]]> <![CDATA[Broadway ditches age-old processes for iPads]]> <![CDATA['Parts Unknown' guest had a dream about Tony]]> <![CDATA[Exploring a less extraordinary Lower East Side]]> <![CDATA[Musician and Bourdain appreciated a grittier period]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: How to wake the 'too woke to vote'']]> <![CDATA[Toobin: It's a 'count,' not a 'recount']]> <![CDATA[What we know about the votes out of Broward]]> <![CDATA[It was WAY better for Democrats than most people seem to think]]> <![CDATA[Flight attendant breastfeeds flier's baby]]> <![CDATA[Trump signs proclamation limiting asylum]]> <![CDATA[Trump to CNN reporter: What a stupid question. You ask a lot of stupid questions.]]> <![CDATA[Trump asks reporters to respect the presidency, as he calls one a 'loser']]> <![CDATA[Trump threatens more reporters' credentials]]> <![CDATA[Mail bomb suspect hit with 30-count indictment]]> <![CDATA[Why more are pushing back on Amazon HQ2]]> <![CDATA[NYT: Ocasio-Cortez can't afford DC apartment until congressional salary starts]]> <![CDATA[At least 5 people dead in Paradise wildfire]]> <![CDATA[Trump downplays his ties to Whitaker after criticism]]> <![CDATA[Former first lady opens up about infertility]]> <![CDATA[She says she 'felt like I failed' after miscarriage]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama says she'll never forgive Trump]]> <![CDATA[The former first lady says Trump's role in the 'birther' movement endangered her family]]> <![CDATA['We're the only team in White Hart Lane' - Haringey eye FA Cup shock]]> <![CDATA[Out-kick them' Isolate their backs' Five ways England can beat the All Blacks]]> <![CDATA[Arsenal's Welbeck has 'significant' ankle injury]]> <![CDATA[England complete crushing win against Sri Lanka]]> <![CDATA[Russian politician on 'ministerial diet' challenge loses 6kg]]> <![CDATA[#BlackGirlMagic: The 19 female judges making history in Texas]]> <![CDATA[Baby born on London-bound high-speed train]]> <![CDATA[Bat stuck on fly paper freed with butter on cotton buds]]> <![CDATA[Antarctic: Nasa shares close-up photos of big PIG iceberg]]> <![CDATA[Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp get engaged]]> <![CDATA[Afghanistan war: Taliban attend landmark peace talks]]> <![CDATA[Norway warship Helge Ingstad 'warned' before collision]]> <![CDATA[Ryanair plane seized by French authorities in cash row]]> <![CDATA[Trump on Mueller probe: 'I didn't speak to Whitaker about it']]> <![CDATA[Kristallnacht anniversary: France warns of steep rise in anti-Semitism]]> <![CDATA[UK minister quits government over Brexit]]> <![CDATA[Guyana plane crash: Six injured on Fly Jamaica flight]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama reveals daughters were conceived by IVF]]> <![CDATA[Woolsey Fire: California blaze advances on Malibu]]> <![CDATA[California shooting: 'No more guns' plea from bereaved mum]]> <![CDATA[Thousand Oaks: Las Vegas shooting survivor among dead]]> <![CDATA[What we learned from first "total war"]]> <![CDATA[Broadway ditches age-old processes to run shows with iPads]]> <![CDATA[Democrat takes a thin lead in Arizona Senate race]]> <![CDATA[Trump hints at potential federal role in FL recount]]> <![CDATA[What we know about the votes out of Broward County, Forida]]> <![CDATA[Malibu declares mandatory evacuation]]> <![CDATA[Oakland traded $141M star. Now others are afraid]]> <![CDATA[Trump reacts to exchange with Acosta]]> <![CDATA[Trump slams George Conway: You mean 'Mr. Kellyanne ...']]> <![CDATA[Trump is reviewing his answers for Mueller']]> <![CDATA[How these four will determine the fate of Mueller's probe]]> <![CDATA[Former first lady: Educate every girl]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: 'When they go low, we go high' still stands]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama opens up about infertility]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama calls out Trump in new book]]> <![CDATA[Trump pushes back at Michelle Obama]]> <![CDATA[The former first lady says the 'birther' movement stoked by Trump put her family at risk, according to memoir excerpts obtained by the Washington Post]]> <![CDATA[Best forms of alcohol to drink on a diet]]> <![CDATA[Populations are declining in 33 countries, with more to follow soon]]> <![CDATA[FDA plans to launch new restrictions on e-cigarette flavors]]> <![CDATA[Google announces changes after employee protest]]> <![CDATA[New York is the new hot spot for Big Tech]]> <![CDATA[The Backstreet Boys announce tour]]> <![CDATA[Buckle up, it'll be a bumpy ride toward 2020]]> <![CDATA[Protest at Tucker Carlson's home went too far]]> <![CDATA[California shooting is what every parent dreads]]> <![CDATA[Which Trump will show up in Paris']]> <![CDATA[London as you've never seen it]]> <![CDATA[Colorization presents WWI in vivid detail]]> <![CDATA[The unbridled joy of dogs catching treats]]> <![CDATA[Counties are focus brewing Florida recount. Again.]]> <![CDATA[Democrat takes a very thin lead in Arizona Senate race]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: This is what Californians really needed]]> <![CDATA[Utility says its equipment may have sparked fire]]> <![CDATA[In pictures: Wildfires tear across California]]> <![CDATA[Aerial views of California wildfire]]> <![CDATA[Kim Kardashian and Alyssa Milano flee homes]]> <![CDATA['People were abandoning their cars and running with their babies and kids']]> <![CDATA[Tragic girl's life could've been saved by 1 device]]> <![CDATA[What late-night hosts will do to protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg]]> <![CDATA[Iconic pop group announces reunion tour]]> <![CDATA[Police find the SUV used to abduct missing teen]]> <![CDATA[Fortune magazine sold for $150M in cash]]> <![CDATA[Crude oil plunges rapidly into a bear market]]> <![CDATA[Stabbing spree in Melbourne city center was terrorism, police say]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama says she'll never forgive Trump for putting her family in danger]]> <![CDATA[He went from Marine vet to mass shooter. Investigators want to know why.]]> <![CDATA[Mueller's team defends his authority in court]]> <![CDATA[Bernstein slams Trump as 'rageaholic President']]> <![CDATA[Democrats plot to address 'crisis moment' for Mueller investigation]]> <![CDATA[Clapper: Why I think Trump picked Sessions' replacement]]> <![CDATA[Trump jets to Paris, leaving political tumult behind]]> <![CDATA[Trump reviewing his answers to Mueller's questions]]> <![CDATA[The special counsel is writing his final report. The gravity of the investigation suddenly seems oppressive.]]> <![CDATA[Who will come out on top in Manchester derby' Lawro v WWE's Ziggler & McIntyre]]> <![CDATA[Keystone XL Pipeline: US judge orders halt on construction]]> <![CDATA[Hamilton confident in security at Brazilian GP]]> <![CDATA[Women's World T20: Katherine Brunt ruled out with a back injury]]> <![CDATA['Avoid making claims you cannot fulfil' - Spurs warned over stadium advert]]> <![CDATA[Who will come out on top in Manchester derby' Lawro v WWE stars Ziggler & McIntyre]]> <![CDATA[Arsenal fear 'very big' Welbeck injury after draw seals qualification]]> <![CDATA[The gamer who spent seven years in his dressing gown]]> <![CDATA[Pyrenees death: Young smuggler who died for a few euros]]> <![CDATA[#BlackGirlMagic: Nineteen black judges elected in Texas]]> <![CDATA[Climate Change: Arctic 'no safe harbour' for breeding birds]]> <![CDATA[Thousand Oaks: The last thing I said was 'Son, I love you']]> <![CDATA[Chinese headmaster fired over secret coin mining at school]]> <![CDATA[Paradise Fire: California wildfire leaves town in ruins]]> <![CDATA[Conjoined twins: Bhutanese girls separated in six-hour surgery]]> <![CDATA[BTS member in atom bomb shirt controversy]]> <![CDATA[Melbourne attack: Man shot dead after fire and fatal stabbing]]> <![CDATA[10 abandoned hotels worth checking out]]> <![CDATA[Fertility rates fallen 'tremendously' affecting many populations]]> <![CDATA[China has developed a virtual anchor to deliver the news]]> <![CDATA[Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are engaged]]> <![CDATA[Sinema takes very thin lead over McSally in Arizona Senate race]]> <![CDATA[Gov. Rick Scott claims rampant fraud in Florida]]> <![CDATA[Justice Ginsburg fractures ribs in fall]]> <![CDATA[Fan donates $19K in winnings to synagogue victims]]> <![CDATA[Michelle Obama blasts Trump in new book]]> <![CDATA[Man shot by police after stabbing spree in Melbourne city center]]> <![CDATA[Trump jets to Paris, leaving tumult behind]]> <![CDATA[K-pop group's show in Japan canceled after outcry over atomic bomb shirt]]> <![CDATA[Cuomo slams Fox News for dropping caravan hysteria after midterms]]> <![CDATA[Is ban justified' Can CNN sue' Q&A about White House action against Jim Acosta]]> <![CDATA[Judge halts work on Keystone XL pipeline]]> <![CDATA[Residents flee walls of flame as huge wildfire races across Northern California]]> <![CDATA[These key players will determine fate of Russia probe]]> <![CDATA[Victims include student, law enforcement officer, Marine vet]]> <![CDATA[A father's final words to his firstborn: 'Son, I love you']]> <![CDATA[When a man with Glock .45-caliber handgun opened fire in a California bar, some people ran for their lives. Others never got the chance]]> <![CDATA[West Indies set to begin Women's World T20 title defence]]> <![CDATA[Farrell 'not protected by referees' - Jones]]> <![CDATA[Delhi pollution: Are Diwali fireworks to blame']]> <![CDATA[Could these balls help reduce plastic pollution']]> <![CDATA[Delhi air: Eating berries and wearing masks to beat pollution]]> <![CDATA[What's the Word of the Year']]> <![CDATA[Africa's week in pictures: 2-8 November 2018]]> <![CDATA[Mental health in Nigeria: Hauwa Ojeifo's 24/7 helpline for women]]> <![CDATA[Alibaba Singles Day: Dollars or data']]> <![CDATA[Imelda Marcos faces arrest after guilty verdict]]> <![CDATA[Conjoined twins: Australian surgeons try to separate Bhutanese girls]]> <![CDATA[Hong Kong refuses entry to FT journalist Victor Mallet]]> <![CDATA[Thousands evacuated over fast-moving California wildfire]]> <![CDATA[Remembrance Day: How Germans remember the World Wars]]> <![CDATA[Sabrina makers sued by Satanic Temple over statue]]> <![CDATA[Nicaragua arson attack kills six members of the same family]]> <![CDATA['Remarkable' decline in fertility rates]]> <![CDATA[US proposes rule banning asylum for illegal migrants]]> <![CDATA[When Lydia Lunch had actual lunch with Bourdain]]> <![CDATA[This Tex Mex BBQ is the real deal]]> <![CDATA[8 tips for living well with hepatitis C]]> <![CDATA['s augmented reality revolution]]> <![CDATA[She was waiting to go to school when man took her]]> <![CDATA[13-year-old abducted outside her home]]> <![CDATA[Police find the SUV used to abduct a missing North Carolina teen]]> <![CDATA[Georgia governor's race is still undecided]]> <![CDATA[Here's where key races stand]]> <![CDATA[Broward and Palm Beach counties are at the center of a brewing Florida recount. Again.]]