<![CDATA[ASIA/IRAQ - Security emergency in the Nineveh Plain: two elderly Christian women robbed and beaten up]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/PAKISTAN - Church commitment against false marriages of Chinese men with Pakistani women]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/MEXICO - Teachers' daily contribution to the formation of a more human, fraternal and supportive culture]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/IRAQ - Patriarch Sako: Parties have taken possession of parliamentary seats reserved for Christians]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/NICARAGUA - Violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms: third evaluation at the UN]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/BURKINA FASO - Cardinal Ouédraogo: "We will defeat terrorism, working together for peace"]]> <![CDATA[VATICAN - Cardinal Filoni to the Bishops of Thailand: "a new missionary momentum is needed"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/KENYA - Disarmament, first step to resolve cross-border pastoral conflicts]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/THAILAND - "Missionary enthusiasm" of Catholics in Thailand]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/INDIA - Appointment of Coadjutor Bishop of Baruipur]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/EGYPT - Ramadan, Coptic businessman offers "fast break" meals to Muslims]]> <![CDATA[EUROPE/ITALY - "God, our Father, give freedom to Father Pierluigi": prayer vigil in Father Maccalli’s birthplace]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/TOGO - Fr. Maccalli kidnapped eight months ago: mission in Kolowarè in constant prayer]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/COLOMBIA - Progetto Tumaco: un popolo che, nonostante l'abbandono, sogna un futuro migliore]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/NIGER - Pierluigi Maccalli "untaani": the man who creates unity in the name of God]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/PAKISTAN - Christian cemetery devastated by vandals: an attempt to sow terror]]> <![CDATA[EUROPE/ITALY - Brothers of the Christian Schools: five "projects without border" for the mission of education]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/NICARAGUA - Cardinal Brenes condemns the police violence committed in front of the Cathedral of Managua]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/BURKINA FASO - A Spanish Salesian killed in Bobo Dioulasso]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SYRIA - Assad to Armenian refugees: return to Syria and help us rebuild the country]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SRI LANKA - Holy masses resume and Catholic schools reopen]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/COLOMBIA - The Nuncio: "This extreme violence of eliminating the adversary cannot continue"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/IVORY COAST - In the face of sufferings, a Church built on rock that is Christ]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/CENTRAL AFRICA - The Church launches a professional center; "We want to train the citizens of tomorrow", says Cardinal Nzapalainga]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/PHILIPPINES - Bishops to the faithful: "Vote responsibly, to fight corruption"]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/UNITED STATES - Jean Vanier: "missionary of tenderness"]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/MEXICO - It is a humanitarian crisis: thousands of people have gone days without eating and sleep in the streets]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/BRAZIL - Assembly of Bishops: Extraordinary Missionary Month experience of communion with the Church throughout the world]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/PAKISTAN - Asia Bibi arrives in Canada. Christians: "Justice has been dispensed"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA - To remain true witnesses of life: an imperative for African Christian women]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/NIGERIA - "The migration of young Nigerians marks the failure of an entire leadership" accuses Cardinal Onaiyekan]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/BOLIVIA - Message of the Bishops to the people of God: "Christ is alive and wants you to be alive!"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/MALAYSIA - Builders of bridges, peacemakers: Christians participate in the life of the nation]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/PERU - Development and reconstruction, to improve the quality of life]]> <![CDATA[OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - The Church questions the mission of the baptized in the contemporary world]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/KENYA - "Let us proclaim that the Lord has risen: let us not be intimidated by reports of brutal violence"]]> <![CDATA[EUROPE/ITALY - The memory of Father Maccalli is constant among the confreres gathered at the General Chapter]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/LEBANON - Aoun receives delegates and partners of the Council of Churches of the Middle East]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/ECUADOR - In the face of economic crisis the Bishops call for "a new way of doing politics"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/JORDAN - King Abdallah II makes donation to Church of the Holy Sepulchre restoration]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/MALAWI - Bishops promote the leadership of Catholic women, in view of the elections]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/SOUTH