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Croazia, profugo diá9 anni "tenta" il suicidio
Non voleva davvero uccidersi, un bambino di appena 9 anni non pu˛ sapere cos'Ŕ il suicidio.áMaácertoáiládoloreáche ha vissuto Ŕ statoácosý ... ...

ASIA/SYRIA - The jihadist Islamic State release 37 other Assyrian hostages of the valley of Khabur

HassakÚ - At least 37 Assyrian Christians were released today by the militia of the Islamic State, after having been held hostage since last February 23, when the jihadists had captured them during the offensive launched by them against 35 Assyrian villages scattered along the valley of the Khabur River, ... Read More ...
Posted on: 11/09/15



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