> <![CDATA[Players help coach score points with girlfriend]]> <![CDATA[Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade welcome baby]]> <![CDATA[What House Democrats can do about guns]]> <![CDATA[Fans offer Justice Ginsburg ribs after fall]]> <![CDATA[Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized after fracturing ribs in fall]]> <![CDATA[Competitive House race in Maine puts 'ranked-choice' voting system to the test]]> <![CDATA[Democratic lawmaker drops leadership bid, announces her husband is 'facing charges']]> <![CDATA[Pelosi is '100%' confident she will be the next House speaker]]> <![CDATA[Whitaker backlash prompts concern at the White House]]> <![CDATA[How the California bar shooting unfolded]]> <![CDATA[Witness: A girl wanted help, but I was frozen]]> <![CDATA[Tamera Mowry-Housley reveals niece was killed in mass shooting]]> <![CDATA[What we know about the gunman who killed 12 at a California bar]]> <![CDATA[The first thing he said was, 'Please don't drink and drive.' The last thing he said was, 'Son, I love you.']]> <![CDATA[Google changes harassment, assault policies after mass employee protest]]> <![CDATA['Modern Family' character reveals pregnancy]]> <![CDATA[Gabrielle Union welcomes daughter]]> <![CDATA[She drank kratom tea while pregnant. Baby went into withdrawal]]> <![CDATA[Disney unveils the name of its new streaming service]]> <![CDATA[Remember the midterms' Here's where key races stand]]> <![CDATA[Sears and Kmart closing 40 more locations]]> <![CDATA[Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade welcome baby]]> <![CDATA[Fertility rates cut in half since 1950]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Protest at Tucker Carlson's home went too far]]> <![CDATA[Schiff responds to threat from Trump]]> <![CDATA[WaPo: Key House Dem says pre-existing conditions vote should happen 'right away']]> <![CDATA[Competitive House race in Maine to test the 'ranked-choice' voting system]]> <![CDATA[Demonstrators gather in Times Square]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Why the acting attorney general won't recuse himself in the Russia probe]]> <![CDATA[A Northern California fire is growing at a rate of about 80 football fields per minute]]> <![CDATA[White House press secretary tweets misleading video from InfoWars]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: There are no safe places]]> <![CDATA[The gunman came out of nowhere and just started shooting]]> <![CDATA[Sergeant who confronted shooter hailed a hero]]> <![CDATA[Father's parting words to son killed in shooting: 'I love you']]> <![CDATA[Video shows inside bar during shooting]]> <![CDATA[Random questions for Tour de France champions Thomas]]> <![CDATA[Celtic beat Leipzig to keep last-32 hopes alive]]> <![CDATA[Bate Borisov 0-1 Chelsea: Giroud goal confirms last 32 Europa League spot]]> <![CDATA[US mid-terms 2018: Florida senate race recount triggered]]> <![CDATA[Arsenal qualification for last 32 marred by Welbeck injury]]> <![CDATA[ICC Women's World Twenty20 2018: Tournament guide and players to watch]]> <![CDATA[Spartak score twice in a minute to beat Rangers in seven-goal thriller]]> <![CDATA['He couldn't get a lift to the academy' - Wilson's difficult road to the England squad]]> <![CDATA[Mid-terms 2018: When voting goes wrong]]> <![CDATA[Delhi smog: Are Diwali fireworks to blame']]> <![CDATA[Hong Kong Fire Service's lycra-clad mascot causes a stir]]> <![CDATA[French cold kills 20-year-old walking cigarettes over Pyrenees]]> <![CDATA[Prince Charles in Africa: Royal speaks Pidgin in Nigeria visit]]> <![CDATA[Edinburgh's road signs hacked by artist]]> <![CDATA[Cricketer shocks with 'leave India' jibe]]> <![CDATA[Lions blamed as hundreds of buffalo drown in Botswana]]> <![CDATA[Syria war: Army frees 19 IS hostages - state media]]> <![CDATA[Texas judge releases defendants after election loss]]> <![CDATA[Ethiopia police find mass grave of 200 people]]> <![CDATA[Ban overturned on Polish independence march by nationalists]]> <![CDATA[China's 'AI newsreader': Which of these isn't real']]> <![CDATA[Ruth Bader Ginsburg: US Supreme Court judge fractures ribs in fall]]> <![CDATA[Helge Ingstad: Norway's warship collides with tanker in fjord]]> <![CDATA[Thousand Oaks: Ex-Marine Ian David Long identified as suspect]]> <![CDATA[Ginsburg's injury: Why falls are so dangerous for older people]]> <![CDATA[Doctors demand action after NRA tells them to 'stay in their lane']]> <![CDATA[A last minute election surprise, claiming to be from Russia, causes a stir in Silicon Valley]]> <![CDATA[Taming Elon Musk: 3 things his new boss must do]]> <![CDATA[Are Halsey and John Mayer a thing']]> <![CDATA[Claire Foy spins into action]]> <![CDATA[Extend your weekends: 50% off Sundays Hiltons of D.C.]]> <![CDATA[The next Abraham Lincoln will be a woman]]> <![CDATA[The other potential threat to Mueller's investigation]]> <![CDATA[The White House press corps should walk out]]> <![CDATA[She drank kratom tea while pregnant. Then her newborn went into withdrawal]]> <![CDATA[Google announces changes after worldwide protest]]> <![CDATA[Bizarre world of vintage tobacco and alcohol ads]]> <![CDATA[How smoking can be worse for women than men, according to a study]]> <![CDATA[Cigarette use reaches a new low in the US]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Democrats pick up another seat in the House]]> <![CDATA[Remember the midterms' Where key races stand]]> <![CDATA[Former New York attorney general will not be charged, prosecutor says]]> <![CDATA[Bryan Cranston confirms 'Breaking Bad' movie]]> <![CDATA[See robots fly and swim just like animals]]> <![CDATA[NFL player who made history dies]]> <![CDATA[Duck boat captain in fatal capsizing indicted]]> <![CDATA[Conway's husband: Acting AG unconstitutional]]> <![CDATA[Police called after left-wing activists descend on Fox host Tucker Carlson's home]]> <![CDATA[The election results are in. Now what']]> <![CDATA[Nancy Pelosi plans to push for revival of climate change committee in new Congress]]> <![CDATA[Whitaker has given no indication he will step aside from Mueller's investigation]]> <![CDATA[US hits Russia with new Crimea sanctions after Trump blames Obama for annexation]]> <![CDATA[Fact-checking Trump's combative press conference]]> <![CDATA[Appeals court says Trump administration can't end DACA]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: California shooting is what every parent dreads]]> <![CDATA[Survivor describes gunman during shooting]]> <![CDATA[Thousand Oaks victims include college student and law enforcement officer]]> <![CDATA[Dad breaks down to media after news of son's death]]> <![CDATA[This is the 4th "soft target" attack in 2 weeks]]> <![CDATA[The former Marine who killed 12 people in Southern California met with a mental health specialist in April]]> <![CDATA[Blood pressure, smoking raise heart attack risk more in women]]> <![CDATA[Yoga and meditation on the rise in US]]> <![CDATA[Amazon HQ2: Pros and cons of choosing 2 cities]]> <![CDATA[Car companies rush to embrace scooters and bikes]]> <![CDATA[Women make history in 2018 midterms]]> <![CDATA[Pelosi confident about becoming speaker as Dems eye leadership jobs]]> <![CDATA[Some high-profile immigration hardliners lost Tuesday. But exit polls show Americans are still split]]> <![CDATA[Dems need a new 2020 script to fight Trump]]> <![CDATA[5 things any Dems running in 2020 should know]]> <![CDATA[The entire White House press corps should walk out]]> <![CDATA[Facebook's Portal+ is going to be a hard sell]]> <![CDATA[Prince Harry reveals why Charles walked Meghan up the aisle]]> <![CDATA[Donatella Versace: A fashion icon ft. Lady Gaga]]> <![CDATA[Inside the world's most luxurious train]]> <![CDATA[Families allowed hug on the US-Mexico border]]> <![CDATA['s radical new innovation]]> <![CDATA[Schneiderman pursued many cases against Trump]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Strangulation is a red flag, not 'role-play']]> <![CDATA[The ways Eric Schneiderman, who was accused of abuse, publicly promoted women's rights]]> <![CDATA[Former New York attorney general will not be charged in abuse investigation, prosecutor says]]> <![CDATA[Former Microsoft exec worth $42 billion trying to make the Clippers into LA's real team]]> <![CDATA[Arrests made over child 'fight club' video]]> <![CDATA[Family found dead, child missing, near vehicle in Australian outback]]> <![CDATA[Yankees need to make this risky trade]]> <![CDATA[Bryan Cranston confirms 'Breaking Bad' movie happening]]> <![CDATA[High school players help coach propose]]> <![CDATA[Oakland traded $141 million star. Now other players afraid they'll get traded, too]]> <![CDATA[69-year-old man's legal bid to be 20 years younger]]> <![CDATA[GOP lawmaker slams Trump's remarks]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump senses post-midterm window to wound Mueller]]> <![CDATA[White House moving ahead with new rule to limit number of asylum seekers]]> <![CDATA[Georgia Democrat Lucy McBath elected to Congress following tight race]]> <![CDATA[Georgia's Kemp resigns as secretary of state with governor's race still undecided]]> <![CDATA[Reporters condemn White House decision to bar Acosta]]> <![CDATA[Trump considering Chris Christie and Pam Bondi for attorney general]]> <![CDATA[Justice Ginsburg hospitalized after fracturing ribs in fall]]> <![CDATA[Mueller's team has begun writing its final report in the Russia probe]]> <![CDATA[4th attack in 2 weeks leaves mounting death toll]]> <![CDATA[People were line dancing when the gunman started firing]]> <![CDATA[Witnesses describe panic inside bar shooting]]> <![CDATA[In photos: Mass shooting at California bar]]> <![CDATA[Dad: I tracked his phone, it's still at the bar]]> <![CDATA[6 off-duty officers were at the bar last night]]> <![CDATA[What we know about the gunman]]> <![CDATA[The shooter has been identified as 28-year-old Ian David Long, according to Ventura County Sheriff]]> <![CDATA[FA Cup: From worldies to the weird - why we love the first round]]> <![CDATA[Why 'monumental' win will not help Man Utd in derby]]> <![CDATA[Hundreds of buffaloes drown 'fleeing lions' in Botswana]]> <![CDATA[Tesla names Robyn Denholm as chair to replace Elon Musk]]> <![CDATA[Brexit: Jeremy Hunt hails 'bond of friendship' with France]]> <![CDATA[Prince Charles won't speak out when he becomes king]]> <![CDATA[Helge Ingstad: Warship collides with tanker in fjord]]> <![CDATA[Thousand Oaks: At least 12 killed at California bar shooting]]> <![CDATA[Inside history's most opulent English houses]]> <![CDATA[Dubai Police start training on flying motorbikes]]> <![CDATA[Late night reacts to firing of Jeff Sessions]]> <![CDATA[The real science behind fascia ailments]]> <![CDATA[Yoga and meditation on the rise among US adults and kids]]> <![CDATA[The electric supercars lighting up 2018]]> <![CDATA[Elon Musk mocks SEC amid settlement deal]]> <![CDATA[Elon Musk has a new boss at Tesla]]> <![CDATA[Questions raised about decision to transfer 'Whitey' Bulger to general population]]> <![CDATA[N. Korea 'really angry' at US as tensions rise]]> <![CDATA[Senator reacts: Democracy under attack]]> <![CDATA[Trump strikes, sensing post-midterm window to wound Mueller]]> <![CDATA[Official says suspect is 'confined within the facility']]> <![CDATA[When deputies responded to the scene shots were still being fired]]> <![CDATA[Witness describes watching gunman enter bar]]> <![CDATA[Officials investigate shooting]]> <![CDATA[Father chokes up giving account of shooting]]> <![CDATA[A shooter opened fire at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, on college night. Fatalities were reported and the gunman is believed to be among them, officials say.]]