AFRICA - “No to violence; yes to a free and peaceful vote”, the Bishops appeal on the eve of the elections]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SRI LANKA - Cardinal Ranjith's appeal: "Let us not allow hatred to triumph]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/HAITI - Gangs kill and terrorize, even blackmail those who carry out humanitarian projects]]> <![CDATA[ASIA / PAKISTAN - The Pakistani Church in communion with the people of Sri Lanka]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/GUATEMALA - Bishops: serious discernment is necessary in view of the general elections]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/MOZAMBIQUE - Cyclone Kenneth: "Rains and gusts of wind have turned the landscape into a landfill"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN - The Church in Tambura launches the project for a new maternity ward]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/CENTRAL AFRICA - "The Mission gave the pygmies in addition to the Gospel, also freedom and dignity, preserving their culture and traditions"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SRI LANKA - The Federation of Asian Bishops: "No to retaliation and revenge: may mutual love prevail"]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/BOLIVIA - The Bishops: "To renew the prophetic missionary service in the Bolivian people"]]> <![CDATA[NEWS ANALYSIS/OMNIS TERRA - Hussein Rahhal (Hezbollah): the decline of Christians is a danger to the Middle East]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/BENIN - Bishops condemn post-election violence and offer themselves as mediators to overcome the crisis]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/MEXICO - Youth, protection of minors and migrants to the attention of Bishops]]> <![CDATA[EUROPE /CZECH REP. - Spiritual retreat and new impetus for the animators of Missionary Childhood]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/BANGLADESH - Cardinal D'Rozario to the faithful in Sri Lanka: "We are next to you"]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/NICARAGUA - Dialogue on the release of prisoners and the suspension of international sanctions are blocked]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/HOLY LAND - Haifa, more than 5 thousand Christians took part in the traditional procession in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/INDIA - Christians and Muslims of India: "Concrete and joint aid to the people of Sri Lanka"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/MOZAMBIQUE - Mgr. Francisco Lerma Martinez, Bishop of Gurué: a life dedicated to Mission]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/NIGERIA - "It is necessary to create national unity by managing diversity", says the Bishop of Sokoto]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/PAKISTAN - Catholic Bishops’ shows solidarity to the Sri Lankans after the horrific attacks]]> <![CDATA[ASIA / PAKISTAN - Christians ask for the postponement of college exams scheduled for the Easter Triduum]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SRI LANKA - Colombo Cardinal condemns bombs attacks in Sri Lanka]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/SUDAN - Tension in Khartoum where the military protect demonstrators who demand the resignation of the President]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/PAKISTAN - Protecting the rights of religious minorities: a challenge for the future]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/RWANDA - Mission is “the authentic encounter with Jesus Christ ”: 25 years after the genocide]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/BRAZIL - Four priorities to elaborate the National Mission Programme]]> <![CDATA[VATICAN - CIAM hosts Formation course for English speaking PMS National directors]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN - South Sudan Leaders in spiritual retreat with Pope Francis]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/ALGERIA - Peaceful protests, the people of Algeria become “actor of change for the future””]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/TURKMENISTAN - The Catholic community prepares to live Holy Week]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/ARGENTINA - Religious today “more contemplative, more humble, more committed to the common good and the rights of individuals”]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/JORDAN- King Abdallah II: Christians are an “integral part of the tissue of the Arab world"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/KOREA - Bishop of Busan appointed]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/INDIA - Christians pray for peaceful elections and the good of the nation]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/THAILAND - “The cycle of time resumes ”: risen with Christ, Christians look to the future]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/MEXICO - Bishops multiply efforts to welcome migrants but the situation is catastrophic]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/ERITREA - When assigning funds the " European Union must guarantee respect for freedom and human rights"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SOUTH KOREA - The Catholic Bishops: "Abortion is always a sin”]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN - “South Sudanese touched by the act of Papa Franceso done in their name.”]