> <![CDATA[Kohli causes uproar with 'leave India' comment]]> <![CDATA[Olympic medallist Smith retires aged 29]]> <![CDATA[Tesla names new chair to replace Elon Musk]]> <![CDATA[Australia deaths: Family found dead near broken-down vehicle in outback]]> <![CDATA[Brexit: Jeremy Hunt to hail 'bond of friendship' with France]]> <![CDATA[Prince Charles won't 'meddle' when he becomes king]]> <![CDATA[Toxic smog returns to Delhi after Diwali]]> <![CDATA[Dutchman, 69, brings lawsuit to lower his age 20 years]]> <![CDATA[Thousand Oaks: Several injured in California bar shooting]]> <![CDATA[Trump-Russia probe 'under threat' after Sessions fired]]> <![CDATA[Floyd Mayweather distances himself from bout with Japanese kickboxer]]> <![CDATA[Prince Charles talks about his future role in new BBC documentary]]> <![CDATA[Centuries-old alcohol discovered in China]]> <![CDATA[City breaks world record lighting 300,000 lamps]]> <![CDATA[Colorado voters put end to slavery in all cases]]> <![CDATA[Amazon offers free shipping on all holiday orders]]> <![CDATA[What happens when Muslims and Islamophobes both win]]> <![CDATA[Starbucks isn't done growing in America or China]]> <![CDATA[Bryce Harper reportedly turned down $300M offer]]> <![CDATA[She drank kratom tea while pregnant. Then her newborn went into withdrawal.]]> <![CDATA[The colossal war painting that time forgot]]> <![CDATA[Crossing the US-Mexico border: Separated families get a three-minute hug]]> <![CDATA[SUV spotted in case of abducted teen]]> <![CDATA[North Korea 'really angry' at US as tensions rise]]> <![CDATA[Trump: I'll give you voter suppression]]> <![CDATA[Retiring GOP congressman: Trump mocks losers like 'dancing on somebody's grave']]> <![CDATA[Defiant Trump declares victory]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: 64 truly remarkable lines from Trump's post-election news conference]]> <![CDATA[White House pulls Acosta's pass after contentious press conference]]> <![CDATA[Pelosi confident about becoming speaker]]> <![CDATA[GOP lawmaker slams Trump's 'snide' remarks]]> <![CDATA[People go wild for Colorado's first 'first man']]> <![CDATA[Tuesday was glass-ceiling shattering night for women]]> <![CDATA[Nevada is the 10th state to nix a 'pink tax']]> <![CDATA[Abrams campaign: We don't accept Kemp declaring himself the winner]]> <![CDATA[Ex-Nixon counsel: This was 'planned like a murder']]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump's Wednesday Afternoon Massacre]]> <![CDATA[Possible replacements: 8 people who could be the next AG]]> <![CDATA[The acting AG: He once argued Mueller probe goes too far]]> <![CDATA[Senator reacts: Our democracy is under attack]]> <![CDATA[The President's choice for a temporary attorney general is his way of taking charge over Mueller's probe]]> <![CDATA[Mid-terms 2018: Why the fight isn't over in Georgia]]> <![CDATA[Why Australia is worried about upsetting Indonesia]]> <![CDATA[Choppy waters for Greek shipping sector]]> <![CDATA[Finland: Where second-hand comes first]]> <![CDATA[Can artificial intelligence predict the future of fashion']]> <![CDATA[The thermal rescue drone that finds woodland wanderers]]> <![CDATA['El Chapo' Guzman: Dozen jurors picked for drug trial]]> <![CDATA[White House suspends credentials for CNN's Jim Acosta]]> <![CDATA[First 'retirement home' for showbiz beluga whales]]> <![CDATA[Dutch man, 69, brings lawsuit to lower his age 20 years]]> <![CDATA[Nancy Pelosi: The return of the woman Republicans love to hate]]> <![CDATA[Tommy Makinson: St Helens and England winger wins Golden Boot]]> <![CDATA[Bizarre penalty decision leads to Jesus hat-trick in record Man City victory]]> <![CDATA[Man Utd score twice in last five minutes to snatch stunning win at Juventus]]> <![CDATA[The Caribbean honours its overlooked WW1 soldiers]]> <![CDATA[Allahabad: The name change that killed my city's soul]]> <![CDATA[How the VBS 'bank heist' sparked a parliamentary brawl in South Africa]]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections 2018: Do celebrities really influence voters']]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections 2018: Trump offers bipartisanship with caveat]]> <![CDATA[Governors can stop private militias from massing]]> <![CDATA[Trump is master programmer. Dems need new script]]> <![CDATA[Steve Kerr calls college player the next LeBron]]> <![CDATA[Trump administration weakens Obamacare birth control coverage mandate]]> <![CDATA[Rep. Keith Ellison wins bid for Minnesota attorney general despite abuse allegations]]> <![CDATA[Defiant Trump declares victory, battles press]]> <![CDATA[Voters just elected six more scientists to Congress]]> <![CDATA[Democrats warn against Mueller probe interference]]> <![CDATA[Gillum and Abrams did America proud]]> <![CDATA[16 reasons the Rainbow Wave is exciting]]> <![CDATA[Trump is about to withdraw from world even further]]> <![CDATA[Dems, don't stop with Trump taxes]]> <![CDATA[Alyssa Milano: America's health care victory]]> <![CDATA[Study: 'Meat taxes' would save many lives, cut health costs]]> <![CDATA[City breaks world record with 300,000 oil lamps for Diwali]]> <![CDATA[World's oldest figurative artwork found in a cave]]> <![CDATA['El Chapo' waits to see if he can have the first hug with his wife in nearly two years]]> <![CDATA[He's the missing piece LeBron needs]]> <![CDATA[Carrie Underwood's husband spoofs 'Before He Cheats']]> <![CDATA[Man United's thrilling comeback against Ronaldo]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Researchers' suggestion of an alien space probe is probably wrong]]> <![CDATA[Flight crew fired over 'fake' sleeping photo]]> <![CDATA[Nevada becomes the 10th state to eliminate a 'pink tax' on menstrual products]]> <![CDATA[Wells Fargo finds another 145 customers who lost homes after glitch]]> <![CDATA[Lawsuit: Wells Fargo knew for years that auto insurance was hurting customers]]> <![CDATA[Dow surges nearly 550 points]]> <![CDATA[16 Oklahoma educators elected to office]]> <![CDATA[Two states passed amendments that would restrict abortion access]]> <![CDATA[Jim Acosta responds to Trump]]> <![CDATA[Trump clashes with media: 'Sit down']]> <![CDATA[How Democrats fought their way back]]> <![CDATA[Trump: Such a racist question]]> <![CDATA[Tapper: That's how gangsters act]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Republicans' secret weapon was Kavanaugh]]> <![CDATA[The new acting attorney general wrote this opinion about Mueller for CNN last year]]> <![CDATA[Read Jeff Sessions' resignation letter]]> <![CDATA[Toobin: Trump taking charge of Russia probe]]> <![CDATA[Trump thanks Sessions for his service]]> <![CDATA[The Attorney General's temporary replacement, Mathew Whitaker, is expected to take charge of the Russia investigation]]> <![CDATA[Man Utd score twice in last five minutes for stunning win at Juventus]]> <![CDATA[14 passes, one wonder strike - watch Scottish team's memorable goal]]> <![CDATA[Leicester to wear tribute shirts for owner v Burnley]]> <![CDATA['You're either in or out' - Fifa would ban Super League players]]> <![CDATA[Stub your toe, win a penalty - worst decision ever']]> <![CDATA[No way can England omit century maker Foakes - Vaughan]]> <![CDATA[Oldest cave painting of an animal discovered in Borneo]]> <![CDATA[Red Dead 2 suffragette clips deleted by YouTube]]> <![CDATA[Mayweather: 'I have not agreed Nasukawa deal']]> <![CDATA[Samsung folding smartphone revealed to developers]]> <![CDATA[Cameroon kidnap: Joy as freed students returned to parents]]> <![CDATA[President Macron's Petain Nazi collaborator remark creates row]]> <![CDATA[Polish independence day march by nationalists banned in Warsaw]]> <![CDATA[Pakistan blasphemy case: Asia Bibi freed from jail]]> <![CDATA[Trump fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions]]> <![CDATA['The Grinch' returns to steal Christmas]]> <![CDATA[Amazon HQ2 was a pipe dream for cities]]> <![CDATA[Trump is expanding global vacuum]]> <![CDATA[Live Aid performance is still pure magic]]> <![CDATA[Late night comedians react to split Congress]]> <![CDATA[Champions League: CSKA vs. Roma]]> <![CDATA[Missing children in the US by the numbers]]> <![CDATA[Sister: Man came out of nowhere and took her]]> <![CDATA[SUV spotted in case of abducted North Carolina teen]]> <![CDATA[Sears creditors suggest Chairman Eddie Lampert structured deals to enrich himself]]> <![CDATA[Pentagon renames its border mission]]> <![CDATA[Trump, Acosta share tense exchange]]> <![CDATA[Nelson calls for recount in Florida]]> <![CDATA[Democrat Janet Mills wins governor's race in Maine]]> <![CDATA[Trump says he has 'never used racist remarks']]> <![CDATA[Jon Tester wins re-election in Montana Senate race]]> <![CDATA[See the full election results]]> <![CDATA[CNN calls Trump's press attacks 'un-American' after news conference]]> <![CDATA[McConnell expresses little appetite for tackling immigration]]> <![CDATA[Obama urges reconciliation, praises Democrats for midterm victories]]> <![CDATA[Cantona, Davids, Fergie - the artist who made his name drawing football's biggest stars]]> <![CDATA[Donald Trump mocks losing candidates who rejected his help]]> <![CDATA[Tanzania police arrest 10 over 'gay wedding' in Zanzibar]]> <![CDATA[Spanish parents jailed over sick child donation fraud]]> <![CDATA[South Korea apologises for rapes during 1980 Gwangju protest crackdown]]> <![CDATA[Michael Douglas dedicates his Hollywood Star to father Kirk Douglas]]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections 2018: Trump hails 'tremendous success']]> <![CDATA[He invented the World Wide Web. Now he wants to protect it]]> <![CDATA[Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over name change]]> <![CDATA[The President calls a CNN reporter 'the enemy of the people' as he's questioned about migrants after the midterm election]]> <![CDATA[The pros and cons of Amazon choosing two cities for HQ2]]> <![CDATA[Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt going to trial]]> <![CDATA[Why investors like divided government]]> <![CDATA[This is how Dems can win in 2020]]> <![CDATA[Dems' House victory shields Mueller]]> <![CDATA[New photos of powerful moments from WWI]]> <![CDATA[Glimmer of hope in race to save rhino]]> <![CDATA[Lemon's reaction to Hannity at Trump rally]]> <![CDATA[A plane was grounded because of stinky fruit]]> <![CDATA[Flight crew fired for staging photo]]> <![CDATA[Here's where Apple still struggles to sell iPhones]]> <![CDATA[Billboard's 'Woman of the Year' is ...]]> <![CDATA[Carrie Underwood's husband spoofs her hit song]]> <![CDATA[Why recovering plane from sea floor won't be easy]]> <![CDATA[What we know about the Lion Air plane crash]]> <![CDATA[Victims' belongings pulled out of the water]]> <![CDATA[Boeing issues new guidance after deadly crash]]> <![CDATA[Day care workers charged after child 'fight club' video surfaces]]> <![CDATA[Kellyanne Conway deflects question on Trump's tone]]> <![CDATA[Billionaire Tom Steyer tells newly empowered Democrats to impeach Trump]]> <![CDATA[Where the House and Senate stand now]]> <![CDATA[Two Roger Stone associates go before Mueller's grand jury]]> <![CDATA[McConnell warns Democrats: 'Presidential harassment' could backfire]]> <![CDATA[Here's how Trump says investigating him will backfire]]> <![CDATA[Abrams refuses to concede in close race]]> <![CDATA[Nelson calls for recount in Florida Senate race]]> <![CDATA[The President simultaneously offers a deal and issues threats as he faces fresh opposition in a Democratic House]]> <![CDATA[THIS HEADLINE CHANGES THE BANNER AND THE MAIN IMAGE]]> <![CDATA[Exit poll data for midterms]]> <![CDATA[Trump's approval over 50% where it mattered]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: 16 reasons to be excited about the midterm Rainbow Wave]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Who really won']]> <![CDATA[Analysis: 7 things election night taught us]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: If Trump was this bad in 2018, what about 2020']]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump reckons with new realities]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: A divided Congress, a divided America]]> <![CDATA[Meeting Bergkamp, titles in Slovakia & heart surgery - meet Wales' newest recruit]]> <![CDATA[Molly Bartrip: Reading defender on overcoming teenage anorexia]]> <![CDATA[Watch: What are Bellew's top boxing films']]> <![CDATA[Jose Mourinho: Football Association to contest decision not to charge Man Utd boss]]> <![CDATA[England dominate Sri Lanka on day two in Galle]]> <![CDATA[Should there be a tax on red meat']]> <![CDATA[Joy at first hijab-wearing US Congresswoman]]> <![CDATA[Kitty O'Neil: Wonder Woman stuntwoman dies at 72]]> <![CDATA[Women and minority candidates make history]]> <![CDATA[The story of the night in two minutes]]> <![CDATA[Five key things we learned]]> <![CDATA[The women who made history]]> <![CDATA[Jack White 'disappointed' after gig venue tells gay fans to stop kissing]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Greece Church agreement to take 10,000 priests off payroll]]> <![CDATA[Peru 'baby trafficking ring': Ex-police chief held]]> <![CDATA[Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov goes on trial for fraud]]> <![CDATA[Drowning cow saved by 'mermaid' on 200-mile swim]]> <![CDATA[UK minister requests Brexit legal advice]]> <![CDATA[Ukraine Handzyuk death: Acid victim's defiant message]]> <![CDATA[Yemen war: Battle for vital port of Hudaydah intensifies]]> <![CDATA[Drugs and abortion - what else was at stake]]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections: Trump hails 'big victory' despite House losses]]> <![CDATA[Glimmer of hope in race to save nearly extinct rhino]]> <![CDATA[US-North Korea meeting postponed without reason]]> <![CDATA[How 2018 midterms compare to past elections]]> <![CDATA[US elects its first openly gay governor]]> <![CDATA[Congressman who lamented not being able to call women 'sluts' loses to woman]]> <![CDATA[What Democrats will do once they're in power]]> <![CDATA[Superbugs soar in the face of conflict]]> <![CDATA[These children have high risk of being stabbed on way home from school]]> <![CDATA[How USA Gymnastics keeps unraveling -- even after Larry Nassar]]> <![CDATA[How pod planes could change travel forever]]> <![CDATA[People's 'Sexiest Man Alive' is ...]]> <![CDATA[Harvard paper: Object may have been alien probe]]> <![CDATA[NBA star chartered flight so teammate could watch brother's debut for Duke]]> <![CDATA[Their son died days before his flu shot appointment. Here's what they want you to know]]> <![CDATA[Pediatricians strengthen stance against spanking]]> <![CDATA[Talk to your baby like you talk to your dog]]> <![CDATA[Cameroon children freed after kidnapping]]> <![CDATA[European markets cheer US midterms]]> <![CDATA[Late night hosts react to results]]> <![CDATA[Trump must reckon with new realities]]> <![CDATA[Pelosi detractors plot next steps]]> <![CDATA[Russia now gloomy on US relations]]> <![CDATA[Democrat unseats Wisconsin Gov. Walker]]> <![CDATA[The Republicans who kept the Senate]]> <![CDATA[The Democrats who took back the House]]> <![CDATA[Women, LGBT candidates make history]]> <![CDATA[Abrams refuses to concede in close Georgia race]]> <![CDATA[If you're just waking up, here's what you missed]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: The House loss is a blow to Trump, but the GOP's solidified majority in the Senate shows the President is still a political force]]> <![CDATA[Caroline Dubois: 'I pretended to be a boy called Colin so I could box']]> <![CDATA[England 'ban' Houghton from away game to ensure 100th cap on home soil]]> <![CDATA[Vietnam to host F1 race in Hanoi from 2020]]> <![CDATA[Liverpool 'lost mojo' in shock defeat to Red Star Belgrade]]> <![CDATA[Sarah Sanders: 'Candidates the president campaigned for are doing well']]> <![CDATA[US mid-terms latest: Five key things we learned]]> <![CDATA[Winners and losers: Results in maps and charts]]> <![CDATA['Single-use' named word of the year]]> <![CDATA[US mid-terms: Florida restores voting rights to ex-convicts]]> <![CDATA[Chinese staff forced to drink urine and eat roaches]]> <![CDATA[Cameroon kidnap: Bamenda students freed]]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections: Democrats win House in setback for Trump]]> <![CDATA['We're stuck in this together': Late night hosts react to the midterm results]]> <![CDATA[Brian Kemp: Confident victory is near]]> <![CDATA[Trump made the Democratic Party great again]]> <![CDATA[Beto will be back]]> <![CDATA[Planes at London's Heathrow Airport grounded due to runway lighting failure]]> <![CDATA[Colorado elects first openly gay governor]]> <![CDATA[First Native American women elected to Congress]]> <![CDATA[Ocasio-Cortez is youngest woman in Congress]]> <![CDATA[First 2 Muslim women elected to Congress]]> <![CDATA[Abrams refuses to concede in Georgia]]> <![CDATA[Van Jones: Maybe not a blue wave, but a rainbow wave]]> <![CDATA[Women and LGBT candidates make history]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Why this 'blue wave' was not a tsunami]]> <![CDATA[CNN commentators weigh in: Who really won']]> <![CDATA[Tapper: This lawmaker could spell trouble for Trump]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: The House loss is a serious blow to Trump, but GOP victories prove the President remains a potent political force]]> <![CDATA[Why chasing Amazon was never going to pay off]]> <![CDATA[Real-time election commentary]]> <![CDATA[Why this 'blue wave' was not a tsunami]]> <![CDATA[What we can learn 100 years later from the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic]]> <![CDATA[Flu season deaths top 80,000 last year, CDC says]]> <![CDATA[Their son died 10 days before his flu shot appointment. Now, they want to save your child]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Democrats' victory provides crucial protection for Mueller]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: 7 takeaways from election night]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: The loss of the House is a serious blow to Trump]]> <![CDATA[There's still a lot to watch in tonight's elections]]> <![CDATA[See the full results]]> <![CDATA[Rooney deserves respect & celebration - England women's boss Neville]]> <![CDATA[Neville 'bans' Houghton from away game to ensure 100th England cap on home soil]]> <![CDATA[Red Star Belgrade 2-0 Liverpool: Reds 'lost mojo' in shock defeat]]> <![CDATA[Kane inspires Spurs fightback from brink of Champions League exit]]> <![CDATA[Is the party over for Ibiza']]> <![CDATA[Prince Charles in Africa: A royal visit to a land of princes and chiefs]]> <![CDATA[Female pilots: Which airline has the highest number']]> <![CDATA[Sir David Attenborough series Dynasties tackles nature's 'lack of space']]> <![CDATA[Weber v Stubb: Will one of these men lead the EU']]> <![CDATA['I call my OCD Olivia']]> <![CDATA[The names to watch this awards season]]> <![CDATA[Nepal festival celebrates 'day of the dogs']]> <![CDATA[The old-world charm of India's photo studios]]> <![CDATA['Khadi' poppy marks India's WW1 servicemen]]> <![CDATA[Flashlight voting as power goes out]]> <![CDATA[Nancy Pelosi: 'It's about restoring checks and balances']]> <![CDATA[US mid-term results: Watch BBC election night special]]> <![CDATA[US mid-term election results 2018]]> <![CDATA[Prime Minister launches Brexit 'business councils']]> <![CDATA[Fifteen children found in refrigerated lorry in Newhaven]]> <![CDATA[New York Port Authority attack: Bomber found guilty]]> <![CDATA[Metop weather satellite launches into orbit]]> <![CDATA[Florida restores voting rights to convicts]]> <![CDATA[Ryanair sacks staff who 'spent night on airport floor' in Spain]]> <![CDATA[Indonesian plane grounded after passengers complain about stinky durian]]> <![CDATA[Northern white rhino: New hopes for IVF rescue]]> <![CDATA[Delhi air: Choking smog draws protests ahead of Diwali]]> <![CDATA[Heathrow disruption after runway lights fault]]> <![CDATA[Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over planned name change]]> <![CDATA[Colorado man pleads guilty to wife and daughter's murders]]> <![CDATA[US Democrats win House in blow to Trump]]> <![CDATA[What white players owe their black teammates]]> <![CDATA[GOP KEEPS THE SENATE]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: The best tweets on the returns]]> <![CDATA[Republican Ron DeSantis will become Florida's next governor]]> <![CDATA[Van Jones: It's a rainbow wave]]> <![CDATA[Amazing aerial photos show human impact on the natural world]]> <![CDATA[The rarely seen life of rural America]]> <![CDATA[Greenland's melting glaciers may someday flood your city]]> <![CDATA[Overlooked California airport is making a comeback]]> <![CDATA[Protecting your skin during winter]]> <![CDATA[Naloxone still stable months after expiration]]> <![CDATA[Israel measles outbreak prompts warning in NY]]> <![CDATA[Your grandma may be old; you might not be]]> <![CDATA[Early risers have lower risk of breast cancer, study says]]> <![CDATA[Queen's Live Aid performance is still pure magic]]> <![CDATA[Chemical-free step doubles the shelf life of fruits and veggies]]> <![CDATA[Cannabis-inspired fashion label has high ambitions]]> <![CDATA[Celebs, Twitter show off 'I Voted' stickers]]> <![CDATA[Federal judge may have saved red wolves from extinction]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Why Amazon HQ2 won't end up in a red state]]> <![CDATA[Ozone layer hole will 'totally heal within 50 years']]> <![CDATA[Could life exist on Saturn's moon Enceladus']]> <![CDATA[NASA's newest mission launches Wednesday]]> <![CDATA[Elite US Marines under investigation over hazing allegations]]> <![CDATA[Colorado man pleads guilty to killing pregnant wife and daughters]]> <![CDATA[Colorado elects nation's first openly gay governor]]> <![CDATA[Van Jones: This is heartbreaking]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Our commentators' best Twitter takes]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Democrats moving close to control of the House]]> <![CDATA[Abrams trailing as votes are counted in Georgia governor's race]]> <![CDATA[THIS CARD CHANGES THE BANNER HED AND IMAGE]]> <![CDATA[Here's who is in the lead right now]]> <![CDATA[The 'I voted' stickers you're wearing ' from all 50 states]]> <![CDATA[Exit polls: This election is about Donald Trump]]> <![CDATA[Practical reasons to stop spanking]]> <![CDATA[Measles outbreak in Israel prompts warning in NYC]]> <![CDATA[Chicago fires 3-time champion coach]]> <![CDATA[Teen ate a slug, became paralyzed and died]]> <![CDATA[NY subway bomber found guilty]]> <![CDATA[Foxconn denies it will hire Chinese workers for Wisconsin plant]]> <![CDATA[Object may have been alien probe, Harvard paper claims]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Independents are Trump's judge and jury]]> <![CDATA[Hour by hour: How the midterms will unfold]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Will the House flip to the Democrats' Will the GOP keep the Senate' Here's what today's results could tell us]]> <![CDATA[State ballot measures to watch tonight]]> <![CDATA[2020 plans: Biden will make a decision early next year]]> <![CDATA[Long-shelved Aretha Franklin doc to release]]> <![CDATA[Rebel Wilson apologizes]]> <![CDATA[See Don Lemon's reaction to Hannity at Trump