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA - Farewell missionary and journalist Father Paolo Costantini]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/INDONESIA - President of the Bishops' Conference: “No to corruption and violence, yes to clean politics”]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/MALAWI - Bishops offer support to flood victims]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/THAILAND - New and elections: the nation in search of democracy]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/KENYA - Bishops’ appeal: Over one million people affected by the effects of drought]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/MOZAMBIQUE - Appointment of the Bishop of Tete]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/BURKINA FASO - The disappearance of Fr. Yougbaré: for a missionary "there is an attempt to reduce evangelization activities"]]> <![CDATA[EUROPE/ITALY - Persecuted because they tell the truth and announce Jesus Christ]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/LEBANON - Sheikh Nokkari: this is why the Annunciation of Mary is a national holiday in Lebanon]]> <![CDATA[VATICAN - The Pope remembers "the contemporary ordeal" of those persecuted and killed for faith]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/ANGOLA - "Youth crime must be fought by creating jobs", say the Bishops]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/ARGENTINA - March 25: mobilization in the country for the right to life since conception]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/MALAWI - A Thanksgiving Mass in Parliament as new elections approach]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/PAKISTAN - Fasting and prayer to combat terrorism, in Pakistan and New Zealand]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/BURKINA FASO - Appointment of the Auxiliary Bishop of Koudougou]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/NICARAGUA - After the words of the Holy Father: dialogue is the only way forward, prayer will make this moment productive]]> <![CDATA[EUROPE/SWITZERLAND - Pastoral care of migrants, a great opportunity for the Catholic Church in Switzerland]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/ARGENTINA - Violence and death will never be paths of peace and justice]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/NIGERIA - "The continuous massacres in various parts of Nigeria risk sinking the Country into anarchy" warn the Bishops]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/INDIA - Catholics: in view of the elections, "No" to polarization in society]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/LEBANON - National feast of the Annunciation "is part of the Lebanese mission"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/MALI - Massacre in Ogossagou: Catholics and evangelicals united in prayer for the victims and for peace]]> <![CDATA[VATICAN - Cardinal Filoni at the patronal feast of Urbaniana, an instrument at the service of the Gospel and of the Church in the world]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/PAKISTAN - Christians remember the martyrs of the attacks on the churches in Lahore]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/EL SALVADOR - The Archbishop of San Salvador: "No to the 1993 draft law, yes to true national reconciliation"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/MOROCCO - Moroccan Christians call for greater religious freedom: appeal to the Pope]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA - Tropical cyclone Idai causes destruction and death in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/MALAWI - Cyclone Idai: "Help us rescue the victims", appeal of the Bishops of Malawi]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/SOUTH AFRICA - Young South Africans reflect on the Synod and call for "an IMBISA Youth Day"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/UGANDA - Appointment of the Bishop of Soroti, Joseph Eciru Oliach]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SOUTH KOREA - Cardinal Yeom: human life is inviolable, No to abortion and death penalty]]> <![CDATA[VATICAN - Recognition of the martyrdom of PIME missionary Alfredo Cremonesi, killed in Myanmar]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/NICARAGUA - Cardinal Brenes supports the participation of the Nuncio in the negotiations, the media invited to be prudent]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/INDIA - Cardinal Gracias to Catholics: appeal for a "responsible vote"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/BURKINA FASO - "No news yet of the missing priest", says the Bishop of Dori to Fides]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/ANGOLA - Appointment of the Bishop of Menongue, Leopoldo Ndakalako]]> <![CDATA[OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - The Church towards the Plenary Council of 2020: the challenges of evangelization are at the center]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/BRAZIL - Indigenous catechist: the Synod reflects on how to ensure major participation of the sacraments in the communities of the Amazon]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/NICARAGUA - Government-opposition dialogue resumes: release of political prisoners and electoral reform]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/CAMEROON - Central African Capuchin father assassinated in Chad]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/NIGERIA - Found dead body of a priest kidnapped a week ago; the bishop denounces the lack of interest on behalf of the police]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/COLOMBIA - Demonstrations to respect the terms of 2016 peace agreements, the country is divided, violence continues]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/KAZAKHSTAN - Nazarbayev resigns: "Religious freedom one of his flagships"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/UZBEKISTAN - The community of baptized people increases in a climate of dialogue and peaceful coexistence]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/BRAZIL - Missionaries from Asia and America preparing themselves to go to Brazil]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA - There is no mission in Africa without women]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/DR CONGO - Léonie Kandolo, a Catholic woman committed to the common good]]> <![CDATA[ASIA - Joint appeal of the Directors of the PMS of India and Pakistan: "Dialogue is urgently needed for the common good of our peoples"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SYRIA - Syrian Orthodox priest: negotiations under way in Baghuz for the release of Archbishop Mar Gregorios]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/INDIA - The enemies are hunger and disease: Lenten campaign of Caritas India]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/DR CONGO - International Women's Day: an occasion for interreligious dialogue]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/URUGUAY - The Bishop of San José de Mayo: "a pastoral reconfiguration to put everything we are and we have at the service of the mission"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SYRIA - Maronite Bishop of Damascus: Syrian Christian communities are getting older and older]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/NIGERIA - Appointment of the Coadjutor of Abuja]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/NIGER - Lent in prayer for Father Maccalli, six months after his abduction]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/PANAMA - Conclusions of the Assembly of Bishops: "Let us not allow negativism to paralyze us"]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/NICARAGUA - Apostolic Nuncio visits political prisoners and listens to their concerns and hopes]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/VENEZUELA - The Jesuits: a transitional government should prepare free and transparent elections]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/LEBANON - Young Christians and Muslims will celebrate the Marian feast of the Annunciation together]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/INDIA - Justice for the outcasts: Christians and Muslims demonstrate]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/ETHIOPIA - Ethiopian plane crash: among the victims also a missionary, a nun and 4 lay operators of the Catholic Relief Services]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/ZAMBIA - The churches of Zambia against the suspension of the broadcasting license of Prime Television]]> <![CDATA[EUROPE/FRANCE - The diocesan phase of the cause of beatification of Don Hamel concludes]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/PAKISTAN - Prayer, love, fasting: the youth road map for peace between India and Pakistan]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/PERU - The continental march that denounces violence against children has arrived in Peru]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SOUTH KOREA - The Korean Church: "Resume dialogue with the North as soon as possible"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/NIGERIA - "Massive rigging and violence, have raised serious alarm about the forthcoming elections", says the Archbishop of Owerri]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SYRIA - Lebanese press and Kurdish sources: there is also Dall'Oglio among the jihadist hostages in Baghuz]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/MEXICO - Migrant caravans, "men of faith on their way towards a better future"]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/BOLIVIA - "Desire of God in the distant communities": mission of the priests in the Amazon area of Chapare]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/NICARAGUA - The Church has not yet been officially invited to the National Dialogue]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/ERITREA - Young Eritreans celebrate the first WYD in the history of the national Church]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/DR CONGO - The Bishops: "May new leaders take concrete commitments for better governance"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/SYRIA- The Cardinal President of Caritas Internationalis in Damascus]]> <![CDATA[VATICAN - The Pontifical Mission Societies: "a worldwide network of prayer and charity at the service of the Pope"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/PHILIPPINES - National Day of Migrants: appeal of the Church for stateless persons]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/NICARAGUA - Witnesses, companions and advisers will participate in the national dialogue]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/KYRGYZSTAN - The journey of a small community with faith “inherited by their grandparents”]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/KENYA - "In Kenya, evil is celebrated and good condemned. May Lent help us to heal"]]> <![CDATA[AFRICA/ETHIOPIA - In the name of the Trinity, a bond of communion between the Church of Adaba and the Diocese of Anagni-Alatri]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/INDIA - Jubilee for the Marian Shrine in Orissa. Christians: "We entrust our suffering to Mary"]]> <![CDATA[ASIA/IRAQ - Syrian Catholic Archbishop writes to the Premier: stop to new urban settlements in the Nineveh Plain]]> <![CDATA[AMERICA/COLOMBIA - Expocatolica 2019: a great meeting space to "continue to walk together"]]> <![CDATA[NBA live mobile coins to become a consultant on type and specific]]> <![CDATA[Come and have a look !]]>