rally]]> <![CDATA[Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt going to trial in custody case]]> <![CDATA[Atletico Madrid vs. Dortmund]]> <![CDATA['I voted' stickers put on Susan B. Anthony's grave]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: 8 big questions for today]]> <![CDATA[Live updates: Homeland Security aware of voter machine issues]]> <![CDATA[Tencent will check the ages of all its gamers]]> <![CDATA[Amazon offers free shipping on all holiday orders]]> <![CDATA[Facebook: We didn't do enough to prevent Myanmar violence]]> <![CDATA[Brian Kemp, don't run an election you're running in]]> <![CDATA[What today means for women in America]]> <![CDATA[There are practical reasons to stop spanking]]> <![CDATA[Chemical-free powder doubles shelf life of bananas]]> <![CDATA[WeWork's first school teaches yoga, farming]]> <![CDATA[Two killers awaiting execution found dead in prison]]> <![CDATA[13-year-old girl abducted outside her home]]> <![CDATA[Bus narrowly avoids landslide]]> <![CDATA[Ozone layer will fully heal, scientists say]]> <![CDATA[Bill Gates uses poop as a prop]]> <![CDATA[She got engaged, her cousin wore the ring]]> <![CDATA[Report: Amazon will split HQ2 between two cities]]> <![CDATA[NASA shoots first 8K video of Earth]]> <![CDATA[3 dead after buildings collapse in Marseille]]> <![CDATA[Gold is finally starting to shine again]]> <![CDATA[Suspect fought for the steering wheel before killing 3 Girl Scouts, prosecutor says]]> <![CDATA[30 now ill, 10 dead, in NJ virus outbreak]]> <![CDATA[Object may have been an alien probe, Harvard paper claims]]> <![CDATA[How to watch CNN's Election Day coverage]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Two Americas, on a collision course]]> <![CDATA[How Pelosi can become speaker with fewer than 218 votes]]> <![CDATA[Fox News staffers express outrage over Hannity's rally appearance]]> <![CDATA[All signs point to a dramatic and unpredictable evening]]> <![CDATA[Live updates: O'Rourke says he thinks he'll win Texas race]]> <![CDATA[We'll see signs throughout the night of where the House and Senate are headed. Here's what to watch.]]> <![CDATA[Man City cheated and should be punished - La Liga]]> <![CDATA[Nepalese festival celebrates 'day of the dogs']]> <![CDATA[Brexit: Cabinet aims for deal by end of November]]> <![CDATA[WWE's Alexa Bliss: Bodybuilding helped me face anorexia]]> <![CDATA[Emmanuel Macron: Six held in 'attack' plot against French president]]> <![CDATA[High turnout expected after divisive campaign]]> <![CDATA[Mother's booklet for son with autism: 'Voting is really important. Here's how to do it.']]> <![CDATA[This app wants to know about your bad dates]]> <![CDATA[Star apologizes after claiming to be the first plus-size rom-com lead]]> <![CDATA[At least three dead after buildings collapse in Marseille]]> <![CDATA[Six arrested in France over suspected plot to attack Emmanuel Macron]]> <![CDATA[Election benchmarks to watch today]]> <![CDATA[8 big questions Election Day might answer]]> <![CDATA[Van Jones: This election could change us for good]]> <![CDATA[Discovery may solve Egyptian pyramids mystery]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: The era of spanking is finally over]]> <![CDATA[Why Dems are donkeys and Republicans elephants]]> <![CDATA[See Elon Musk's tunnel under LA]]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections 2018: So, what are they again']]> <![CDATA[People's 'Sexiest Man Alive' revealed]]> <![CDATA[Cross Counter claims historic Melbourne Cup win in British 1-2-3]]> <![CDATA[USA Gymnastics 'to be stripped of status' by own Olympic Committee]]> <![CDATA[Tyson Fury says it is his 'calling' to help people with mental health problems]]> <![CDATA[Ozone layer hole will 'heal within 50 years']]> <![CDATA[England saviour Foakes 'pumped up' by video message from Cook]]> <![CDATA[Leicester helicopter crash: 'Minimal chance' of survival for five on board]]> <![CDATA[200 mass graves of ISIS victims found]]> <![CDATA[He died for democracy so it's 'fitting' his body comes home on Election Day, widow says]]> <![CDATA[Young people in Minnesota see a new cause: Voting can save our lives]]> <![CDATA[Election night viewers' guide: How the midterms will unfold, hour by hour]]> <![CDATA[Ozone: The Earth's protective shield is repairing]]> <![CDATA[In pictures: Americans cast their ballots]]> <![CDATA[Rebel Wilson 'deeply sorry' for plus-sized claims]]> <![CDATA[Matteo Salvini brushes off viral break-up with celebrity girlfriend]]> <![CDATA[Sands United: The football team for fathers who've lost a baby]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: All signs point to a dramatic and unpredictable evening]]> <![CDATA[Cameroon army searches for kidnapped pupils]]> <![CDATA[Brexit campaigners fined for data misuse]]> <![CDATA[Live updates: Why it might be harder for you to vote today]]> <![CDATA[France's Macron pushes for 'true European army']]> <![CDATA[As Americans head to the polls today, the result could be a divided message]]> <![CDATA[Holocaust trial: Germany tries former SS guard at Stutthof camp]]> <![CDATA[Mexico mothers search for mass graves after tip-off]]> <![CDATA[Xinjiang: China's Muslim camp spending 'revealed']]> <![CDATA[Screens 'have little effect on sleep']]> <![CDATA[US Navy plane intercepted by Russian jet over Black Sea]]> <![CDATA[IS left 200 mass graves in Iraq - UN]]> <![CDATA[US mid-term elections 2018: Polls open on East Coast]]> <![CDATA[How T-Swift turned her Instagram into a get-out-the-vote fan page]]> <![CDATA[33 years later, Queen's Live Aid performance is still pure magic]]> <![CDATA[Chilling photos of Antarctica expeditions]]> <![CDATA[How Taylor Swift turned her Instagram into a get-out-the-vote fan page]]> <![CDATA[LA Clippers team up with dating app]]> <![CDATA[Trudeau says Trump's wrong, tariffs had no effect on NAFTA negotiations]]> <![CDATA[Hannity said he wouldn't campaign at Trump's rally. Then he did exactly that.]]> <![CDATA[The House: Democrats fight to win control]]> <![CDATA[The Senate: Republicans fight to keep control]]> <![CDATA[Your viewing guide: How the midterms will unfold, hour by hour]]> <![CDATA[The (Final) Forecast: Democrats, GOP will both be happy]]> <![CDATA[Campaign rally: Trump's Ivanka intro takes awkward turn]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: The two Americas are on a collision course today]]> <![CDATA[Live updates: Voters share photos of early morning voting lines]]> <![CDATA[Trump aims to upend convention again after midterm campaign of fear, lies and defiance]]> <![CDATA[Video shows bus narrowly avoid landslide]]> <![CDATA[Twin sisters give birth to daughters an hour apart]]> <![CDATA[Bill Gates brandishes poo to showcase reinvented toilet tech]]> <![CDATA[Superbugs soar in Afghanistan amidst conflict -- US military stay protected]]> <![CDATA[Late night hosts prepare for election day]]> <![CDATA[European Super League: Who would win its hypothetical first season']]> <![CDATA[NFL: Marcus Mariota & Tennessee Titans tear Dallas Cowboys apart]]> <![CDATA[Ronaldo, Dybala, Firmino, Sancho: Champions League lessons so far]]> <![CDATA['We are back in the race' - win delights Huddersfield boss Wagner]]> <![CDATA['Morning people' have lower breast cancer risk]]> <![CDATA[Facebook used to 'incite offline violence' in Myanmar, says report]]> <![CDATA[Late night hosts prepare for election day with anxiety and alcohol]]> <![CDATA[Oprah responds to racist robocalls]]> <![CDATA[How to Panna: Three brilliant ways to nutmeg your mates]]> <![CDATA[Mo Salah statue causes a stir in Liverpool]]> <![CDATA[Kosovo player to miss Liverpool's Serbia trip]]> <![CDATA[Runaway train derailed in Australia after 50 minutes]]> <![CDATA[North Korea's Kim Jong-un gets 'first official portrait']]> <![CDATA[California's least-known airport is making a comeback]]> <![CDATA[Report: Amazon will split second HQ between two cities]]> <![CDATA[Man killed in third shark attack off Australia's popular Whitsunday Islands]]> <![CDATA[Ex-NFLer to sue doctor for $180M]]> <![CDATA[Four types of Duncan Hines cake mix recalled]]> <![CDATA['Baywatch' star slams #MeToo movement]]> <![CDATA[Weinstein lawyer seeks case dismissal]]> <![CDATA[Husband of Florida woman who went missing at sea pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter]]> <![CDATA[Watch Russian jet intercept US aircraft]]> <![CDATA[Facebook removes more pages, as FBI warns Russia still targeting American voters]]> <![CDATA[He ate a slug, became paralyzed and died]]> <![CDATA[Cigar-shaped interstellar object may have been an alien probe, Harvard paper claims]]> <![CDATA[Van Jones: When Fox won't air it, it's bad]]> <![CDATA[Hear Winfrey's response to racist robocall]]> <![CDATA[Oprah responds to racist robocalls made in her name]]> <![CDATA[Kemp turns election system worries into a political weapon]]> <![CDATA[Trump's Ivanka intro at campaign rally takes awkward turn]]> <![CDATA[The Forecast: Dems likely to do very well in governors' races]]> <![CDATA[Chris Cuomo: I've never heard Trump say this]]> <![CDATA[Sean Hannity said he wouldn't campaign on stage at Trump's rally. Hours later, he did exactly that.]]> <![CDATA[The President charged into Election Day defying warnings that his divisive style may cost the GOP]]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections 2018: What do American voters care about']]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections 2018: Hour-by-hour guide to results]]> <![CDATA[Curry out of All Blacks Test with ankle injury]]> <![CDATA[Huddersfield score first home goal since April to beat Fulham]]> <![CDATA[How the humble lamp-post could help power our cities]]> <![CDATA[Will giving civilians guns make this city more secure']]> <![CDATA[Israel-Arab ties warm up after long deep freeze]]> <![CDATA[Large hydropower dams 'not sustainable' in the developing world]]> <![CDATA[How are other countries preparing for a no-deal Brexit']]> <![CDATA[Ron Howard: Creating vision of a future Mars colony]]> <![CDATA[Finland's schools ditch traditional classrooms for open-plan learning]]> <![CDATA[British man admits killing wife at sea]]> <![CDATA[Chinese company curbs children's gaming]]> <![CDATA[Australian man killed by shark]]> <![CDATA[USA Gymnastics: United States Olympic Committee wants to strip governing body of status]]> <![CDATA[The Congolese protester who was arrested, beaten and became a martyr]]> <![CDATA[Aretha Franklin: Amazing Grace gospel film to premiere after 46 years]]> <![CDATA[Melbourne Cup: Cross Counter first British-trained horse to win Australia's famous race]]> <![CDATA[Texas newlyweds die in helicopter crash leaving wedding]]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections 2018: Trump makes final bid for votes]]> <![CDATA[See fish cross a road in Washington state]]> <![CDATA[See Elon Musk's tunnel under Los Angeles]]> <![CDATA[Paper ballots are safest -- on one condition]]> <![CDATA[Rare jewels of the Maharajas]]> <![CDATA[Amazon undercuts Casper with its own new mattresses]]> <![CDATA[Pamela Anderson slams #MeToo]]> <![CDATA[Pentagon rejects request for additional military resources in Persian Gulf]]> <![CDATA[Joint Chiefs chair says soldiers will not be involved in denying border entry to migrants]]> <![CDATA[Trump vows to not call women 'beautiful']]> <![CDATA[Cuomo: I've never heard Trump say this]]> <![CDATA[Trump: 'I don't care' if Dems go after my tax returns]]> <![CDATA[Stacey Abrams: Kemp is abusing his power]]> <![CDATA[Republican Brian Kemp stood by his decision to level claims of attempted hacking at Democrats, turning their objections into an election eve selling point]]> <![CDATA[5 things more likely to happen than you winning the lottery]]> <![CDATA[2 winners, one $687 million Powerball jackpot]]> <![CDATA[Lottery winner has $198 million to splurge after buying first home]]> <![CDATA[The California districts that could determine control of the House]]> <![CDATA[Oprah responds to racist robocalls made in her name in Georgia]]> <![CDATA[More than 30 million Americans have voted]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: 8 burning questions only election day can answer]]> <![CDATA[What slain Utah mayor wanted for America]]> <![CDATA[It's all up to the independents]]> <![CDATA[Diwali: One festival, many customs]]> <![CDATA[Amazon will split second HQ between two cities]]> <![CDATA[Investigators uncover technical issue with doomed Lion Air plane]]> <![CDATA[US Olympic Committee moves to revoke USA Gymnastics' status]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: 8 big questions for Election Day]]> <![CDATA[Hacking isn't the only electronic threat looming over the midterms]]> <![CDATA[Newlyweds die in helicopter crash while leaving wedding]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: LBJ warned us about this]]> <![CDATA[Trump prepares to remake his Cabinet]]> <![CDATA[Administration asks the Supreme Court to take up DACA this term]]> <![CDATA[Abrams: Kemp is abusing his power]]> <![CDATA[Trump says 'I don't care' if Dems go after my tax returns]]> <![CDATA[The President rejected his team's idea to close with an ad about the economy and opted instead for a controversial ad about immigration]]> <![CDATA[President says he is keeping us safe. At what cost']]> <![CDATA[Brian Kemp, if you're running in an election, don't run the election]]> <![CDATA[Governor's races can show who we really are]]> <![CDATA[Lyndon B. Johnson warned us about this]]> <![CDATA[Poland's most beautiful places]]> <![CDATA[Doomed Lion Air plane's air speed indicator was malfunctioning for last four flights]]> <![CDATA[Newlyweds die in helicopter crash]]> <![CDATA[Trump says 'I don't care' if Democrats go after my tax returns]]> <![CDATA[John Oliver slams Trump on separations]]> <![CDATA['Ricky Bobby' hits the campaign trail]]> <![CDATA[Why white men are angry]]> <![CDATA[Mac Miller died of an accidental overdose, coroner finds]]> <![CDATA[SE Cupp: Trump's rhetoric has a cost]]> <![CDATA[Trump 'hated' his campaign's closing ad and insisted on immigration pivot]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Here's why 6 in 10 eligible voters might not vote tomorrow]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: 3 signs Trump is playing the race card. Again.]]> <![CDATA[Calls to Georgia voters from Republican Brian Kemp's gubernatorial campaign stir up fears about undocumented immigrant voters]]> <![CDATA[Mid-terms could be hacked, but here's bigger threat]]> <![CDATA[Why the midterm elections scare me]]> <![CDATA[He ate a slug on a dare, became paralyzed and died]]> <![CDATA[Customers rush to buy all his doughnuts so he can spend time with his sick wife]]> <![CDATA[Will Ferrell revives character for midterms]]> <![CDATA[When the dreaded 'other' is an angry white man]]> <![CDATA[Powerball winner's emotional reaction]]> <![CDATA[Everything we know about Amazon's HQ2 search]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Brian Kemp, you shouldn't be running an election you're running in]]> <![CDATA[SE Cupp: Nationalist rhetoric has a cost]]> <![CDATA[Trump's border deployment could cost between $200M and $300M]]> <![CDATA[Tapper counts Trump's falsehoods in just one minute]]> <![CDATA[Midterm elections 2018: How Americans think Trump affects their life]]> <![CDATA[To crush Iran, Trump has to stick by bin Salman]]> <![CDATA[Brian Kemp, if you're running in an election, you shouldn't be running the election]]> <![CDATA[Van Jones: Governor's races can show the world who we really are]]> <![CDATA[Female photographers who vanished from museums]]> <![CDATA[Global skin cancer deaths rising for men, but not women]]> <![CDATA[Mac Miller: US rapper died from drug overdose]]> <![CDATA[What do people really think of the Spice Girls going on tour']]> <![CDATA[Mid-term elections 2018: Race rows mire campaign homestretch]]> <![CDATA[Cross or shot' Did Rangers' Candeias mean this goal']]> <![CDATA[Man City 'deceived Uefa' over Financial Fair Play rules]]> <![CDATA[FA warns Stoke's McClean over social media post]]> <![CDATA[Iran sanctions: Face creams and carpets among products affected]]> <![CDATA[Pakistan's Imran Khan caught in 'begging' broadcast error in China]]> <![CDATA[Twitter: Fake Elon Musk scam spreads after accounts hacked]]> <![CDATA[Pittsburgh shooting: Jewish nurse 'didn't see evil' in gunman]]> <![CDATA[Texas newlyweds die in helicopter crash while leaving their wedding]]> <![CDATA[Iran sanctions: US vows 'relentless' pressure as sanctions resume]]> <![CDATA[Jam-packed island is running out of room]]> <![CDATA[Survivor of rare polio-like illness shares her story]]> <![CDATA[CDC's handling of illness criticized by its own advisers]]> <![CDATA[Illness leaves healthy, active toddler paralyzed]]> <![CDATA[200+ cases of polio-like illness under investigation; 80 confirmed]]> <![CDATA[The Forecast: Democrats are likely to do very well in governors' races]]> <![CDATA[Trump defends controversial anti-immigration ad]]> <![CDATA[The President is closing his campaign in a familiar key: Making barely veiled racial attacks to energize his base]]> <![CDATA[Will millennials vote' A weird story]]> <![CDATA[Runaway train goes 57 miles without driver]]> <![CDATA[Federer: Serena went too far with US Open umpire]]> <![CDATA[Yoga studio shooting survivor tells ABC he fought off the gunman with a vacuum]]> <![CDATA[These races will determine Senate control]]> <![CDATA[Voters say they're sending a message about Trump]]> <![CDATA[Trump official: Florida governor's race 'so cotton-pickin' important']]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Why dividing Americans is working]]> <![CDATA[Tapper to RNC chair: Ad is racially incendiary]]> <![CDATA[The President is closing his campaign in a familiar key: Making barley veiled racial attacks to energize his base]]> <![CDATA[$117+: Hiltons of Tampa & St. Pete sale]]> <![CDATA[Will millennials vote' My weird story]]> <![CDATA[Country star's big announcement at concert]]> <![CDATA[Facebook pulls Trump ad as well]]> <![CDATA[NBC and Fox News pull Trump campaign's racist ad]]> <![CDATA[US failure to prep for chemical attacks is a risk]]> <![CDATA[Tesla cuts price on Autopilot upgrade]]> <![CDATA[Dem slams Kemp's hacking claims as abuse of power]]> <![CDATA[Not prepping for chemical attacks could burn the US]]> <![CDATA[HIAS chief: Not fighting hate speech is accepting it]]> <![CDATA[Police: Rape suspect tied to at least 5 attacks]]> <![CDATA[NBC says it will pull Trump campaign's racist ad -- after airing it on 'Sunday Night Football']]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Why only about 4 in 10 voters will actually vote]]> <![CDATA[These states will determine control of the Senate]]> <![CDATA[Nadal to miss ATP Finals and have ankle surgery]]> <![CDATA[Man Utd star explains why he won't wear poppy]]> <![CDATA[HIAS chief: If you're not combating hate speech, you're accepting it]]> <![CDATA[15 hotels that go all-out for Christmas]]> <![CDATA['Real Housewives' star gives birth to first child]]> <![CDATA[Mail bomb suspect's mom warns America's political vitriol resonates with mentally ill]]> <![CDATA[Russian fighter jet intercepts US Navy plane]]> <![CDATA[He's made some of the most viral ads]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: 3 signs Donald Trump is playing the race card. Again.]]> <![CDATA[This Utah mayor's final message before he was killed in Afghanistan: Go vote]]> <![CDATA[Aides have prepared Trump for GOP House losses]]> <![CDATA[European Super League 'would harm English game']]> <![CDATA[Viva Four-Ever: Spice Girls confirm reunion tour (without Victoria Beckham)]]> <![CDATA[Ryanair to shut online operations for upgrade]]> <![CDATA[Suicides among Japanese young people hit 30-year high]]> <![CDATA['The Walking Dead' universe to expand]]> <![CDATA[Tips: Get support with stage 3 lung cancer]]> <![CDATA[Women of color are finally getting political respect they deserve]]> <![CDATA[World's first underwater hotel residence opens]]> <![CDATA[Spice Girls announce reunion tour]]> <![CDATA[Rihanna wants Trump to stop the music]]> <![CDATA[Amazon offers free shipping on holiday orders]]> <![CDATA[FedEx is hiking rates again]]> <![CDATA['Boycott Amazon' is trending in Saudi Arabia]]> <![CDATA[More than 31 million people have]]> <![CDATA[This Utah mayor killed in Afghanistan's final wish: He wanted Americans to vote]]> <![CDATA[All this is at risk if the GOP loses Congress]]> <![CDATA[Pediatricians strengthen stance against spanking kids]]> <![CDATA[Uber wants to test self-driving cars again after fatality]]> <![CDATA[The story of Apple and the iPhone in 3 charts]]> <![CDATA[Big Tech and the midterms: The scary thing is what we still don't know]]> <![CDATA[Trump is stoking fear about browning of America]]> <![CDATA[Penn Jillette's audacious wish]]> <![CDATA[US could get bitten by not prepping for chemical attacks]]> <![CDATA[Abrams is a gamechanger for women like me]]> <![CDATA[I gave up impulse buys to support what's right]]> <![CDATA[Floyd Mayweather Jr. to face a kickboxer]]> <![CDATA[Dan Crenshaw: I don't want some hollow apology]]> <![CDATA[Candidate who lost an eye in Afghanistan reacts to 'SNL' joke]]> <![CDATA[Former NFL player dies at age 38]]> <![CDATA[Spice Girls tease reunion tour]]> <![CDATA[Fisherman finds toddler face-down in ocean]]> <![CDATA[Mayor killed while deployed in Afghanistan]]> <![CDATA[North Koreans issue a nuclear threat]]> <![CDATA[Stacey Abrams calls Kemp investigation into Georgia Democrats a 'witch hunt']]> <![CDATA[Lemon: Another day of lies, lies, lies]]> <![CDATA[Avlon: The GOP is trying to co-opt Obamacare]]> <![CDATA[Mueller could have big news after midterms]]> <![CDATA[Who are we' America is about to find out]]> <![CDATA[Reality check: Midterms hinge on these voters]]> <![CDATA[How presidential approval ratings sway midterms]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Trump's entire political approach is on the ballot]]> <![CDATA[A CNN poll on the eve of midterms notes a massive gender gap between Democrats and Republicans]]> <![CDATA[Home tweet home: A heartwarming story that turned out to be true]]> <![CDATA[US mid-terms: Why do so many Americans not vote']]> <![CDATA[Brady makes history & Saints end Rams' perfect season - NFL week nine review]]> <![CDATA[Sure beats school! 14-year-old scores first professional goal]]> <![CDATA[Chasing dreams and beating Creed - Bellew on seven pictures that define him]]> <![CDATA[Mayweather to fight kickboxer Nasukawa in Japan on New Year's Eve]]> <![CDATA[Poppy reminds me of village bombing - Man Utd's Matic]]> <![CDATA[Liverpool leave out Shaqiri for Serbia trip 'to avoid distractions']]> <![CDATA[Reality Check: Is China burdening Africa with debt']]> <![CDATA[The ordinary people making the world more right-wing]]> <![CDATA[Kenyans cash in on avocado craze]]> <![CDATA['Living corpses': Why Colombia's national tree is at risk]]> <![CDATA[Does sex addiction really exist']]> <![CDATA[Volunteers restore Australian map to Wiltshire hillside]]> <![CDATA[Wildlife models: Art class with a difference]]> <![CDATA['Canada is the most multicultural country in the world']]> <![CDATA[Tower of London illuminated for WW1 tribute]]> <![CDATA[Ross Edgley first to swim around Britain]]> <![CDATA[Could these bots one day swarm in to rescue you']]> <![CDATA[Sri Lanka v England: Galle's last international cricket match']]> <![CDATA[Viva Four-Ever: Spice Girls to announce reunion tour (without Victoria Beckham)]]> <![CDATA[Body dysmorphia: Artists tackle distorted self perceptions]]> <![CDATA[Ryanair to shut online operations for urgent upgrade]]> <![CDATA[London violent crime could take 'a generation' to solve]]> <![CDATA[German Jews propose anti-Semitism lessons for Muslim migrants]]> <![CDATA[New Zealand baby rescue: Fisherman pulls 18-month-old from ocean]]> <![CDATA[Delhi panic over toxic air ahead of Indian festival Diwali]]> <![CDATA[Utah Mayor Brent Taylor killed in Afghan 'insider attack']]> <![CDATA[Cameroon school kidnap: More than 70 pupils seized in Bamenda]]> <![CDATA[Lion Air crash: Jet had airspeed problems on final four flights]]> <![CDATA[Mo Salah: Unusual sculpture of Liverpool star unveiled in Egypt]]> <![CDATA[Drone Racing World Championships: Race to be crowned top pilot]]> <![CDATA[Khashoggi murder: Saudi Arabia 'sent experts' to cover evidence]]> <![CDATA[US mid-terms: Rhetoric stepped up as campaign enters final day]]> <![CDATA[Ireland warns UK over post-Brexit border issue]]> <![CDATA[Iran sanctions: Rouhani defiant as US re-imposes measures]]> <![CDATA[I'm not shopping. I'm saving my money for the resistance]]> <![CDATA[Confessions of a voting freak]]> <![CDATA[Country star makes big announcement at concert]]> <![CDATA[Team gave QB blank tapes to test whether he studied film, report says]]> <![CDATA[FSU president to yoga shooting vigil: 'Our hearts are broken']]> <![CDATA[US reimposes sanctions lifted under Iran deal]]> <![CDATA[Lowe's is closing 51 stores]]> <![CDATA[Boy, 11, kills grandma then himself after he's asked to clean room, grandfather tells police]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Why the midterm elections scare me]]> <![CDATA[Trump and Obama face off before midterms]]> <![CDATA[Census citizenship trial slated to begin]]> <![CDATA[More than 31 million people have voted so far]]> <![CDATA[Women favor Democrats 62% to 35% in CNN poll]]> <![CDATA[Midterms road map: 10 races to watch on Election Night]]> <![CDATA[CNN Poll: In final days, Democrats maintain advantage]]> <![CDATA[Voters must decide whether to constrain Trump as his demagogic presidency tears at cultural divides]]> <![CDATA[Bezos is picking HQ2 location with his 'heart']]> <![CDATA[Amazon offers free shipping on all orders for the holidays]]> <![CDATA[World's most powerful passport is ...]]> <![CDATA[52 weeks of the world's best beaches]]> <![CDATA[Jam-packed island running out of room]]> <![CDATA[Amid record STD rates, doctors treat patients' partners sight unseen]]> <![CDATA['The Walking Dead' universe to expand with Rick Grimes films]]> <![CDATA[Former NFLer dies at age 38]]> <![CDATA[Khashoggi's son says he hopes his death wasn't painful]]> <![CDATA[Teacher caught on camera punching teen]]> <![CDATA[Lion Air plane was intact when it crashed]]> <![CDATA[Newlyweds die in helicopter crash leaving their wedding]]> <![CDATA[11-year-old fatally shot grandmother then himself after being asked to clean room, grandfather tells police]]> <![CDATA[North Koreans issue nuclear threat ahead of high-level talks with US]]> <![CDATA[Sean Hannity to appear at Trump rally]]> <![CDATA[Fareed Zakaria: This is the problem with Republicans]]> <![CDATA[China's leader takes veiled swipe at Trump's approach to trade]]> <![CDATA[Mueller could have big news after the midterms]]> <![CDATA[Don Lemon: It's been another day of lies, lies, lies]]> <![CDATA[Trump and Obama square off before midterms]]> <![CDATA[The campaign has seen fights over healthcare, immigration, education and the economy, but Trump has made it all about himself]]> <![CDATA[The world is changing -- and we can't stop it]]> <![CDATA[Trump is trying to whip up fear about browning of America]]> <![CDATA[Reimagining Norman Rockwell for the 21st century]]> <![CDATA[Underwater waterfall defies nature]]> <![CDATA[These people are working themselves to death]]> <![CDATA[Jets QB after 4 interceptions: 'No excuse for for how I played out there']]> <![CDATA[NFLer tells reporter after loss: 'get out of my face']]> <![CDATA[Saints hand Rams their first loss]]> <![CDATA[Check out the new AP week 11 rankings]]> <![CDATA[Singer and comedian address their breakup]]> <![CDATA[The Saints are officially the team to beat]]> <![CDATA['The Walking Dead' looks back as it marches toward Rick's exit]]> <![CDATA['SNL's' Pete Davidson mocks candidate who lost an eye in Afghanistan blast]]> <![CDATA[Exclusive: Khashoggi's son says he hopes his death wasn't painful]]> <![CDATA[Anger in Tehran as US prepares to reimpose all Iran sanctions]]> <![CDATA[California teacher caught on camera punching 14-year-old]]> <![CDATA[Bloomberg's latest ad buy features personal appeal to voters]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Democrats are still favored to win the House. But it's far from a sure thing.]]> <![CDATA[Kavanaugh to skip court tradition]]> <![CDATA[Democrats cry foul over Georgia hack claims]]> <![CDATA['Special Guest' Sean Hannity to appear at Trump rally]]> <![CDATA[Mueller could have big news after the midterm elections]]> <![CDATA[Obama says Republicans have 'racked up enough indictments to field a football team']]> <![CDATA[Don Lemon: This Tuesday, it will be your turn]]> <![CDATA[Trump: 'Oprah was a friend of mine until I ran for office']]> <![CDATA[The current and former presidents traded words in the final days of campaigning before Tuesday's elections]]> <![CDATA[The world is changing before our eyes -- and we can't stop it]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Praying for peace at 16: It will be 2 years till I'm heard at the ballot box]]> <![CDATA[AP college football week 11 rankings announced]]> <![CDATA[Browns fall apart in loss to Chiefs]]> <![CDATA[NFL star scores 1st touchdown in 343 days]]> <![CDATA['SNL' comic mocks SEAL's combat wound]]> <![CDATA[Singer reveals mental health struggle]]> <![CDATA[Man sets record for the longest staged swim]]> <![CDATA[Analysis: Why this Idaho chipmaker is at the center of the US-China trade war]]> <![CDATA[Utah mayor killed while deployed]]> <![CDATA['SNL' takes on Fox's caravan coverage]]> <![CDATA[Billionaire George Soros wants to go on Fox News. But they won't book him.]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: There are multiple, ongoing threats to US elections]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Trump is trying to whip up fear about the browning of America]]> <![CDATA[Obama gets heckled. This was his reply.]]> <![CDATA[Democrats are still favored to win the House. But it's far from a sure thing.]]> <![CDATA[Stacey Abrams: Brian Kemp's investigation is desperate]]> <![CDATA[Fareed Zakaria: This is the problem for the Republicans]]> <![CDATA[Without proof, Georgia's secretary of state and GOP candidate for governor claims Democrats tried to hack voter database]]> <![CDATA[It's the 'Year of the Women']]> <![CDATA[Lelisa Desisa and Mary Keitany win the New York City Marathon]]> <![CDATA['Bohemian Rhapsody' delivers a good time, but not a ball]]> <![CDATA['Bohemian Rhapsody' rocks the box office]]> <![CDATA[39-year-old MMA fighter makes it look easy]]> <![CDATA[Djokovic upset in Paris Masters final]]> <![CDATA[Brother of billionaire Saudi prince freed after months in detention]]> <![CDATA[Death toll rises to 29 in Italy's historic storms, flooding]]> <![CDATA[Arnold Schwarzenegger: Politics 'sucks']]> <![CDATA[RNC chair on Trump video: 'Good people are trying to come into the country, too']]> <![CDATA[The war on voting rights: Will your ballot count']]> <![CDATA[Fareed: This is the problem for the Republicans]]> <![CDATA[Georgia's secretary of state, also the GOP candidate for governor, opens an investigation into the Democratic Party. Dems call it an abuse of power.]]> <![CDATA[Ana Navarro: I'm a GOPer voting for Andrew Gillum]]> <![CDATA[It's not the 'Year of the Woman.' It's the 'Year of the Women']]> <![CDATA[The best and worst campaign ads]]> <![CDATA[Her daughter died before they could run a race together. Now, she's running in her honor]]> <![CDATA[The inspiring stories of last-place marathon runners]]> <![CDATA['House of Cards' is making the best of a bad hand]]> <![CDATA[Ariana Grande drops song about her exes]]> <![CDATA[4 killed when truck hits Girl Scout troop]]> <![CDATA[Utah Mayor who was killed in Afghanistan leaves behind wife, 7 children]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Penn Jillette's audacious wish]]> <![CDATA['SNL' skewers Fox News' migrants coverage]]> <![CDATA[Fox News gets 'SNL' treatment right before midterms]]> <![CDATA[President Trump will campaign at two rallies today]]> <![CDATA[Trump: When people camp out on your lawn, remember Gillum]]> <![CDATA[Trump, Democrats scramble as midterms come down to the wire]]> <![CDATA[Abrams: Trump is 'wrong,' I am qualified to be Georgia's governor]]> <![CDATA[Jake Tapper presses RNC chair: Ad is racially incendiary]]> <![CDATA[Georgia's secretary of state, also the GOP candidate for governor, opens an investigation into the Democratic Party. Dems call it an 'abuse of power.']]> <![CDATA[Steve Bannon: Trump's style is a deterrence]]> <![CDATA[Trump on campaign ad: 'Just telling the truth']]> <![CDATA[Trump's been president for two years. Germans still can't look away]]> <![CDATA[How NASA's Apollo space missions changed photographic history]]> <![CDATA[The life and times of Freddie Mercury]]> <![CDATA[Cormier retains UFC heavyweight title]]> <![CDATA[Is Alabama's dominance ruining college football']]> <![CDATA[Did you remember to reset your clocks']]> <![CDATA[Experts: US election has nothing to do with migrants' decision to march]]> <![CDATA[Gunman in yoga studio attack was reported for harassing young women, police say]]> <![CDATA['SNL' skewers Fox News' coverage of the migrant march]]> <![CDATA[Mayor from Utah who was killed in Afghanistan leaves behind wife and 7 children]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Why Trump's secret weapon works so well]]> <![CDATA[US agriculture secretary: Florida governor's race 'so cotton-pickin' important']]> <![CDATA[The Forecast: Election night could go into overtime]]> <![CDATA[Trump admits Republicans can lose the House]]> <![CDATA[SE Cupp calls out Trump's midterm lies]]> <![CDATA[The midterm elections are voters' first, and biggest, chance to send a message to the President]]> <![CDATA[Experts show you how to start your own podcast]]> <![CDATA[Thanksgiving meal essentials you can use year-round]]> <![CDATA[Create a personalized map of anywhere in the world for under $50]]> <![CDATA[Home of the 'best food in the South']]> <![CDATA[These train cars become game day party pads]]> <![CDATA[You've never had ribs quite like these]]> <![CDATA[Tasty, easy secret to this tailgate favorite]]> <![CDATA[The 10 craziest foods at NFL stadiums]]> <![CDATA[Carnegie playground now a national seashore]]> <![CDATA[Why some people get CTE may be in their genes]]> <![CDATA[How Juul's plan to teach students about vaping went up in smoke]]> <![CDATA[Selfie attempt results in damage to artwork by Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya]]> <![CDATA[6 ways to have an unconventional Thanksgiving]]> <![CDATA[Best restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner across America]]> <![CDATA[5 tips for booking Thanksgiving flights]]> <![CDATA[Children's climate change lawsuit can continue]]> <![CDATA[Generation Z reported the most mental health problems, and this is the biggest stressor]]> <![CDATA[Gymnast makes history]]> <![CDATA[Spinning elbow is KO of the year candidate]]> <![CDATA[Alabama beats LSU 29-0 for statement SEC win]]> <![CDATA[MLB prospect dies in car crash]]> <![CDATA[Rabbi told Trump that hate speech led to massacre]]> <![CDATA['Whitey' Bulger was prison's 3rd slain inmate this year]]> <![CDATA[4 people killed when truck hits Girl Scout troop]]> <![CDATA[Yoga studio gunman made misogynistic comments on YouTube, NYT reports]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: The world is changing, and you can't do anything to stop it]]> <![CDATA[GOP lawmaker says he absolutely will not denounce Trump's campaign ad]]> <![CDATA[Why Trump's secret weapon works so well]]> <![CDATA[Brent Taylor was months from finishing his tour and is survived by a wife and seven children]]> <![CDATA[US mid-terms 2018 on the BBC: How to follow the results]]> <![CDATA[US mid-terms: Do Americans live in a political bubble']]> <![CDATA[Larmour scores hat-trick of tries as Ireland thrash Italy]]> <![CDATA['Deeds not words': The single dad teaching men to be fathers]]> <![CDATA[Sri Lanka crisis: House of Cards in the Indian Ocean]]> <![CDATA[Can Iran survive sanctions']]> <![CDATA[Mid-terms 2018: When an attack ad is a vote decider]]> <![CDATA[The Indian princess who became a South Korean queen]]> <![CDATA['How I became friends with an octopus']]> <![CDATA[Your pictures: Puzzling]]> <![CDATA[Wildlife models: The art class with a difference]]> <![CDATA[Pakistan: 'Father of Taliban' cleric buried after attack]]> <![CDATA[Patricia Fox: Philippines expels Australian nun and Duterte critic]]> <![CDATA[Why Oromo baby girls can be engaged on the day they are born]]> <![CDATA[Drinkwater & Moses must improve to have Chelsea future - Sarri]]> <![CDATA[North and Davies tries see Wales past Scotland - highlights and report]]> <![CDATA[Pochettino defends 'fantastic' debutant Foyth after nervy end to Spurs win]]> <![CDATA[Liverpool made life too easy for Arsenal - Klopp after draw]]> <![CDATA[England survive late scare to edge past South Africa - highlights and report]]> <![CDATA[I was shaking before Leicester win, says Schmeichel]]> <![CDATA[New Caledonia: French Pacific territory votes on independence]]> <![CDATA[Brexit: Business leaders call for second EU vote]]> <![CDATA[Leicester City players fly to owner's funeral in Thailand]]> <![CDATA[Asia Bibi blasphemy case: Husband pleads for asylum]]> <![CDATA[Massive 5,665-carat emerald unearthed. That's almost 2.5 pounds.]]> <![CDATA[A bridge across the Americas]]> <![CDATA[How NASA's Apollo space missions changed photo history]]> <![CDATA[At least 13 killed in truck crash]]> <![CDATA[President says Democrats want undocumented immigrants to vote]]> <![CDATA[These missions changed photographic history]]> <![CDATA[Lime yanks some of its scooters off the streets]]> <![CDATA[Singer reveals depression struggle]]> <![CDATA[Simone Biles makes history at World Championships]]> <![CDATA[UFC fighter says he's a 'peacock in ninja shorts']]> <![CDATA[Amazon keeps everyone guessing about HQ2]]> <![CDATA[WWE's Saudi Arabia event was a bust]]> <![CDATA[Warren Buffett's company bought back $1 billion of its own stock. Here's what it means]]> <![CDATA[Saudis dispute reports of ordering sisters' relatives out of US]]> <![CDATA[NY man faces hate crime charges after synagogue was defaced with anti-Semitic messages]]> <![CDATA[Rabbi told Trump that hate speech led to synagogue massacre]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: It's the 'Year of the Women']]> <![CDATA[Racist robocall targets Stacey Abrams and Oprah in Georgia governor's race]]> <![CDATA[Bannon: Trump's style is a deterrence]]> <![CDATA[Trump misleads crowd about Kavanaugh accuser]]> <![CDATA[Trump: Democrats are 'lousy politicians']]> <![CDATA[6 House races move toward Democrats]]> <![CDATA[Doctors release recommendations to cut gun violence]]> <![CDATA[Police identify the victims]]> <![CDATA[These are the victims of the Florida yoga studio shooting]]> <![CDATA[People inside Hot Yoga Tallahassee appeared to have fought the gunman after he opened fire, police say, killing two and injuring five]]> <![CDATA[Celtic 5-0 Hearts: Reigning champions outclass leaders Hearts with thumping win]]> <![CDATA[England survive late scare to edge past South Africa]]> <![CDATA[North and Davies tries help Wales extend Scotland's dire run in Cardiff]]> <![CDATA[Emotional celebrations as Leicester win at Cardiff]]> <![CDATA[Elderly Paris woman accused of stealing hundreds of toys]]> <![CDATA[Coptic Christian attack: Funerals in Egypt for seven murdered pilgrims]]> <![CDATA[Migrant caravan: Mexico bus transportation offer withdrawn]]> <![CDATA[Signkid, the deaf hip-hop artist who 'feels the music']]> <![CDATA[French PM visits site of Vietnam 1954 Dien Bien Phu battle]]> <![CDATA[Facebook sorry for 'white supremacist ad']]> <![CDATA[Afghanistan: US soldier killed in 'insider' attack in Kabul]]> <![CDATA[Nick Cave shares open letter on mourning his son]]> <![CDATA[Syria war: UN convoy reaches Rukban desert camp]]> <![CDATA[Brexit: Relations 'fraying' between Ireland and Britain]]> <![CDATA[Leicester City players to fly to owner's funeral in Thailand]]> <![CDATA[Asia Bibi: Lawyer flees Pakistan in fear of his life]]> <![CDATA[Mealtime insulin: Talking to your doc]]> <![CDATA[We have nothing to fear from migrant march]]> <![CDATA[Ladies and gents, the worst midterm election campaign ads]]> <![CDATA[Silicon Valley startups are still taking Saudi cash]]> <![CDATA[Bitcoin rings in 10th birthday with continued drop in value]]> <![CDATA[A bonanza for space fans as Neil Armstrong memorabilia hits auction]]> <![CDATA[These space missions changed photographic history]]> <![CDATA[This week in space: The stellar things you missed]]> <![CDATA[Saudis dispute reports they ordered relatives of sisters found dead in NY out of US]]> <![CDATA[2 killed in partial collapse of Amazon buidling]]> <![CDATA[Gunman kills 2 at Tallahassee yoga studio. People appeared to have fought the shooter.]]> <![CDATA[US Navy has had 18 unsafe or unprofessional encounters with China since 2016]]> <![CDATA[Obama gets heckled. This was his reply]]> <![CDATA[President Trump emphasizes the "H" in Obama's full name]]> <![CDATA[Fake accounts that discouraged voting posed as Democrats, Twitter says]]> <![CDATA[How the MyPillow guy became a midterm messenger]]> <![CDATA[John Legend to campaign in Ohio this Sunday]]> <![CDATA[Melania Trump a no-show during midterm campaign push]]> <![CDATA[A presidential test in Montana: Trump vs. Tester]]> <![CDATA[Don Lemon: Trump is distracting you from this]]> <![CDATA[With the midterms just days away, CNN's Key Race ratings moves six contests in favor of the Democrats]]> <![CDATA[The fire that's been burning for 4,000 years]]> <![CDATA[Don't throw things in Yellowstone's geysers]]> <![CDATA[The unspoiled Caribbean is here]]> <![CDATA['Shut Up and Dribble' looks at activist athletes]]> <![CDATA[Get set to move your clocks back an hour]]> <![CDATA[Young voters usually sit out the midterms. There are signs 2018 could be different.]]> <![CDATA[Are we setting up a generation for failure']]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Young people can tell you the kind of sex ed they really need]]> <![CDATA[Young people 15 to 21 report the most mental health problems]]> <![CDATA[This is the world's most powerful passport]]> <![CDATA[HS football star's national anthem goes viral]]> <![CDATA[Rare duck mysteriously appears in Central Park]]> <![CDATA[Divers find fuselage from airline crash]]> <![CDATA[Video shows fight inside bus right before fatal bridge plunge]]> <![CDATA[1 killed in partial collapse of Amazon buidling]]> <![CDATA[Alec Baldwin is charged with assault]]> <![CDATA[Gunman kills 2 at Tallahassee yoga studio. People appeared to have fought shooter]]> <![CDATA[Trump reverses claim that US would shoot rock-throwing migrants]]> <![CDATA[Wales v Scotland will be a 'proper' Test - Gatland]]> <![CDATA[Watch: Vardy on a 'really tough week' at Leicester]]> <![CDATA[GB relay team make early exit on Christie's return]]> <![CDATA[Federer to meet Djokovic in Paris Masters semi-finals]]> <![CDATA[Top clubs 'held secret talks to create European Super League']]> <![CDATA[Home nations begin build-up to World Cup as autumn Tests start]]> <![CDATA['We need to do him proud' - Leicester return to action after owner's death]]> <![CDATA[Saudi sisters found dead along the Hudson spent final weeks at high-end NY hotels]]> <![CDATA[Top clubs 'held secret talks to create a European Super League']]> <![CDATA[Former Arsenal striker Bendtner sentenced to 50 days in jail]]> <![CDATA[Djokovic and Federer to meet in Paris Masters semi-final]]> <![CDATA[Autumn internationals: Home nations begin build-up to World Cup]]> <![CDATA[Deb Haaland: Why more Native Americans are running for office]]> <![CDATA[The threat of rising anti-Semitism]]> <![CDATA[Ramachandra Guha: How the right wing hounded out a Gandhi biographer]]> <![CDATA[Spain child abuse: Victims fight back and appeal for change]]> <![CDATA[The feeling that end-of-life carers won't admit to]]> <![CDATA[Mayfair: A South African gangster film with big ambitions]]> <![CDATA[The explosive science behind fireworks]]> <![CDATA[Week in pictures: 27 Oct - 2 Nov 2018]]> <![CDATA[Ballet Black help create shoes for non-white dancers]]> <![CDATA[HBO unimpressed by Trump's Game of Thrones meme]]> <![CDATA[What is 'Green Cake' and why did this woman invent it']]> <![CDATA[Andrew Gillum v Ron DeSantis: A beautiful look at an ugly campaign]]> <![CDATA[US mid-terms: Twitter deletes anti-voting bots]]> <![CDATA[No foul play suspected in deaths of Saudi sisters in NY]]> <![CDATA[Man kicked off Canada plane over 'sleeping pill']]> <![CDATA[Alec Baldwin charged with assault over parking dispute in New York]]> <![CDATA[Raymond Chow: Hong Kong film mogul who discovered Bruce Lee dies at 91]]> <![CDATA[New Caledonia: French Islands set for independence vote]]> <![CDATA[Chinese dissident Badiucao's Hong Kong show cancelled over 'threats']]> <![CDATA[Asia Bibi: Deal to end Pakistan protests over blasphemy case]]> <![CDATA[India man-eating tigress killed after huge hunt]]> <![CDATA[Julia Roberts makes 'Homecoming' debut]]> <![CDATA['Boy Erased' far from irrelevant]]> <![CDATA[Mike Pence said Georgia isn't Hollywood -- except it kind of is]]> <![CDATA['House of Cards' deals female-powered final season]]> <![CDATA[Hepatitis C and addiction]]> <![CDATA[How one man added years to his life]]> <![CDATA[FDA approves powerful new opioid]]> <![CDATA[Bezos: I'm choosing HQ2 location with my heart]]> <![CDATA[Fight with bus driver leads to fatal bridge plunge]]> <![CDATA[Police tape surrounds synagogue. On Friday, Pittsburgh's Jews worshiped there anyway]]> <![CDATA[Two killed, four wounded in shooting at Tallahassee hot yoga studio]]> <![CDATA[Roger Stone: There was no effort to intimidate witness]]> <![CDATA[Lemon: Trump is distracting you from this]]> <![CDATA[The administration wanted troops to take on duties on the southern border that Defense officials viewed as law enforcement functions]]> <![CDATA[Sophia is a robot that frowns, smiles and has Saudi citizenship]]>